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Mar 30

Oliva V Melanio Robusto Cigar Review

Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2013 in Cigar Reviews

Oliva V Melanio Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×52 box pressed stick features a dark brown butter smooth wrapper with a soft even pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and a mild chocolate and hay aroma. First light revealsa great draw with plentiful medium-full smoke production showing a smooth creamy textured body of a deep grass and earth followed by a long deep finish of the same with some black pepper flavor but no spice or zing. The first third changes very quickly to a complex blend of flavors both on the draw and finish. They include a creamy textured and tasting sweet peppery coffee with a little milk chocolate that goes in to the long zingy pepper and spice finish. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 20 minutes the ash fell off in a solid chunk while flavors mellowed a bit to a medium body, keeping the very smooth coffee and sweetness dropping almost all the pepper and zing. Ending down to the nub at 1 hour the last bit burns slower and adds in more chocolate to the draw making for an experience very much like most Padron 1964′s! Thank you very much to viewer Carlo Esqueda for sending this one in for review!

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Bring on the comments

  1. MorganGeo says:

    As always, this was a nice review. I look forward to all your reviews and video uploads.

  2. smitty2012 says:

    Hey, Bryan! What are your opinions on box pressed cigars? Personally, I prefer the feel of a box pressed cigar in my mouth and just wanted to hear your opinion.

    • undergroundboxr says:

      I myself like them more because they are easier to hold in my mouth as-well as my hand but that’s just me :D

      • david121 says:

        I like them more too, but just because I think they look cooler lol
        I like to toast my cigars like Bryan does but it’s more difficult for me to toast a box press. Whatever I guess I’ll get better!

        • Kace says:

          Ever hear of a box press torpedo? That would kinda be cool looking. Maybe box triangle and different shapes will be the next evolution in cigars. You heard it hear first on CO!! Lol. Jus kidn.

          • JJO says:

            Of course, Oliva Serie G Maduro and Master Blends, Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve, Padron, and Nica Libre to name a few. Not uncommon at all.

      • pdaug0511 says:

        Yes, no doubt. I prefer a good box pressed smoke than a very big ring gauge any day of the week. I feel you have more control of the draw with the box press, it’s comfortable, and you get a hold of all of the smoke in your mouth. Bigger ring gauge cigars, I feel, you are wasting a lot of the smoke. If you do love the box pressed feel, try the San Lotano Oval. A great twist on the box press, with a delicious flavor

    • Dylan says:

      So apart from feel, what are people’s thoughts on box press?
      Bryan, (or anyone) have you noticed at burn differences or flavor changes with a box press? Assuming the same blend has been had in both parejo and box press…
      I’ve personally had burn issues with them but this had a really even burn throughout your video. thoughts and opinions?

  3. eric.hanson says:

    I got one of these in a sampler a few months ago but it’s been sitting in one of my humidors. Your description of the flavors and the comprission to the Padron 1964 (one of my top 10 cigars) make me wanna pull it out and smoke it tonight :). Just out of curiocity how would you say this one compares to the regular Oliva V?

  4. JJO says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this one, and was just gifted a figurado, so I’m really looking forward to it. I love the regular Serie V lancero and #4. Great review, as usual.

  5. bbarber says:

    Been thinking of trying one of these and your review has pushed me over the edge. I like the Oliva V myself.

  6. Bpope31 says:

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between this and the regular V series? I loved the flavor of the original until about the midway point. Then I kinda got my butt kicked and got all light headed. Still fairly new to smoking cigars so hopefully I will be able to handle it better down the road. Thanks! Love your reviews and pretty much all your videos. Way better than some of the crap I’ve seen before finding CO.

  7. smokethis says:

    Great review on comparing to the Padron 64.
    I do love this cigar.

  8. lefty177 says:

    I love coffee & chocolate flavors in a cigar. I like the original V so I can’t wait to get my hands on this one to try out. Great review as always

  9. hawk767 says:

    Look forward to smoking this. Have one resting in my humi at the moment. I’ve had the Connecticut by Oliva but haven’t gotten around to trying the V or O I have.

  10. dvillan87 says:

    I really need to try this Oliva because I have a couple of Oliva G and they have been resting for over 6 months and i still dont really enjoy the flavors i get out of it. It’s just an ok cigar in my book. Maybe this Oliva will change my mind about the brand. Thanx Bryan for your reviews !!!

  11. LxArkitekt says:

    I’m curious as to what coffee flavors people taste. I enjoy my coffee with quite a bit of sugar and cream and I know I’ve definitely never tasted that. Though I have tasted slightly bitter expresso flavor in cigars. What kind of coffee flavors do you guys taste?

    • Bpope31 says:

      I’m the same way u are with coffee. I know I tried a Padron 2000 bc I was hearing it had great coffee flavors. Didn’t taste it till I took a sip of a bold robust coffee black and it tasted just like it. Not what I like. Cigars that are more smooth and creamy in flavor taste more like the “coffee” flavors we are looking for.

      • Bpope31 says:

        I forgot to add the couple cigars I’ve had that I really enjoyed and had the flavor I previously described. The Gurkha beauty is great. Very smooth n creamy. Also had a 5 Vegas gold with a cup of coffee. Tasted great and brought out the creamy flavors. A nice less expensive cigar also.

      • LxArkitekt says:

        I’ve had very few cigars with the creamy coffee flavors. I don’t mind the slightly bitter expresso flavor, but sometimes the bitterness is too overpowering.

  12. zzpop102 says:

    I just had this cigar and really enjoyed it. As always thank you for the great review.

  13. undergroundboxr says:

    Hey Bryan. Just a quick suggestion. I would like if you would state the price of the cigar in your videos. If you think that’s not something you would be open to do that’s ok, just a suggestion. also a quick question do you prefer slower burning cigars or faster ones. I myself like the slower burning ones. but i digress in regards to the video. do you like pepper flavored cigars? The ones that I have smoked in the past I haven’t cared for the after taste. in regards to this cigar does the pepper taste stick around long after the draw or does it fade slowly?

  14. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    I’m still getting into all the Cigar brands as a novice. Oliva has been one I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while now. After this review I think this is where I will begin with Oliva! Thanks for the review Bryan!

    • MorganGeo says:

      I don’t think you can go wrong with any Oliva cigar in my opinion. All of the ones I have had burned great and tasted great. This one is next on my list from Oliva for sure.

      • Bpope31 says:

        Same here. The original V was great. Just make sure to smoke it slow. Ill have to check out their other lines as I’ve only had the one. Anyone have their thoughts on which ones they liked the best besides this and the original V series?

        • Jared says:

          Agreed, go slow. Tastes fantastic, but the nic power can be overwhelming for a new guy. I started my foray into premium cigars with a La Gloria Cubana Serie R and an Oliva Serie V (no, not at the same time, thank goodness). Awesome flavors, but head was absolutely reeling.

        • JJO says:

          Master Blends 3, definitely. Didn’t care for the Serie O natural, but the maduro was enjoyable. The G in both natural and maduro are very good and very well priced.

      • Freddy62 says:

        They are absolutely delightful, you cannot go wrong with them!

  15. Chaz says:

    I have always thought Oliva makes a great product, but I have been off them for a while now- mostly because I love variety and they are ultra-conservative as far as line extensions go. This sounds extremely interesting- might bring me back to good old Oliva ;)

  16. ctigers15 says:

    Great review. I’ve had one sitting in my humidor for awhile and the review this review is gonna make me light it up soon.

  17. phaedron says:

    Glad you enjoyed my submission, Bryan! This was my favorite find of last year– and, as an aside, I was a little appalled that CA didn’t rate it among its top 25 (although it did get some sort of honorable mention). I was at my local lounge last week, though, and ran across another cigar magazine– one of those that has some bikini-clad babe on every cover– Cigar Snob, I think? It had its own 2012 top 25 list and rated the Oliva Melanio as #1. Scanning through that list, I found I was much more in agreement with that one than CA. The San Lotano Oval was on there, too– probably my second-favorite cigar that I smoked for the first time last year. Cheers! –Carlo

    • kb9311 says:

      Over the years I have found that you just can’t trust CA or its ratings. It seems as if they only care and talk up the big companies that advertise with them, I don’t know why I look at there cigars of the year but I do lol. I feel the headley grange by crowned heads was at least top ten this year,and it got 24th, the whole process is aggravating!

  18. ghoudy says:

    Nice review Bryan! This cigar, in torpedo, has vaulted to the top of my favorites list at my B&M.

  19. ptyler says:

    I don’t remember having that problem with my Perfect Cutter when I smoked one at Tampa Humidors’ Oliva event. I bought 4 more at The Cigar Republic as I loved the cigar…probably in my top 3. They are resting in my humidor now…will pay particular attention to that when I clip one the next time.

  20. gary333 says:

    sounds yummy. does anyone know how this stacks up to the extra natural?

  21. SoCal says:

    This is one of my favorite sticks!

  22. Shargard says:

    Great Review. I like Olivas and after this video i have to try this one.

  23. Magicshark13 says:

    Great Review, I wish they would sell them in my local shop i got to

  24. E says:

    Didn’t this stick win cigar of the year for one of the magazines? Not Aficionado, they gave theirs to the Flor De Las Antillas this time… Maybe Cigar Snob or one of the smaller ones.

  25. Sirfubes says:

    I’ve been very curious on this stick. Your review makes it sound awesome though. Looked a little pricey at my b&m ($12) but if its alot like padron 1964 its worth it. Might order a 5 pack online now!

    • glrnelson says:

      For those out there reading this, I pick up my oliva v series melaino online where I call in to their cigar expert. He gives me discounts beyond anything you can find on the web. Well below $9/stk.for the figurado box press. I had just finished smoking a padron 1964 after aging for ~3 months and went to leave a review. I was shocked at all the 5 stars noted,, and proceeded to leave my 2 star (was 3 until I saw the price, this is important to me. It was a nice smoke, but heck, I have a couple boxes of Nica Libres1990 that I aged for over 4 months that came across better than it.Anyway, I left at the bottom of my feedback, go ahead, smoke the padron, but have a oliva V melaino ready to light up- THEN! tell me what is a 5 star smoke!!! It’s not even close, the oliva will make you forget that padron so fast. Lots of other cigs in my 4 hummi’s that blow that padron away for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost. I don’t understand what the deal is? I keep 3 boxes of these beauties around- ALL THE TIME!! small price for perfection. Want to know more of my top 4-5 stars? Respond to this note…

  26. bryan122 says:

    I love the look and feel of this cigar. Obviously taste is most important and it certainly doesn’t disappoint there!! Great review. Glad to see you reviewing something I’ve heard of, had and enjoyed!

  27. garlar10 says:

    I picked up a few of these at advice of my local tabaconist. He said it was a true medium smoke. Then I tried one and it kind of kicked my butt. I enjoyed the smoke but wish I would have been warned before hand. Great review Brian

  28. danzig777 says:

    Never had the pleasure of trying this ciagar. I’ve tried the O, G serie and enjoyed them very much so I don’t doubt this one is going to be good too.

  29. yankeeman says:

    Very decadent stick for sure. Great review!

  30. stevenknisley says:

    I have came so close to buying one of these so many times at my local shop this has really helped make my decision thanks for another great review

  31. stevenknisley says:

    Doesn’t the newer perfect cutter with anodized aluminum have a bigger circle?

  32. jackdan says:

    Sounds delicious! But my local b&m doesn’t have any. Great review and now I’m on a mission!

  33. Dirk says:

    I recently had one of these, ordered it on the internet..and let it sit for about two weeks in my humi. I was very smooth.. I too likened it to a Padron 1964 but perhaps less “earthy”… very nice cigar.. I would recommend it to anyone..

  34. D-BO says:


  35. TimB says:

    Had my first Oliva V this weekend the Maduro I found it mild and smooth.I’m looking forward to trying the Melanio after it sits in the humidor for a week or so.

  36. Johnnycatt says:

    Super excited to smoke this cigar just bought it right after I watched your review on it thanks for all that you do

  37. USA2ndAmendment says:

    I have never tried an Oliva brand cigar. But they are intriguing me more and more.

  38. puffrey says:

    This one has been on my hit list since January and your review had prompted me to now move it up to my #1 spot on my Most Wanted list! The Oliva G is a phenomenal Conn. stick if anyone is looking for something on the lighter creamier side.

  39. Andrew says:

    I love the 1964s! Do these come in seconds?

    • gtclark says:

      If you’re on a budget and like Oliva, you can try “Flor de Oliva”. Their not technically seconds, but rather Oliva’s budget line. I’ve never smoked them, but I hear they’re decent.

      • glrnelson says:

        From an expert who has 4 very large hummi’s where I keep my boxes,, I can tell you this much- you do not have room enough for decent!! It doesn’t cost that much to step up and you won’t regret it. If on a budget, here are “some” cigs that you can find for $4-6 range, even bundle prices, that bring total bliss! La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor (awesome!), Flor de las Antillas (it’s like smoking velvet!)CAO box press Anniversary maduro (if you can find them), Nica rustica (wow-wow!), Torano Exodus GOLD 1959 maduro box press, Perdomo 20th anniversary/ or the Champagne NIOR(incredible-INCREDIBLE creamy flavors), Alec Bradley Prensado(perfection),AlecBradly Tempus,Fernando Leon Family Reserve (perfection at a whole diff level! just can’t even describe), San Cristobal Revelation, PDR1897 red and also black label,,and just one other,, oliva series V liga Especial figurado. Folks, it took a bit of trial and error to put some of these names together- LEARN BY IT!!and enjoy! I age all smokes for 3 months minimum! REGARDLESS, and the neighbors can wait!

  40. JHylk717 says:

    I recently bought a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter a few months ago out of your recommendation and I love it! I haven’t cut any box pressed sticks with it yet so I’m sure I’ll have the same odd experience as you, great review as always!

  41. dexter1 says:

    like to see a review on iron horse and cao crillo

  42. Consigliere says:

    I had this cigar before and absolutely loved the flavors . However, I ended up feeling nauseated and sweating before it was over. I hope to try one again sometime just to see if it was a fluke.

  43. stevenknisley says:

    I am going to my local shop to get one of these tomorrow. I let you know if my experience is the same.

  44. MaxDuo says:

    Added to my favorites, first use of the new button! Sounds like a fantastic stick with all the flavors and the latter half being a dessert-like stick.

    Will definitely pick this up as soon as I can afford to start ordering cigars again!

  45. swj045 says:

    picked one up today,after listening to your review.sounds like a great stick for picking flavors out.thanks for all the help and advice

  46. zanlamb says:

    Im going to have to get hold of this. I like a sweet smooth cigar with no strength. Any other recomendations?

  47. SsgtJerikUSMC says:

    Just picked up an Oliva V series 5 pack sampler of different sizes. I’m gonna start with one of those guys first and than try a comparison to this melanio. I’m loving doing the comparisons along with your reviews!

  48. SLCigarClassy101 says:

    Great review as always, Bryan. I’ve been looking forward to trying this cigar in the future. I did enjoy the original Oliva V series that came in my Cigarobsession sampler. I actually have had it since December and smoked it last week lol. And thanks to your review, I’ll probably end up geting his in a smaller size so I can cut it with my Cuban Crafters perfect cutter. Really, thanks again.

  49. Rob says:

    I checked multiple B&Ms and nobody has them. bummed out…now to wait.

  50. Freddy62 says:

    After that great review, I’m headed to my local B&M to see if it’s in stock. Your reviews are extremely helpful, I usually do not purchase before I see your review. Thanks Bryan!

  51. KrazyKajun says:

    Just noticed this review, and sure glad I did. I have a couple of these in churchill that have been sitting for a few months now, and it looks like it’s time to smoke one of them down to the nub… They sound D-LISH!

  52. neocigaro says:

    Wow love the review, is there such thing as a cigar with lots of flavor but little to no pepper of sing to it?

  53. DanG says:

    Something about box-press cigars! But, the can be troubling with a round cutter…..I often go to a punch for box pressed….

    • garlar10 says:

      Yeah punch is the way to go. I really like a v-cut but i think boxed pressed cigars are alway the least forgiving when they come to v-cutters. Oh well, I still love box pressed cigars though.

  54. talisker22 says:

    Just got a hold my first Oliva V Melanio. Can’t wait to try it after few weeks sitting in my humidor!

  55. Griff says:

    I was soooo close to buying a 5er of these from Smoke Inn but I couldn’t find an unbiased review so I ended up ordering some Padron 1964s instead.

  56. vscarpine says:

    Not a fan of boxed pressed cigars so I hope they make this in non box pressed shapes/sizes because it sounds pretty good

  57. gumby_130 says:

    Got to got a at least a fiver, the review was like watch someone eat a porterhouse steak.

  58. Chris Tivnan says:

    Absolutley, without a doubt my favorite stick that I’ve smoked in a while. The price point is a little higher than I’d like on the torpedo size but they are truly great. If you are on the fence about this, forsure pick one up.

  59. sh40218 says:

    I had this stick about a month ago and I want blown away. Everything was typical V quality but the flavors were way more subtle than the Liga V.

    I have another resting, but I’m hesitant to try it anytime soon.

  60. zanlamb says:

    Do all the Oliva range have the same sort of smooth coffee chocolate flavour?

  61. curtpick says:

    Pretty much the way I thought of this one Bryan. Once again a fantastic review.

  62. PDHelmuth says:


    Had my second Oliva V tonight. Every seems to love this sticks. Personally I find that they seem to have s a tighter draw than other cigars I enjoy. It was also more full bodied than I expected. It was a good smoke though…though sitting out on the deck and enjoy a cigar, who can complain?

  63. LordCybor says:

    Just had one of these in the petite corona last night. this review forced me to try one …lol. Glad I did, very nice cigar. Thanx for the review!

  64. Camshaft83 says:

    This sounds like a great cigar. Currently looking all over for a decent deal on one. Great review it practically had my mouth watering while watching it!

  65. BCamara says:

    I haven’t had the Melanio in this size yet, only the petite corona. But holy crap its been my favorite so far. I gotta pick up the larger sizes for a more prolonged experience.

  66. Jay D. says:

    Wow, I think just a boxed pressed Olivia V alone would have me sold, but the Melanio just sounds delicious!

  67. drewmcneice says:

    this is a very pretty cigar

  68. Dirk says:

    I have to make another comment.. while in Tampa last week.. I picked up two of these and must say.. I don’t know if it was the great weather, meal or what .. but as I sat on my balcony gazing out over the Gulf of Mexico in 75 degree weather I found myself indulging in one of these wonderful sticks enjoying each minute.. they are fabulous. If I had it to do over.. I would have bought a box.. bravo Olivia…

  69. Corey says:

    In my opinion the V line is the best made by Oliva and this is a great addition to the V line

  70. pdaug0511 says:

    I prefer this special V series better than the original V series. The box press is so nice, and as Bryan said, it is almost like the Padron 1964 (but much, much cheaper in price)

  71. Camshaft83 says:

    Bought me a box of these and should be getting them tomorrow. Very excited to get them and put them in my humidor. These are going to be hard not to smoke all at once lol.

    • Camshaft83 says:

      Smoked my first Oliva Melanio at a friends 4th of July party. I think I found my new favorite cigar lol. The robusto smoked perfect and had great flavor. The only problem was it didn’t last longer. I’m going to fix that and buy a box of churchills when I finish up what I have left of these robustos. Unless I find a deal on them before then ;)

  72. wcfennell says:

    I had this cigar last night to celebrate buying my new car. I was getting a lot of the same flavors as you on the draw but there must be something wrong with my taste buds because I did not taste any flavors whatsoever after drawing the cigar. I mean no finish whatsoever. I wish i was able to pick up the finish because the flavors were wonderful.

  73. eric.hanson says:

    I finally had one of these a few nights ago. Wow, what a great stick! I think I’ll be buying a box with my next or cigarsinternational order.

  74. Gurneymonkey says:

    I’m just now having my first melanio. It’s excellent, but so far I have to say I prefer the regular V series. Especially when considering the price difference.

  75. LunchBox87km says:

    Just picked up one at my B&M can’t wait to try it out

  76. Zironexium says:

    Im sort of new to cigar smoking, does the shape of a cigar (box pressed for example) affect the flavor of the cigar in any way?

  77. HerbalJedi says:

    Probably the best and only good Olivia is the V series. havent tried this one yet though.

  78. Gigalo de Vitolas says:

    Finally enjoyed the stick this week catching the sunset here in fl. Awesome stick, def a staple in my humi.

  79. rgorman says:

    Just oredered a smapler because of this review! I guess I didn’t realize how much the ’64 Padron’s were… Damn!

  80. mufdvr6976 says:

    nice review, this is an awesome stick got a box and just letting them sit…………cant wait to open it!!

  81. VinnyLo says:

    Loved the chocolate coffee flavor

  82. Emtfire62 says:

    I’m a slight newcomer to the world of cigars, I’m at that stage where every cigar i smoke I’m trying a different one. I always refer to your reviews before buyingm keep up the great work and thank you for all you do..

  83. Xavier4753 says:

    I tried this stick for the first time after dinner tonight and it sure was a great dessert!

  84. Xavier4753 says:

    Has anyone held how’s had this stick gotten a kick back afterwords? I’ve finished about 10-15mins ago and really gettin 1

  85. Galin.Swigart says:

    This is a beautiful Cigar! Great look

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