New CO Rewards Program!

by Bryan Glynn, March 31, 2013

I’m giving back even more! Now just for being participating site members, you can earn free cigars, swag and who knows what! Check out the Rewards link at the top for all the details!

  • jomo

    This is a good idea. PPL love competition lol myself included. Ive been a member and a subscriber for awhile but when i come to the site i rarley log in this might make me from now on.

  • playersrun1

    great idea. i usually just go to your YouTube channel, and this is already causing me to visit the site more often and explore it a little more than i previously had

  • Pokesfan

    Good idea! Keep up the good work!

  • vscarpine

    Great idea. People love free stuff and who doesnt love free cigar stuff!!! Keep the great reviews coming I more often than not will look at your reviews before trying a new stick

  • MorganGeo

    Bryan, is there a way we can change our avitar? I’ve checked the site and I may be just overlooking it. Mine has a frown. lol I’m typically a happy person. =) I’d like to put my real photo like your has.

    • Bryan Glynn

  • James

    Very cool idea Bryan, I’ve kind of been absent as of late, will try to get more active! Keep up the great work!

  • sdh3237

    Bryan is there any way you can put the recent posts app back on the site? I liked to check this out to see if someone commented on an older review or post. Just wondering. Thanks.

    • Bryan Glynn

      Ah, recent comments – yeah that would be appropriate now wouldn’t it? :)

      • NMartin

        Good call. I’d prefer to check back on replies thru recent posts than thru many email notifications.

  • stevenknisley

    For the custom sampler and the super sampler are those the same as the 2 samplers you made in those videos?
    thank you.

    • Bryan Glynn

      No, it’s just what I call the stuff I send out to people. I will probably have stuff from sponsors in the future too – we’ll see how it evolves…

      • puffrey

        I won a sampler from Bryan last year and it was phenomenal. 5 awesome sticks just for an idea!

  • stevenknisley

    Oh well that sounds good. Sponsor stuff would be cool. could be stuff like how smoke inn has sponsored the last 2 lotteries with humidors or would it be smaller stuff?

    • Bryan Glynn

      As I said…we’ll see…

  • yankeeman

    The site was great on its own, but now, even more incentive to participate more. Awesome idea!

  • Andrew

    Can you add making swaps to the list of activities that earn points? I would love to use cigar swaps more, but there are only 5-10 offers at a time and they are usually very specific.

    • Bryan Glynn

      I really want to stay hands off on swaps, I’m just playing craigslist with that. That’s the nature of swaps, people looking for specific things. I wasn’t sure how many would be interested in it, but by all means start a trend and put up and ad :)

    • JJO

      Andrew, as Bryan said, why not initiate a swap from your end? I participated in one that worked out well. As for awarding points for swaps, I’m not sure how Bryan would be able to verify that a swap was successfully carried out.

  • Dirk

    Just a note.. I have been haunting your site for wow, quite a while finding it very educational and fun.. I even host get togethers where we set up and watch your review.. all having great fun..
    This concept is great.. Congrats to your ongoing efforts… we on the West Coast are greatly appreciating them.

  • neocigaro

    Hey Bryan when I log in it doesn’t go to the page but instead is an error, I found out that If I go back that It goes to the homepage and I am logged on. Just thought I would let you know don’t know if it is the site or just me dealing with this. no biggy for since I found that little solution.

    • Bryan Glynn

      I’m not sure man, I’m not getting complaints and obviously tons of people are logging in daily…maybe try clearing your cache files or another browser.

      • bbarber

        Î you don’t want anyone going to the old posts then remove them. Some of us hadn’t seen them before

        • Bryan Glynn

          I would love people to enjoy the older posts. What I don’t want is for people to make 10 comments in 5 minutes of ‘this cigar looks great’ on them. Seriously, I email you privately to be nice, the rules are pretty darn clear…and you want to be a dick? Really?

          • neocigaro

            Am I the only one that did that? Hey Bryan I see that You and bbarber have a picture of your actual self. Even though the pic that everyone else has is kind of funny I would like to put a picture of myself on this place, where do I customize that? lead me to the right place?

  • lawelsh

    I have always been a very esthetic person. I feel like I know my way around wine and whisky. (not bourbon). I smoked cigarettes for ten years, but quit a couple of years ago, I still use nicotine, In sweden which is were I live you have a product called snus. I will post a link if you are interested.
    Anyway. I am new to this whole cigar world. Smoked a couple now and then, never really bothered to read much into it thought.

    Point is. Thank you. I enjoyed your videos. and I really appreciate your passion. It rubbs off. Looking forward to some summer eavnings on my balcony with a 12 yearold single malt and a cigar to go with it.

    • lawelsh

      I forgot the link.

      Nicotine levels are about nine times the level of a normal cigarette.. So this is highly addictive. I do not suggest nor recommend anyone to try this precut, as it is highly addictive.

      That said. I enjoy half a box a day. Of the baggy stuffy. don’t like to get my fingers dirty

  • puffrey

    Based on the number of posts over the last few idea, I would say your new concept/rewards program has caught on like wildfire!

  • MaxDuo

    You’re pretty awesome for this. It’s just kind of sad that some people want to whine and complain so much (on youtube) about it. It’s a completely free contest with all the cost on Bryan… of course he’s not going to pay extra to ship out of country.

    But it is nice as it seems to have increased comments a ton. Usually when I’ve commented there’s a much larger scroll bar!

    • vscarpine

      I agree that ppl will complain..but hey ppl complain about everything. Even when someone (Bryan) is going to give away FREE things that cost ppl NOTHING lol

  • garlar10

    Bryan, something I have noticed is when I comment on a video while watching it the video restarts. Guess I will just have to wait before the video is over before commenting. Oh well, still love the reviews!

  • Mr Rojas

    This rewards program is such a great idea. I pretty much come to this website first when I’m looking at a new cigar to see if u have reviewed it. Now I have a reason to actually post stuff. My main reason I hardly posted before is straight up laziness!

    I can see you already are docking people points as well, so I will make sure my comments are not pithy little statements, but actual comments as if I wasn’t getting points.

    Somehow, you keep making this site even better!

  • GurkhaMan

    Gotta say, this was a stroke of genius! Loving the point system!

  • Dale

    I am out of touch for 3 weeks and look what happens. Nice!

  • Bpope31

    Yesterday I noticed I randomly got a point. I figured out it was bc I visited the site but it was probably the 5th time or so. I guess it on a delay or I’m missing something. Just wanted to throw that out there. Also please tell me if my posts are not worth the point. I’m really trying to make useful comments and I don’t want to anger anybody thinking I’m just trying to pad my points. Again great idea and love the site.

  • playersrun1

    i like the new feature that pops up a “+1″ in the upper right. feels like im playing a video game, one point at a time!

  • Boucher207

    Man, if only this was in effect a few months ago, ive watched almost 200 of your videos on youtube before subscribing here. Keep up the great reviews!

  • gumby_130

    Thanks Bryan got me hooked, fairly new to the site. On a 24 hr review a thon. But like Boucher I have watched must you reviews In the past on you tube.