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Thurman Thomas Hall Of Fame Natural Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 12, 2013
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Thurman Thomas Hall Of Fame Natural Toro Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick features a buttery smooth, glove soft medium tan wrapper with small veins, a few stretch marks and imperfections, tight seams, double cap, firm even but light pack and a rich hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with an oily, medium-full bodied slightly bitter nuttiness that carries through the long finish. The first third shifts slightly to add some grassy notes both on the draw and finish, which is growing short and clean. Overall a fast burn, performance remains excellent with a great draw and smoke output. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 35 minutes, so far it’s a very consistent smoke. The ash holds on for a couple inches at a time and the burn is perfect. Ending at the hour mark where it got too hot for my taste, the whole cigar smoked was evenly blended.

  • Pokesfan

    Great review. Just a little side note, Thurman Thomas played at Oklahoma State in the 80’s. They are nicknamed the “Pokes”, which is where I got my user name, “Pokesfan”.

    • neocigaro


      • puffrey

        Had no idea they were called Pokes. I had a buddy that graduated there and man does that guy love his Okey Orange!!

  • neocigaro

    I love to smoke the light colored cigars more than the darker rapper ones. Thinking they are smooth, but some are not. haha

  • stevenknisley

    I smoked one of these a few hours ago and it was almost exactly the same as what you said.
    I enjoyed it. Great review.

  • Freddy62

    This stick was alright, I think I will spend more money though for a much tastier and more complex smoke. Great review as always Bryan, thanks!

  • vscarpine

    Being a buffalo bills season ticket holder I almost have to try this

  • Griff

    Grassy and bitter sounds delicious. Not. I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • puffrey

    I saw these at a local shop and couldnt really think much of them. Maybe a bit presumptious of me and my apologies to Mr. Thomaas as I am sure he makes a decent stick.

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