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Mar 17

10,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2013 in World of CO


Untitled-1I just noticed this morning that I hit 10,000 YouTube subscribers which I think is awesome and amazing! To celebrate I’m doing an easy, impromptu giveaway – just leave a comment here on the site or on YouTube and I’ll pick a winner for a super-sampler in a week! Good luck and THANK YOU!

Entrants must me 18 and up and have a US mailing address.

  • Cripple Capone

    Now if we could get enough people to take over YouTube and leave Gangnam Style, Harlem Shack and Justin Beaver a horribly devastating memory that will sees to exist.

  • Jimmy

    Congrats, Bryan on a great milestone. Love the reviews. And absolutely none of them have a barnyard aroma.

  • Daniel.A

    Hey Brian. First post and first off Congrats! I love your videos and keep em coming. (Hope I win).

  • Plan2Bfly

    What’s up Bryan, love your vids and website. Congrats man, keep it up.

  • Cigaruss

    Keep up the good work!

  • dannykcha

    Congrats on hitting the 10K mark! You definitely deserve it, PLUS more!! On to the 100K mark!!

    Thanks for all the great reviews and videos! When I first started smoking, I based all the cigars I bought off of your ratings, so you and your site have a huge spot in my heart every time I light-up a goodie. Thank again, and keep it up!!

  • koutiala7

    The only website I check out for cigar reviews. Way to go Bryan.

  • bbarber

    Who won the drawing on this? Just curious

    • Bryan Glynn

      Posted at the top

      • bbarber

        Oops! Guess I missed the big WINNER tag up there. Awesome!

  • iseedro

    good job now pick me

  • dettigers6

    Way to go Buddy. best cigar sight bar none.

  • TheVillain

    Almost 10,000 replies to this post. :) Congrats and keep the vids and info coming. Great stuff!

  • Rob.n.Denver

    Congrats! Easy to see why, your down to earth reviews are great man.

  • dcw2410

    Congrats on 10,000 you are the man