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Feb 25

Padron Serie 1926 #35 Natural Cigar Review

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 in Cigar Reviews

Padron Serie 1926 #35 Natural Cigar Review

This 4×48 box pressed stick features a dark brown soft satin wrapper with slight mottling, an even slightly spongy pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, single cap and a faint peppery wood and tobacco aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with tons of rich full bodied smoke output showing flavors of a smooth, thick aged musty tobacco, slight pepper on the draw, an oily smooth earthy finish with a creamy coffee and chocolate. The first third shows many of the same flavors just getting creamier and smoother while the body comes down to a medium with a long smooth finish. 25 minutes in at the 1/2 way point the strength is kicking in, body is going back up to a medium-full while the flavors grow a bit deeper and richer bringing up the earthiness and chocolate while dropping the sweetness and coffee. Ending at 50 minutes where it got too warm for my taste, the last bit brought up the chocolate in both the draw and finish, ending with a nice bit of strength but nothing overpowering at all. Thank you very much to user Goldendd for sending this in for review!

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  1. Marc says:

    I like swag…. I would like that swag…
    Nice review! Nice cigar!

  2. goldendd says:

    I love swag too but my wife hates it. Glad you enjoyed the cigar Bryan, great review!

  3. juf100 says:

    I would enjoy becoming the owner of that T-shirt..

  4. Rico says:

    I want the shirt and braclett.

  5. MR_EXPRESS says:

    Nifty bracelet there.

  6. sixstring says:

    Love the Padron line!! Love the flavor of the odd skinny 1964 pyramide ! Would love a new T-shirt, thanks for the great reviews!

  7. walshy says:

    Who doesnt love FREE swag. Yes i want it. Great review Bryan.

  8. puffrey says:

    I will gladly accept the swag!!

  9. ARM says:

    I’m currently running low on swag and would love a new t-shirt and bracelet.

  10. cubalibre4evr says:

    I could use that 601 Shirt I just had a La Bomba the other night and it was fantastic would love to have that shirt!

  11. KrazyKajun says:

    La Bomba! Got one chillin in the humi. Might have to break it out, if I win the shirt…

  12. alau255 says:

    I would love a free shirt! Anytime!

    Thanks for the reviews Bryan! I find our tastes are very similar and I always know what cigars I will enjoy for sure!

  13. lefty177 says:

    I would love that stuff!

  14. talisker22 says:

    Great Review Bryan!
    Put me down for the swag!

  15. Eric 41 says:

    send swag here

  16. btubesing says:

    Swag me! Thanks Bryan!

  17. arkfiremedic says:

    Sweet shirt! Even sweeter stick! Padron makes some great cigars and is by far my go to smoke!! Love the site and all the great reviews!

  18. Swede214 says:

    Thanks for the contest, like those T shirts, black and yellow ones!

  19. apaniagua says:

    Love swag. Would take it! Thanks for the review.

  20. JTaylorIota says:

    Another great review. I would love the swag. I’d be rockin it in the cold but great state of Maine.

  21. ryanmo45 says:

    Love padrons and love swag!

  22. kb9311 says:

    Love the review,love swag, thanks Bryan.

  23. sawfam says:

    Great review. Swag me….

  24. Justin says:

    Too bad Whiny-Wally isn’t around to see you review a “real” cigar.

    Anyway, it just so happens that 601 is my favorite number…..this week. I would love the shirt and bracelet.

  25. jpculp57 says:

    Yay for 601 swag! Liked on FB and thoroughly enjoy the reviews.

  26. MaxDuo says:

    Great sounding cigar, would like to try to get the shirt :)

    Also I typo’d this at first as “Great sounding shirt.”

  27. Cmanne1 says:

    Seems like a fantastic smoke. I would enjoy the shirt as well. Thanks for the review

  28. cactusjack says:

    Ya id love the t shirt anything in black is coool. Padron cigars are so flavorful. i love those two

  29. bckpack says:

    I could use a new shirt…

  30. Preset21 says:

    New shirt is always a great idea.

  31. dvillan87 says:

    I would love to own that t-shirt. Sign me up for the swag…. lol

  32. vscarpine says:

    Who doesnt love free swag…count me in

    keep up the great work, Love the site

  33. CigarStrawn says:

    I wouldn’t mind owning that swag. Count me in as well!

  34. D-BO says:


  35. brzbck23 says:

    I might have to break down and pay the money for one of these next time I get to the cigar shop. Would love to try it out.

  36. eric.hanson says:

    Had one of these a few weeks ago, I’ve got to say I think your review is spot on in comprission to the one I had.

  37. zanlamb says:

    Another good one with loads of thick smoke output. Love a Pardon

  38. yosef5 says:

    I like Padron anyway.Good review

  39. BCamara says:

    I had one of these the other day, and I fully enjoyed this little guy. Mine started off with a lot of pepper and spice but then quickly mellowed after 3 draws or so into a nice treat. Great review once again.

  40. wcfennell says:

    I had this in maduro tonight. Great stick, I would say medium bodied, I got no pepper, but very similar flavors to what you tasted. Can’t go wrong with a Padron.

  41. Gigalo de Vitolas says:

    If anyone feels like cigar bombing me any box of Padrons, I would be very grateful. My lifes feels empty when I don’t have Padrons in my humi.

  42. VinnyLo says:

    Beautifully wrapped

  43. HerbalJedi says:

    I gotta suck it up and pay the cash for one of these bad dogs they all sound so dank

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