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Mar 22

Drew Estate Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas Petit Corona Cigar Review

Posted on Friday, March 22, 2013 in Cigar Reviews


Drew Estate Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas Petit Corona Cigar Review

This 4.5×44 (including pigtail) stick featured a dark chcolate dry, toothy wrapper with a firm even pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, .5 inch pigtail and a sweet barnyard aroma. This is a mixed filler cigar from the cuts of the Liga Privada line. First light reveals a perfect draw with medium-full bodied smoke giving flavors of a savory sweet deep earth with a long oily finish with a short pepper burst. The first third burns very quickly without any flavor shift, the ash only holding for a very short time, being non-long filler and flaky by nature. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 20 minutes the flavors have slowly taken on a slight cream and bready quality, amping up the savoriness and adding a spice zing through the finish. Ending at 30 minutes where it got very hot, the last little bit shifted to a warm spicy earth leaving a zingy oil through the finish. Thank you very much to viewer David Goncalves for sending this sample in!

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  1. pinot45 says:

    Coronas, Lonsdales, and Lanceros, Yes! That’s all I smoke. Thanks for sticking up for smaller ring gauges. New glasses look great, btw.

    • Rico says:

      Hello brother. To each his own. I prefer a larger ring. I’m 6″3 and have really big hands so its a little uncomfy smoking a small ring. But I do agree there is sometimes a better flavor profile with the smaller rings then some of the bigger rings

  2. RyanG says:

    When I first saw these I was excited about the possibility of a less expensive smoke with Liga Privada flavor; then I saw the price.

    • Freddy62 says:

      I had the same exact experience, I figured if I was going to spend that much I was just going to get a good premium smoke that I already know I enjoy.

  3. Walshy says:

    Bryan another great review. I agree that they are probably $2 too expensive. Drew Estate does however have some of, if not the best marketing in the industry. I really do like their sticks as well. Thank you for reviewing this cigar, its one of my current go to smokes. Atleast when i dont have an hour or so for a bigger stick. Thanks Bryan.

  4. ptyler says:

    Just picked up a tin from Tampa Humidor last Friday…was actually surprised they had some as I assumed they would be sold out with all the buzz these have gotten…plan to use them as a quick cold winter smoke.

  5. The new guy says:

    I still have yet to try drew estate. I just have no idea where to start. Ps, congrats on hitting your YouTube numbers ;)

  6. dgrambo says:

    Agree about the smaller sticks. Im in LA where B&M prices are generally high. It makes it hard to resist the bigger sticks because of the perceived value. 7.00 for an average corona vs 8.50 for a gordo or churchill. The video is looking good. New camera?

  7. dgrambo says:

    Im well caffeinated, so Im gonna gab a bit more.. hah. Ive found, personally, that a good mixed filler actually has more transitions. Unfortunately, theyre also much less consistent from stick to stick. And lastly (i think) Im actually just finishing a little stick that I got from Atlantic. Its a house brand, La Tribu. Sadly, much less press than it deserves. A real nice stick. If you get chance do yourself (and your viewers) a favor and try one (in a smaller size) Thanks.

  8. neocigaro says:

    “Papas fritas petit” means “Small french fries” in spanish.

  9. hawk767 says:

    I haven’t had the chance to smoke anything else within the Liga Privada line though I have had the Undercrown and have a T-52 resting in my humi right now.

    I really enjoyed this quick smoke though. The flavors were really good and smooth with plenty of creamy smoke. Shame they are a bit on the spendy side or this would be a great go-to stick.

  10. SoCal says:

    One of the cigars I actually love. I have a few tins of these and although they are on the pricey side, they are exceptionally a great smoke.

    Of the liga line, I do enjoy the T-52 the most.

    only one of the bunch I have not had yet is the “A” and L-40

  11. USA2ndAmendment says:

    Drew Estate is one of my favorite all around cigar brand. But it’s crazy that the price is still around 5-6 bucks for the mixed cigar…

  12. smokethis says:

    If Drew Estate can get away with selling a scrap filler cigar for an absurd $6 a stick (and we are foolish enough to buy it)other cigar manufactures may try this selling gimmick. No way this is worth what they are charging .

  13. D-BO says:


  14. playersrun1 says:

    doesnt sounds like anything too special, but im a fan of DE, so i wouldnt mind trying this in the future..havent seen them in the stores yet though.

  15. juf100 says:

    I love these things…Some of the most intense cigar cravings I get are for the flavor profile that these provide. Perfect 45 minute smoke..

  16. ctigers15 says:

    I’m kind of skeptical when it comes to short filler, but it looks like DE did it right.

  17. Bpope31 says:

    I’m really looking forward to trying some Liga prividas. Heard lots of good things and this review is making me want to pick one up right now.

  18. Griff says:

    Been wanting to try these but I was waiting for a review by someone I could trust before shelling out good money for a short filler cigar. Thanks Bryan

  19. SLCigarClassy101 says:

    I was lucky enough to pick up a tin from SmokeInn before they sold out. Had one right out of the tin and it smoked just fine, experiencing those great flavors you described, Bryan. And that was actually before your review lol. What I have oddly noticed is that because its short filler, depending on how much you drawn and puff, you can make it burn slower or faster. I’ve gotten 40-50 minutes out of it, surprisingly enough. A solid 9 in my book, a very interesting and flavorful smoke. Still have two in my humi to share one with a bud of mine when he comes to visit.

  20. vscarpine says:

    This may be a dumb question but can you twist off the pigtail instead of cutting? Is that the purpose of a pigtail?

  21. OBdrum81 says:

    I absolutely love this stick but I posed this question on another group i’m in and wanted to see what people here thought?

    Anyone with me on this? I would LOVE to see an Undercrown version of the Papas Fritas in the near future. I love quick smokes when time doesn’t permit that grand Toro. And I love the Papas Fritas, but Undercrown has a majesty all its own. Great flavors better availability and a bit more affordable. They could call them Tater Tots and I’d eatem all day long. What do you folks think?

    • JJO says:

      Not a bad idea, since the Undercrown doesn’t have much in the way of transitions, anyway. The price would definitely be a factor, though. Have you had the Viva? Not exactly a quick smoke, but certainly less of a time consumer than the grand toro.

  22. Gigalo de Vitolas says:

    I’ve been keeping my eye for these at some local BM’s. You weren’t kidding they are hard to find. I have a few of the 9′s resting for a good 6 months so maybe I’ll treat myself to one this week.

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