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Man O’ War Side Project Phalanx Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 24, 2013
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Man O’ War Side Project Phalanx Cigar Review

This 6.5×56 stick features a very dark chocolate oily, smooth firm wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a few imperfections here and there, a sloppy double cap and very rich cocoa aroma. First light reveals a good draw with light minimal smoke showing smooth earthy flavor with a slight pepper and spice through the mild finish. The first third starts out ramping the body to a medium, showing a more complex body of a peppery chocolate, a bit of savory meat and bigger spice through the finish, which is still short and clean. Hitting the 1/2 way point 50 minutes in, the only flavor changes have been the savory meat dropping off and the finish going to a deeper smooth earth. Body is still at medium while the strength is ramping up already also at a medium by this point. Ending it early at 1:15 it’s all I could take, as the strength ramped up to almost full, making me dizzy, sweaty and a little nauseous at the last couple inches. For those of you who like nicotine powerhouses, this is a good choice! Thank you very much to viewer Greg Hayes for generously providing this sample for review!

  • stevenknisley

    well I have one of these sitting in my humidor glad I know what to expect now.
    why a spoonful of sugar?
    thanks again for another great review.

  • BigMike


    Just wondering if you smoke cigars other than the ones you review? It seems like you have a new video posted every other day or so… Do you smoke from your own ‘stash’ or just what you video and review?


    • Mostly just what I review, simply because I don’t have much more time, but I do some my private stash slowly. I also give it away frequently locally lol

      • BigMike

        Thanks for the videos. I’ve enjoyed them and learned a great deal from them and the questions you’ve answered. If you ever make it up to TN give me a shout – be my pleasure to share a smoke and adult beverage with you…

  • JJO

    This is probably my favorite of all the MOWs despite the size; certainly my favorite of the Side Projects. I don’t recall it being that strong, but it’s been a while since I had one.

    • macko

      I am like you I did not remeber it being that strong. I will have to re-visit this smoke.

      • kb9311

        I’m new to this cigar, is it a CI product exclusively on their site?

        • JJO

          All of the Man O’ Wars are CI/Cigar.com exclusives, but since they are also distributors, you may be able to find them elsewhere. But with retailer mark-ups, taxes, etc., it’s probably best to just get them from the source. BTW, if you want to check out all of the Side Projects, Cigar.com has a sampler of the three along with the originals: http://www.cigar.com/cigars/viewCigar.asp?prod=SP-MWHASST02
          IMO, the Phalanx is the best of the lot anyway, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Satch

    Sounds like you should’ve had your dinner before you smoked this one, Bryan.

  • marotajo

    Why would anyone ever smomke a cigar like this BEFORE dinner?

  • demagnani

    I think this is one of the best review you ever made! I really enjoyed it! 😀 And congratulations for your 10.000 “fans”, I’m one of them from Europe! And good luck for your other project, but I hope you don’t consider yourself “fat”, here in Europe we say “you love your muscles so much that you want to protect them”…
    Just a question: why you said to take a spoonful of sugar to avoid the discomfort? It helps? Thank you for the answer!

    • Thanks! Yes sugar will cure it very quickly.

      • demagnani

        Thank you, I have learned one more thing about “the Art of the Cigar”! 🙂

  • chico

    I got sick just watching the video.

  • Greg Bellante

    Man O War cigars, most of them are pretty strong with the exception of the Virtue which is my favorite because it’s full of flavor and it won’t knock you into 2014

  • NDO

    I found this cigar to be very smooth with sweet flavors but also strong. I could not get past the second third. This seems to be a trend AJ Fernandez cigars.

  • undergroundboxr

    I must say I really enjoyed this video. I take that back I freaking loved it xD you had me chuckling especially towards the end. Loved it!

  • hawk767

    Glad I watched this review before smoking this stick. Not a fan of the heavier strength/low body cigars so I’ll save this for a trade some time.

  • BBEJ4321

    I will have to get this cigar. I like a cigar with a little kick. Good review

  • D-BO


  • D-BO


  • vscarpine

    I love the Man O’ War the Ruination is one of my favorite sticks. I will defiantly have to try this one

  • danzig777

    I like you don’t really like strength in my cigars, but sometimes I will have one that has some kick to it. This one seems pretty good and will have to try it some day.

  • chc9470

    Your facial expressions were priceless! Haha

  • Orrza

    Tried it and loved it.
    I gotta say I love the design of the band on these.
    Thanks for the review 🙂

  • puffrey

    Ive been curious about these since they came out. Any AJ produced stick is an instant curiosity for me, I just like his stuff.
    Great review Bryan, the results have me searching for a deal right now! Thank you!

  • vscarpine

    Has anyone here tried the new man o war skull crusher?? Love the line just wondering if anyone would recommend it

  • Freddy62

    I am very glad I watched this review, because I’m not a big fan of the buzz either Bryan. Thanks again for the great reviews!!

  • Matt

    for a while i was quite a heavy cigarette smoker would that have any effect on my tolerance toward cigars such as this?

  • Bpope31

    After smoking a virtue I don’t think I could handle this one. Meat flavor sounds interesting but I will not be able to take the strength.

  • playersrun1

    i hate messy head

  • Griff

    I really like the MOW PA but I have yet to try any of the side projects. I may have to pick a couple of these up.

  • habanojoe

    I just tried my first Phalanx last night, after letting it rest in humi for over a month. Very tasty at first, but whoa did the strength really kick in after the 2nd third. I had to toss it at the band point, I prefer full cigars without the nausea 🙂
    I purchased 2 man o war mega samplers and have the Phalanx with other blends.. Well at least I know which cigar Im tossing in the lottery. Cheers!

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