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Mar 30

Interesting Site Stats!

Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2013 in World of CO



I thought I would just share some interesting (to some) information about the site. I hadn’t really looked at the site stats recently, I just glance at my overall trends screen to make sure things are going in the right direction. But I thought some would like to see some of the nitty-gritty! I’ve seen some other sites post similar info so figured why not :) CO may not be the biggest cigar site on the internet, there are certainly much larger blogs out there like Halfwheel, StogieReview, A Cigar Smoker, etc. but I think CO has the coolest viewership – thanks guys!!

Bear in mind these numbers are 100% human, they do NOT include any search engine spiders, robots etc. Jan is the typical peak month, just after Christmas and we saw 72,399 unique visits and 417,530 pageviews.  What shocked me was the bandwidth (and that’s after caching and compression!!)- glad I’m on a great server lol!  Can you imagine if the world didn’t have YouTube  and we still had to serve videos directly off our sites?!  YIKES!  Just as a rough estimate…the average non-HD video is about 250MB assuming someone watch the whole thing.  I’m at a 6k daily video view level right now.  So minimum that’s about 150GB daily being played.  In reality it’s higher because some people do play the HD versions which are double the size!  I love you, YouTube :)

So when I tell a potential advertiser that CO is a great place to be and a great deal, you can see why I mean it!

  • vscarpine

    Cant wait to see these number increase after the reward program…love the review on this site have added many of the reviewed cigars to my humidor

    • NMartin

      I think once I get more stable finances, I’ll be joining in on the lottery fun. Until than, I’ll be collecting rewards and following your reviews. There’s a lot of interesting sticks I’ve seen in the last couple of lotteries.

      • vscarpine

        I sent in some cigars for lottery #9 and it only cost like $4 maybe $5 max to send in a small flat rate box…well worth the $5 and cost of the 2 or 4 sticks you send in to try and win 150 cigars and a humidor

  • Joseph Szeremet

    Thanks for sharing those stats. This is a great site without a doubt, and unlike most sites the changes you make actually do make it more enjoyable.

  • mrl4889

    Interesting stats about the site. I think that since we are now being rewarded for posting comments the participation on here should really grow. It seems to me that the traffic/comment ratio is WAY off especially with regards to people posting their thoughts and similar experiences with cigars that are reviewed here. Hope to see some more of that, it is always nice to see what people think of different smokes!

    PS – Not sure if this has been answered somewhere else or not, but is there a mobile site in the works? The site is relatively cell phone friendly as is, but just thought I would ask!

    • Bryan Glynn

      I agree, the participation was VERY low for the view traffic. It’s through the ROOF now though ;)

      I used to have a mobile version but to keep it pretty I tweaked the layout about a year ago so it obviously works well as-is on any device now.

      • puffrey

        Wow, cant believe how much comment activity has increased in the last few days, I guess we really like our free cigar stuff!

        I remember a few of the contests in the past year that were really good ideas but some just didnt fly that well. I wonder what would happen with some of those now as far as activity.

        • vscarpine

          The comments will def grow and why wouldnt they when you can win free stuff lol…I hope to win one of the contest one day (fingers crossed)

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    It’ll be interesting to see the statistics for the next month compared to the last. I know I can speak for myself that I’ve shared the site info with a lot of my friends. I bet there is a significant spike in visits and obviously activity.

  • Derek

    You’re a celebrity in the cigar world. By far my favorite reviewer, no one else even compares.

  • swj045

    BRYan,you said its not the biggest site. maybe the right answer is YET! great job,thanks

  • gumby_130

    Site got me hooked. It one of my daily stops now. Thank you for the great info. I wish you had more contests involving sports, like pick em, fantasy football, guess the score , ncaa bracket or something like that.

  • Boucher207

    Congrats Bryan!! Keep up the good work. Ill have to send you an Erin go Bragh from La Aurora cigars to review. I know your not into infused sticks too much but its a pretty decent smoke.

  • drewmcneice

    Lol I don’t understand any of that….

  • Craig

    Hopefully you will be posting April and May before long. I would be interested to see how its grown in the last 2 months.

    • Bryan Glynn

      Participation is obviously sky high, but new traffic only about 20% up. Not much to post, maybe I’ll do it again next year same time frame.