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King Havano Black Knight Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 31, 2013
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King Havano Black Knight Toro Cigar Review

This 6×52 box pressed stick features an almost black, oily fine toothed wrapper like fine sandpaper, a firm even pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and faint musty wood aroma. First light reveals a good draw with minimal mild-medium smoke output showing flavors of a smooth chocolate and hay with a short clean finish. The first third stays exactly the same with a very mild experience, completely unlike what I saw billed online. 40 minutes in at the 1/2 way point things are largely the same, body up to barely a medium, the chocolate becoming dominant on the draw while the finish gets a lingering pepper zing. Finishing it out at 1:10 the last third adds a cream and spice to the chocolate while remaining subdued and the finish just adds a slight smooth earth. Thank you to viewer Steve Bellai for sending thing one in to me!

  • Jason Isbaner

    I did not know the the ligero leaf contains more nicotine. Learn something new everyday! Good review,

    • E

      YYYup! Ligero refers to the top section of the tobacco plant that is exposed to the most sunlight, meaning it typically has the richest leaves of any part of the plant.

  • Dalton Little

    Live the videos Bryan. I just turned 18 recently and I’ve had great experiences with cigars thanks to your videos.

    • david121

      right there with ya. Bryan is my inspiration haha!

      • Rico

        Where would we all be without bryan

  • JJO

    I’ll have to pick up a couple of these. I know a couple of guys who swear by it, and another who wasn’t overly impressed.

    Nice little rant about the body vs. strength thing. I never know whether they are referring to body or strength in their descriptions, and the blurbs from the sellers are rarely accurate anyway.

  • Bpope31

    This sounds right up my alley for taste. Using the search tool has really helped me find different cigars using key words and narrowing down the huge list of reviews to only a few at a time. I’d definitely recommend using that feature.

    • mbuckwash

      I have been using this tool for some time now. Honest lite, it’s the most helpful tool on the site.

      • MR_EXPRESS

        I gotta second this. The search feature is a godsend, so I can pick up a stick, and then find one of Bryan’s reviews on my iPad, and see how it burns.

  • hawk767

    When I first started really looking into cigars these past couple months it took me a while to really make the separation between body and strength because so many sites have different ratings and different ideas.

    Good review as always.

  • mattdevilsfan

    i have had this cigar and it is perfect i bought a box and it is my go to cigar

  • lefty177

    I have a question about cutters. I currently have a 2-finger cutter that I got about 2 years ago (when I first started smoking cigars) & I was thinking about upgrading. I’m choosing between the perfect cut like you have & the Xi2. What are your thoughts? (anybody who reads this really)

    • Dalton Little

      The Xi2 is a great cutter if you know how to measure cuts yourself but when ur a little slow like me the perfect cut has worked flawlessly and has never let me down or made a bad cut. I’d definatly go with the Xi2 for it’s great blades but the perfect cut for reliable cuts

    • LxArkitekt

      I bought the perfect cutter and I really like it. Perfect cuts and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Only drawback I’ve experienced is cutting larger ring gauge cigars, but I don’t smoke many of those anyway.

    • chief791

      I have a perfect cutter and i love it. I also picked up a Xikar v cutter and IT IS AMAZING. I own 5 cutters and those are the only 2 i use.

    • E

      One cuts as good as the other, although I find myself having to clean the Perfect Cutter more than my Xikar cutters. No idea why that is, I try to alternate them. BUT! The Xi2 costs more, but not by much and there have been some steals on those lately, steals as in I’ve seen them for as low as $22 and my B&M sells them for 40 and if I recall that Perfect Cutter costed me right around 20.

      I’d say just go with your gut or else just go with whichever one you can get easier and faster for whatever you’re wanting to pay.

  • cioker

    I can rarely get the flavors you describe. Maybe a little sweetness at the begining , but no chocolate,coffee,etc. I have be a long time cigar smoker–could my taste buds be ruined?

    Also, do you review Cuban cigars?

    • I don’t anymore, mostly because it turns out not many of my viewers (U.S.) actually care about them, since they are not easy to get. I like my reviews to be the most helpful as possible so I stick to mainstream options for my core market. Take a look at my how to smoke vid (link on left) I give tons of tips for max flavor 🙂

      • dondoton

        I have never been able to get any coffee flavors. I wonder if some people just don’t have sensitivity for certain flavors.

        • Rob

          I would say so. I can pick up coffee and chocolate often but cedar and leather are harder for me.

        • chief791

          Guys, try blowing some smoke out of your nose. It is called retro-haling. Your sense of smell is tied directly with your sense of taste. You maybe surprised at the new flavors you will pick up.

          • CigarStrawn

            I agree but I rarely retrohale just because my eyes water and I feel like I have to sneeze. I don’t think that happens to everyone though. Maybe if I retrohale more often I’ll get used to it? I only do it on my favorite cigars haha.

          • JJO

            CigarStrawn – Try blowing a smaller amount out. Start with just a trace at the end of your exhale, then work up to a little more as you get used to it. There’s little to be gained by retrohaling the entire puff, so only as much as you need to get added flavor. It all depends on the cigar too. Some are just too strong to do it more than just a little or at all.

      • kb9311

        After watching Bryan video, I was able to pin point tons more flavors after I stoped heating the cigar up to much, amazing what u Can taste when u do it right.

        • Rico

          Has anybody had a diesel unholy cocktail.
          If you want an awesome flavorful full body
          Smoke. Try one.

  • dvillan87

    Yea Bryan is right about all the online cigar dealers. Most of them just write general things about the cigars, and also the reviews/ratings systems that they have are just not reliable. I’ve seen ratings on some cigars that are just nonsense. Bryan really enjoyed your review and also love to hear your rants… Before I buy or try a cigar I look for it on CO to see if Bryan had review the cigar and also compare his review to other reviewers to see if the cigar I want to buy has the flavors that I like. Bryan your reviews are pretty spot on. Keep it up

  • Dalton Little

    There are an overwhelming amount of cigars out there. Anyone recommend any that they really enjoyed for a new cigar smoker?

    • mrl4889

      While some may not approve, the Ghurka Park Avenue is a great mild smoke that can be picked up super cheap. Also might want to look into a Connecticut from Alec Bradley or Rocky Patel. You can pretty much bank on quality construction/flavors from those two. Olivia Serie G is also worth a look you will get a little more flavor out of those. You can actually pick up mild and medium samplers online so if you are just starting out I would look there, that’s what I did! Good luck!

    • DrakeXD

      Best advice is to try sampler packs. That way you can taaste a wide range of cigars and then narrow down your quest from there.

      As for a recommendation, one of my favorites is the CAO Mx2 Robusto. It was the first cigar that really got me into the hobby.

    • chief791

      Try the Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut. A great flavorful cigar with very little strength.

      • chief791

        Also try either the CLE Connecticut or the CLE Curenta. Both great with body and low in strength.

    • Romberry

      The Pinar Del Rio Oscuro series are very nice. Lots of flavor, good construction, nice burn and available for a reasonable price. That applies to most of the PDR line. And if you check on the auction sites, you can usally pick up a sampler for less than a buck-fifty a stick.

    • E

      I second the Gurkha Park Avenue. When you say “new smoker” most will instinctively assume you can only handle milder smokes, but with all my friends I’ve introduced to cigars, I find this to be the case less and less often.

      If you’re wanting to get introduced to some fuller-flavored sticks, I would say personally the 601 line from Espinosa Cigars (formerly EO Brands) is a great place to start. They have good variety, have much body and little strength from my experience, and they go on sale ALLLLLL the time if you buy them online.

    • cigarhobby85

      Go with a basic pardon. You can’t go wrong with those.

    • JJO

      LOL, you’re going to get $1000 worth of suggestions to your question. The Gran Habano core lines (in ascending body and strength – #1 Connecticut; #3 Habano; #5 Corojo) are all enjoyable, pretty easy to find, and very affordable. I would also recommend the Perdomo 10th Anniversary series and EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut.

    • david121

      The Ashton 898 is really nice, but usually a little more expensive
      The Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra Natural
      and The Oliva Serio O Maduro
      Bryan has done reviews on all these cigars, so check them out! these just happen to be a few of my personal favorites

  • bbarber

    Great review. Great rant. Maybe the distributors should replace the strength bar with a link to your review.

  • undergroundboxr

    Great review. I think I would love this cigar as far as taste goes but the high nicotine content is a big turn off for me. By the way I had no idea sugar helps calm a nicotine buzz! Glad to know, I will have to try this.

  • chrismd77

    Awesome Review. I hoping to try these soon. Not sure about the strength though.

  • bstocks1

    Great review. I always enjoy the rants. Could not agree more. Manufacturers always claim big things. A separation if strength an body would be great. I always prefer more flavor.

  • kurngar

    I have experineced the same issue with cigars that I have checked out on sites and then bought them and experienced something totally different.

  • chief791

    I have smoked this cigar. Well it was the Black Night Mace. I think the mace is just a different size. I noticed the same flavors with the chocolate and spice. I really enjoyed it and you can pick them up on the cheap on cigar bid.

  • Chaz

    I also find that people mix up the terms themselves… Like you, I equate body with flavor, and strength with buzz. I have heard varying interpretations though…

  • Walshy

    Great review Bryan. Also, I couldnt agree more with your “rant”. I learned from your reviews the difference between Body and Strength. It is true about Manufacturers not seperating the two. Fri night i was at an event at my local b&m and i was asking about the Asylum 13. The rep kept saying its full body and never mentioned strength. I asked him several times and he kept saying full body. I smoked 1 there and it knocked me on my ass. But it was medium at most in body. Pissed me off a little. you are correct. They need to seperate the two. Thank You.

  • YoMud

    I really like this as a morning or really late night cigar. Also thought it would be a good cigar to review based on the lower price point on the stick with that nice chocolate taste. I don’t find that a lot on lower priced cigars.

  • david121

    Great review, i’ll probably start looking for these!

  • ptyler

    Really good insight into difference between body and strength. Being someone who loves body and hates strength, I wish more would make that distinction in their description of a cigar.

  • ghoudy

    Another nice review Bryan. I always appreciate your point of view and the educational portions of some of the your videos. You are definitely correct with the lack of understanding regarding body vs. strength. Thanks for setting the record straight on that topic.

  • Cigaruss

    Glad you were able to discuss strength vs. body. There are many cigars out there that I have not tried due to this confusion of terms. I also don’t like nicotine, I mean if that’s all you wanted just chew the gum. So hopefully retailers will begin to help us, the consumers, out by distinguishing between the two. Good topic.

  • gary333

    just got referred to the site, cant believe i havent heard about you before! great review. sounds like an interesting stick

  • Tommz81

    Great review. I’m a light weight myself. Don’t enjoy the buzz. Only the flavor. Heard this was a powerhouse. Interested to hear it isn’t. I’ll try one now. Thanks.

  • sawfam

    Last two reviews have been box-pressed which makes me ask if there is any reason, other than aesthetics, that a manufacturer chooses to box press a particular line? I prefer how they feel in the hand but beyond that I havent personally founnd any unique flavors, amount of smoke, or burn characteristics from these vs non box-pressed.

    BTW, the DiamondBack is way cool….

  • Romberry

    Liked your rant, Bryan. Very informative. Makes this among my favorite reviews you have done.

  • MorganGeo

    This review is a perfect example of why I come to your site. That was really helpful for me when you discussed the difference between strength and body. I don’t like rush either of a full strength cigar and I think that would be great for the industry to start separating the two.

  • kb9311

    Bryan, I totally agree with u with websites bull shit on their descriptions,very deceiving! Thank goodness we have your channel to watch, I wish they’d use it descriptions all the time.

    • kb9311

      Your descriptions*

  • Sirfubes

    I love it. Haven’t seen this many comments since you have away free stuff at end of the video or some guy decided to talk crap in comment section. Side note: I love your rants!

  • BBEJ4321

    Great review buddy. Great info. I didn’t know all of that.

  • Griff

    Hey Bryan, you and I must be on total opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to detecting nicotine strength. I have yet to ever feel any kind of buzz whatsoever from a cigar. I have smoked a few after watching your reviews such as the Padron 1926 expecting to feel something and I never have. I must have built up a tolerance from chewing tobacco for several years. I remember feeling sick as a dog when I first started chewing.


    Nice rant. I gotta agree with you there. Nice stick, too.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Love the reviews! Based on what you said the description was from the factory I prob. would not pick this stick up, but based on your review of it what it actually was like, I think I would like to try this. Thanks for another great review!

  • garlar10

    I was surprised to see this cigar get a 9 minute review. Then I watched it realized 3 of the minutes were spent ranting about how people describe flavor and strength. LOL. keep up the good work!

  • playersrun1

    great rant on body vs. strength. it would be great if CI (or any other major cigar store) would have a simple, easy to read scale for each cigar (that was of course accurate and not manufacturer BS) that showed strength and body. would really help to pick new cigars to try

  • Magicshark13

    Looks like a great stick to try if I can find any

  • NMartin

    I’m glad you touched on the strength and body issue. Did we get a price range for this cigar?

  • Bpope31

    I usually just look for the cigars on CI and Cigarbid to see how cheap I can find the cigars Bryan reviews. Might be a cool blog post/video to group cigars based on their price though and whether they are a good value at that price. Anyways love the rant and the review.

    • JJO

      It helps to go to other sites, as well, to get a better idea of what you would pay at a B&M. Some people may want to pick up only one or two to try, and give the business to a local seller rather than pay for shipping. In any case, Bryan doesn’t state prices unless they are “el cheapos” or outrageously high, since prices vary so much from place to place.

      • Bpope31

        Now that you say that I do remember him talking about the variances in price due to taxes and other factors in a video as a reason why price is usually not spoken of. I’ve also recently found a good B&M close by I like to go to. Don’t really have to worry about resting those cigars and can smoke them right away. I don’t have a huge stash and its hard for me to wait an appropriate amount of time.

        • vscarpine

          I always buy mine online at CI or cigars.com or other outlets because tax in NY is way to high at any B&M places

          • MR_EXPRESS

            Yeah. The B&M’s near me kinda suck, unfortunately. Living in CA blows, also because of high taxes.

  • eric.hanson

    Bryan I couldn’t agree more, the non distiction between stregth and body drives me absoluteley nuts too!

  • Swede214

    Thanks Bryan,I also love to here you, ”Rants”. You do a good job on keeping us informed about our hobby.

  • stevenknisley

    That cigar sounds really good. As you noted those bands are pretty cool. I want to try one of these now. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • jackdan

    Looks can be deceiving. This one looked like it’d be full bodied from the dark wrapper. Glad I watched the review. I won’t be buying this one. Just as a side note when I’m in the cigar shop and see something I haven’t seen before I check YouTube to see if Bryan has a review on it. This has saved me from wasting a good bit of money and also turned me on to some of my favorite sticks. Nice!!

    • david121

      what i do is I just add to a list of cigars I have to try. If I watch a review of a cigar that I think I’ll enjoy, I add it to the list! Early on this was a great way to know what I ant, but now the list has gotten so long I forget what’s on it :/

  • Andrew

    Does anyone know of a cigar with this chocolate/spice combo, but with stronger flavor and body?

    • DrakeXD

      I would recommend the CAO Mx2. Bryan has a review of the Beli here: http://cigarobsession.com/2009/08/12/cao-mx2-belicoso/ It is one of my personal favorites.

      • vscarpine

        I would have to agree here love the CAO line and this one is one of my favorites in the CAO line

        • MorganGeo

          The CAO Mx2 is wonderful. The taste is such where I could just chew on the stick all day. It’s one of my favorite CAO’s too.

          • Andrew

            Thanks for the recommendation guys!

  • D-BO


    • JJO

      lol – Not trying to be a downer here, but could you please turn off your CAPS LOCK? No need to yell, we can hear you. 😉

  • neocigaro

    Where is my cutter haha Bryan good review

  • vscarpine

    This sounds like it would be a great flavor combo with chocolate and spice I just wish it was stronger body

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    This helps me out tremendously with the difference between strength and body. Thanks Bryan!

  • pato1001

    I could not agree more with your rant! Most websites apparently sell nothing but the greatest cigar in the world one after the other. To them there is not one bad cigar and they never discern between body and strength. Thank again for the great review!

  • Texvet

    I agree 100% on the BS regarding strength and body on many seller’s website. It makes the descriptions (in some cases) close to usless.

    To combat the situation. I usually come here to see if you’ve reviewed a cigar before I jump up and make a purchase.

  • puffrey

    Enjoyed the rant/cigar 101….And this is why I turn to reviewers like you to get a neutral view of what I am really gettting from a cigar.
    Marketing tactics rarely lead to the actual profile.

  • Zombieno1

    I had a good feeling there was going to be a rant when I saw the length of the video. I love those rants. Glad it wasn’t like the time you got your car stuck in the sand.

    I’ve had this stick before. Slow burn definitely. A friend gave it to me and I was familiar with it somehow. When I got home I realized why it was familiar. I have a King Havano Black Knight but not quite the same. [img]https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/526615_10151514621318629_2016570252_n.jpg[/img]
    I did a quick search and saw NOTHING that was as black as mine is. Even went to the site I bought it from and the picture does not show it being this bloody dark. It’s a Mace size. Has anyone else had one like this before? If it wasn’t for the oily sheen this thing would absorb all light.

    • YoMud

      I’m a big fan of this stick with the exception of the 6.0 X 60 I’m all of a sidden seeong around. They also make a 42 or 45 by 5.5 or 6 that works really well with this stick.

  • jtuttle21

    Is it true that the darker the wrapper is the stronger the cigars is?

    • JJO

      It’s a myth. As you can see from the review, this is one of the darkest sticks out there, but is in fact pretty mild.

  • rgmenke

    I’ve had the “Mace” version, which I was going to send you Brian. I think I still may because I found it better than your review suggest.

  • smokethis

    The retailers could make a twig sound smokeable. Great rant.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    Oddly enough I just happened to have had this smoke for the first time on the same day that you posted this video. Finally having a chance to watch the video review I must say I completely agree this was a mild smoke. I would say mild and uninteresting. I would not venture to say it was bad but I not seek it out. However I would like to add an experience I had. The burn on my stick was awful. Toward the middle of the cigar I had to touch it up a few times.

  • Freddy62

    I have had this cigar in my humidor for a few weeks, I think I’m going to have to smoke it now lol! Your reviews are awesome and very informative.

    • Freddy62

      Smoked this stick yesterday evening and I was very impressed, overall a good smoke!

  • Wucioswong

    king havano’s are great cigars. and i love the ornate bands

  • MorganGeo

    Bryan, you may have already noticed but did you see where CI now has a strength description for the cigars? Thats cool!

    • That was the point of the rant. ONLY Strength. No body!

      • vscarpine

        I agree I would love it if they had a body rating as I often dont know the body of a cigar by the description and I like med-full body but not alot of strength because if it has a ton of strength I get an instant migrane

        • MorganGeo

          Oh my bad! I feel like a tool. I got them mixed up. Sorry.

          • neocigaro

            yup, they need to improve it, such a big market and still not much attention is brought to it, great rant point.

    • JJO

      That’s exactly what he was complaining about. They say strength, but they’re really talking about body, which just adds to the confusion.

  • bwehmann1

    That sounds like an excellent gar. Can’t seem to find that one at my local shops so I was wondering if anybody had a suggestion on a few sticks that are comparable to this one?

    • MorganGeo

      You might check under the video at the top where it says ‘you might also be interested in’ and it lists several cigar reviews. I think this means the reviews have similar tags and might be comparable.

      • bwehmann1

        That makes sense, to be completely honest I didn’t even notice think of that, thanks.

  • KrazyKajun

    I had one of these in “Mace” a while back, and I wasn’t really impressed. I’m not a big fan of the larger ring gauges, so I might have enjoyed this one a little more. I still don’t think I would go out of my way to buy one of these though…

  • Infms40

    Hey Bryan maybe you should start keeping track of body and strength on the cigars you review so we can search cigars in your database based on those attributes. Or add them to the tags at the very least.

  • vscarpine

    I usually dont like wrappers this dark but with the chocolate and spicy flavor I might have to try it

  • Dirk

    Great Rant… I agree.. most online cigars ads are very inaccurate.. Thats why I love Bryans reviews.. keep up the testing for me.. I appreciate it.. 🙂

  • GTfreefall

    Bryan, Couldn’t agree more with cigar websites making the new hot cigar have more adjectives than the new “hot” car on the market. Buy this and you will feel the horsepower, or lack there of. A strength and body meter would be greatly appreciated. Always find myself falling into the trap, picking up multiple 5 packs and handing out the unfavorable. On a brighter note, The Black Knight is one of my favorites. Always solid and consistent. Nice review! thx

    PS. Like Infms40’s idea about a database with sectional input about cigars. i.e. strength, body, smoke time, maybe what people like to drink with it. This is always better than just “stars” for rank.

  • Boucher207

    Bryan, I loved your rant, I was thinking about this whenever I go to purchase a new Cigar. No site I’ve ordered from distinguishes between the Body and Strength of the cigar. It seems like such a simple fix, to add a strength meter. I guess there is a little bit of fun in not knowing, but it would be great to know before you spend the money.

  • gumby_130

    Would like if you started a topic on how to develop skills in tasting and pin pointing info that must be in personal journals.

  • gumby_130

    Body don’t equal strength, never knew that. You should have a thread of cigar training centre or cigar academy and have all this info on it.

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