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Guy Stuff – Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup From Scratch

by Bryan Glynn, March 4, 2013
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Guy Stuff – Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup From Scratch

Oh man is this a killer! I LOVE this at Olive Garden, and I can make it SO much cheaper at home! If you follow this vid exactly, you’ll swear you are there eating it, trust me! This is a beautiful slightly spicy sausage and potato soup with kale, with a creamy smooth base. Great for dinner, or a cold night it really fills you up, and I show you how to make it under a buck a bowl!

You’ll need the following ingredients, and it takes about an hour to make:

Heavy Cream
Mild Sausage
Crush Red Pepper Flakes
Chicken Broth

  • rynie27

    Looks tasty… Glad I’m not the only one who’s wife doesn’t cook!

  • cigarhobby85

    That soup was amazing. Let me know when you release the “Bryan Glenn eat like a man cookbook.” I’m gonna want a signed copy.

  • ojohnson63

    I made this earlier tonight. OMG, everyone loved it. My wife said she hopes it’s not the only time I make it. My wife hates to cook while I enjoy cooking.

    Can’t wait till I can use the smoker again. Nothing like smoking spare ribs over cherry wood while smoking a cigar on a warm day. 😉

    If you’ve never tried it, smoke some brats while you’ve got the smoker going. I make some and then heat them up in the microwave and they taste awesome.

    • lol that’s what I love to hear – good job 🙂

  • garret

    Thank you brother! This was a real treat. My wife dislikes soup in general, but loved this. All but one of my kids liked it (I have 4, the youngest @ 5 can be picky). I played a little bit, and switched out chicken broth with beef then used cayenne and chili powder instead of flakes as it will totally reduce. The REAL bacon bits I think are the hidden star of the show.

    Well done!


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