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Mar 24

Man O’ War Side Project Phalanx Cigar Review

Posted on Sunday, March 24, 2013 in Cigar Reviews


Man O’ War Side Project Phalanx Cigar Review

This 6.5×56 stick features a very dark chocolate oily, smooth firm wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a few imperfections here and there, a sloppy double cap and very rich cocoa aroma. First light reveals a good draw with light minimal smoke showing smooth earthy flavor with a slight pepper and spice through the mild finish. The first third starts out ramping the body to a medium, showing a more complex body of a peppery chocolate, a bit of savory meat and bigger spice through the finish, which is still short and clean. Hitting the 1/2 way point 50 minutes in, the only flavor changes have been the savory meat dropping off and the finish going to a deeper smooth earth. Body is still at medium while the strength is ramping up already also at a medium by this point. Ending it early at 1:15 it’s all I could take, as the strength ramped up to almost full, making me dizzy, sweaty and a little nauseous at the last couple inches. For those of you who like nicotine powerhouses, this is a good choice! Thank you very much to viewer Greg Hayes for generously providing this sample for review!

  • habanojoe

    I just tried my first Phalanx last night, after letting it rest in humi for over a month. Very tasty at first, but whoa did the strength really kick in after the 2nd third. I had to toss it at the band point, I prefer full cigars without the nausea :-)
    I purchased 2 man o war mega samplers and have the Phalanx with other blends.. Well at least I know which cigar Im tossing in the lottery. Cheers!