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Feb 25

Favorite Wrapper Contest

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 in World of CO

Photo1What is your favorite wrapper?

First, congratulations to the winner from last week, teresasills, get me your contact info here and I’ll get your prize pack right out!

I have another sweet custom sampler package along with a Colibri guillotine cutter and dual flames lighter from me! I have a few more of these bundles available, in various cutter labels so get in while they last :) To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your favorite wrapper type is and why. Then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest :)


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Bring on the comments

  1. juf100 says:

    Liked on Fb.. I’ve always gravitated towards darker wrappers. Mainly based on looks I suppose. Recently I’ve been smoking Rare Corojos by Punch..

  2. MR_EXPRESS says:

    I like Colorado-type wrappers, I like sun-grown stuff best. Clicked the like button.

  3. DavidKIT says:

    Most of my favorite cigars tend to be maduro wrapped. I seem to prefer the standard flavors you get from a maduro…but I’ll smoke just about anything. Liked on FB.

  4. vwarnerjr says:

    I also will smoke pretty much anything, but if I have a choice it is usually a maduro, I like the more robust flavor it gives. liked and tweeted

  5. puffrey says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    My favorite wrapper is the Cameroon. I have had a good bit over the last year, mostly the RP Cameroon.

    It gives off a unique range of flavor profiles which has always been enjoyable

  6. Griff says:

    I love the smooth buttery flavor of an African camaroon wrapper. Tweeted

  7. mbuckwash says:

    My favorite rapper is maduro wrapper. I love the flavor, the look, and the feel! I also liked this on Facebook.

  8. DairyLandCigarFan414 says:

    Definitely the Maduro wrapper…strong, sweet, oily that’s part of the profile that I enjoy in a cigar…Liked on FB and tweeted…

  9. pittjitsu says:

    My favorites would be a candella because I love the fresh cut grass flavor it has. I also love Rosaries for their middle of the road sweetness and spice without being very dark like a maduro.

    I’ll tweet this now

  10. yosef5 says:

    I like the madero wrapper. It for me has the richest taste.

  11. rockjock says:

    Hit the facebook like. More than happy to help you grow as you are probably the best of reviews. My favorite is the corojo wrapper. The peppery spice is great without going overboard or under flavored.

  12. mfox93 says:

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite wrapper is a maduro wrapper because I love the sweetness that presents itself through it.

  13. sparkmark says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    I enjoy many wrappers but African Cameroon is my favorite because for me, it’s unique taste is extremely enjoyable.

  14. ParadiseCove says:

    That would be Rosado. Provides a beautiful presentation, aroma, and smoke.

  15. drk204 says:

    I Prefer a Sumatra Wrapper. It is very smooth in flavor, with hints of camel. It has a beautiful bouqet, when you take it of of the humi give a good sniff its like heaven.
    I do not have either a FB or TWITTER acct, I do however love your site and reviews. I know without those this reply means nothing, but some of us dont want those accounts.

  16. geekfish says:

    I have tended to like sticks with Rosado wrappers lately. Maybe just correlated with a few good sticks that happen to have those wrappers.

  17. Ty says:

    My eyes gravitate towards very dark wrappers or very light ones. If I have no info on a cigar I would buy the very light Connecticut wrappers though. Liked on fb

  18. The Burn Ward says:

    Candela is my favorite wrapper to look at but never smoked one so I think it’s time to purchase a couple of them puppies. Perhaps Afuente Curly Head Claro or Graycliff Emerald series.

    Liked on Facebook

  19. Tom V says:

    My favorite wrapper is Maduro. Liked on FB

  20. spockwannabe says:

    Favorite wrapper is probably maduro, but man I sure enjoy the criollo wrappers on the Xikar HC Series. Tweeted on Twitter.

    • ParadiseCove says:

      Must be mental telepathy. I was thinking the exact same thing before I posted. Xikar HC Series is extraordinary with the criollo wrapper.

      • spockwannabe says:

        I know right? It was the first stick I tried from the cigarobsession hidden treasure sampler that I got from SmokeInn. I was blown away. Absolutely great cigar, in which I attribute some of that greatness to the criollo wrapper.

  21. ptyler says:

    Thanks Bryan for the great contests. I don’t tend to have a favourite wrapper but I would say that my least favourite tend to be maduros. If given the choice between something in a maduro or natural I will more than likely always go natural.

  22. chief791 says:

    I tweeted. i like maduro’s but love Colorado wrappers.

  23. The new guy says:

    I enjoy the look of the barbour poles. Looks only. I really though enjoy the look, smell and taste of maduros. Most eye appealing would be the la Gloria cabana serie N. Liked on fb

  24. dvillan87 says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite type of wrapper is Maduro. I love the sweet earth taste that i get from most maduros and also that little pepper kick at the end.

  25. PsycotikMind says:

    Maduros always seem to have a deeper, richer flavor.


  26. Dale says:

    I like some spice and it seems to me I get that from the Criollo.


  27. ctigers15 says:

    I like the Connecticut broadleaf wrappers. They give a deep sweet earthiness with some pepper that I really enjoy. I tweeted this.

  28. kb9311 says:

    Liked on Facebook, I like Madurao wrappers the best, most of them give me my favorite flavor profiles. I like earth and coffee.

  29. Andrew says:


    I like the maduro sun grown.

  30. KrazyKajun says:

    Wow, there are so many that I like! Sumatra, Colorado, Sun Grown, Corojo, Maduro, Cameroon, etc… If I have to pick a favorite, I’d say Colorado only because it’s on my current favorite cigar… Liked on FaceBook.

  31. Matt says:

    Liked on FB.
    I like the sweetness of the shade grown connecticut wrapper.

  32. Fuzzy says:

    I am a big fan of Maduro wrapped cigars. They tend to have a more chocolate type flavor. The darker the better.


  33. micktorres says:

    SunGrown and Madurro.

  34. Texvet says:

    Liked on FB

    I like Maduro wrapped cigars.

  35. Joseph Szeremet says:

    I find that I like maduro wrappers, especially the Connecticut broad leaf maduro. I like the sweetness and the earthiness of the wrapper, as well as the flavor combinations it is typically associated with. I tweeted.

  36. mufdvr6976 says:

    i liked, Cameroon wrapper its a delicious wrapper.

  37. pierson5 says:


    Like most others, can’t go wrong with maduro. The darker color is very aesthetically pleasing, and the rich flavor compliments the look very well.

  38. cassanpj says:

    I recentely liked the conneticut wrappers, but I recently had a Oliva master blend and Undercrown so I’m hooked on madura wrappers. Love the darkness of it, cuz it reminds me of chocolate. Only thing that stinks about them is that its tougher to get an even burn on them. Besides that they are great.

  39. Magicshark13 says:

    I recently had a maduro wrapper and would have to say i like it over a Connecticut shade wrapper because the texture and flavor that comes from it.. I tweeted it.

  40. jeffk says:

    #maduroRules Tweeted it.

  41. tom0557 says:

    Definitely the Maduro wrapper. Tweeted it.

  42. William G. says:

    I liked on Facebook, my favorite wrapper would have to be Connecticut.

  43. TimB says:

    Liked on Facebook
    Maduro is the only way to go.

  44. lefty177 says:

    I liked on Facebook. My favorite wrapper is Connecticut.

  45. yankeeman says:

    Gotta be Maduro

    Like on FB

  46. pato1001 says:

    My favorite wrapper is Maduro because of the subtle sweetness that adds so much to a fine cigar! Also in case I misunderstood you my other favorite wrapper is Eminem because even though he is the exact opposite color of Maduro his rimes are silky smooth! LOL!

    Facebook and Tweeted!

  47. Jakob says:

    I’m all in when it comes to a Oscuro wrapper. LOVE ‘em!
    (I FB liked this)

  48. kprichardson7 says:

    I love connecticut’s, but my favorite would have to be a dark, rich maduro.

    liked on facebook

  49. kencu58 says:

    Love the spice and bite of the corojo. Liked on FB.

  50. chefna says:

    Likes on Facebook. Been loving San Andreas lately. Why? It’s rich, earthy & delicious…

  51. jungjae510 says:

    liked on fb.

    i dig a cameroon wrapper

  52. Jason Isbaner says:

    I liked on FB. I would have to say I like the way a Connecticut wrapper looks but my taste gravitates toward a Cameroon wrapper. I like the smooth chocolatey taste and I have had good experiences with them. What’s yours?

  53. smaerdragic says:

    i like the darker wrappers for the flavor

  54. CameronM says:

    Connecticut, just an easy and relaxing smoke. Liked on FB

  55. spice bomb says:

    The rich flavor of corojo wrapper is such a challenge to smoke liked in fb

  56. JHylk717 says:

    I’m definitely a Connecticut lover, they have a very nice mildness to them that I enjoy a lot, they also always seem to be the most reliable when it comes to how they burn. I tweeted this!

  57. quick6 says:

    I like the Camacho Triple Maduro , its a nice full body with a full flavor. also i liked it on facebook

  58. kurngar says:

    Maduro wrapped, is my favorite but I will try most any cigar at least once. Liked on FB

  59. YoMud says:

    Preference is weather based. I like a maduro if outside in the winter or fall and a corojo in the summer or inside.

    Liked on Facebook

  60. JoeMeatJr says:

    I lean toward the sun grown wrappers. They seem to be a bit sweeter. LIKED.

  61. thegreatestmob says:

    maduro sun grown i like the stronger construction …liked on fb

  62. talisker22 says:


    I prefer maduro sun grown wrappers.

  63. walshy says:

    I liked it. I tend to prefer corojo wrappers. Love the flavors. Close 2nd is maduro.

  64. cigarhobby85 says:

    I tweeted. I prefer the maduro wrappers.

  65. jtstooks says:

    Maduro for sure! Re-Tweeted

  66. Chaz says:

    Liked. San Andres maduro. toasty, dark flavors. La Aroma Mi Amor and Liga Undercrown are good examples.

  67. Wilson says:


    My favorite by far is the cameroon wrapper. I really love that particular sweetness those wrappers have. Most reviews I have heard/read say that it’s a “caramel-like” sweetness, but to me, it reminds me of graham crackers dipped in light-flavored coffee.

  68. phaedron says:

    I’m throwing my lot in with the cameroon. I like the toothy texture they impart, along with the smooth buttery flavor they add. Thanks! (Liked on Facebook!)

  69. Sirfubes says:

    I tweeted it. My favorite used to be Connecticut for the mild flavors until this fall. Now I can’t seem to get enough maduros!!!! I love the natural sweetness in some of them.

  70. okiesmoke says:

    Liked on Facebook. I would have to say my favorite wrapper would have to be the Connecticut. Although I don’t mind a good maduro either!

  71. weimerad says:

    I love maduro because it brings out the rich coffee and chocolate flavors that I enjoy so much. Plus a Maduro cigar can be paired with different beverages including a good single malt or bourbon or even coffee or Dr Pepper
    I tweeted

  72. James says:

    I liked on fb. It’s a toss up for me, it depends on the filler but my favorite wrappers are San Andreas Maduro and Connecticut Broadleaf. Thanks for the contest!

  73. rgmenke says:

    Right now I’m enjoying Brazilian Oscuro but in the general sense I prefer Maduro.

  74. BigMike says:

    I like the dark, oily Maduro wrappers – they just seem to have more character to me…

    I liked on FB.

  75. dman says:

    This is a great question. When I started it was the connecticut. But now 3 years in I need more flavor. These days it is cameroon ,sumatra, or maduro. Favorite maduro is RP Vintage 1990 in Toro awesome.

    Hit the like button

  76. sdh3237 says:

    I like Cameroon wrappers. They are spicy yet smooth. Tweeted.

  77. Whickster77 says:

    My favorite wrapper is the San Andreas maduro wrapper. It’s zingy with a touch of sweetness and it seems to be on all my favorite sticks. I tweeted this

  78. Gomez2490 says:

    As a newer smoker I have been mostly smoking Connecticuts. Recently I’ve been introduced to Cameroon wrappers and I am starting to lean that way! I’ve only tried the CAO Cx2 but I really enjoyed it.
    I liked on FB !

  79. guarnacciad says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite is a nice dark oily maduro wrapper like the undercrowns or a creamy connecticut wrapper. I’ve heard a lot about the cameroon wrappers but I haven’t tried one yet

  80. david121 says:

    My favorite is a wrapper that contrasts with the wrapper. Liked on facebook.

  81. JTaylorIota says:

    Liked on Facebook. I would have to say I love the Mata Fina wrapper. Its toothy construction leads it to a rather “rough” wrap but it is well balanced and sweet. Not too many cigars have such a wrapper as it usually is the binder but can be found in the CAO Sopranos’ series.

  82. USA2ndAmendment says:

    My favorite is usually a conneticut wrapper, but I absolutely love the maduro wrapper on the Drew Estate Java Maduro.
    I “liked” this.

  83. haneyte2000 says:

    Liked on facebook. I like the Cameroon wrapper the best. Unique flavors and oily feel. H Upmann Cameroon rocks

  84. apaniagua says:

    I like Connecticut Broadleaf. Tweeted.

  85. RyanG says:

    I really enjoy Pennsylvania broadleaf wrappers. You get some typical maduro sweetness, but also some meatiness or saltiness depending on the blend. Liked on FB!

  86. cactusjack says:

    I like maduro wrapper. The darker the better. My brother in law, says they make him go to the bathroom instantly…lol. I dnt have that problem…..maduro.

  87. ryanmo45 says:

    I used to be nearly a strictly maduro guy. They probably still tend to be my favorite though I enjoy all kinds of wrappers. I liked on fb Bryan

  88. Lalla says:

    I’m new, so still figuring out my preferences – but I tend to be attracted to the aroma of a dark natural wrapper, especially corojo.

    I suspect I’ll like the cameroon, too, once I get a chance to try a few.

  89. rocknskot says:

    I usually like a rosado to maduro wrapper, for a leathery sweetness without much peppery flavor.


  90. Rich says:

    Liked on FB. I have definitely gravitated towards the Pa Broadleaf wrapper, especially the delicious one like on the Blanco Liga de Exclusia. Wonderful taste and a beauty,

  91. Grapes says:

    I am quite partial to Maduro’s my self. I liked and tweeted.

  92. Preset21 says:

    I like several, but for this contest I’m going with the Connecticut Shade. I like the flavors it brings out as well as, who thinks of Connecticut when it comes to premium tobacco.

  93. Smokin Butts says:

    Right now my favorite wrapper is corojo.
    That could change as my tastes do.

    I liked on Face Book.

  94. BCamara says:

    I haven’t been smoking long, only about 3 months or so. Its hard to have a favorite in anything but with my short experience I would have to say the Sumatra wrapper I really enjoyed, especially on the Oliva Série V Melanio. My god it felt like a religious experience smoking that thing! If this is what i have to look forward too in smoking cigars then keep em’ coming.

    I don’t have my own FB account but ill like it on my wife’s lol.

    • BCamara says:

      To elaborate a bit more. I guess I like that the Sumatra wrapper because it doesn’t overpower or over shadow the rest of the cigar. To me it seems like it kicks in at just the right time to show a slight spice and sweetness. And blends very nicely.

      Liked again in my wife’s FB lol… Since I added more.

  95. GarryCawthorn says:

    Some of my favorite cigars are maduro wrapper’s.. But that don’t stop me from smoking other wapper’s…. Liked on Facebook and also twitted on twitter!! Good luck to all.. May the force be with you!!

  96. SC_Clambo says:

    Liked on FB My favorite type of wrapper is corojo. My favorite cigar right now is The Rocky Patel Edge Toro Corojo. The flavor knocks my socks off!

  97. RamzaFreak20 says:

    Maduro all the way. So oily and sweet. Tweeted

  98. BigMike says:

    My most favorite wrapper is Eminem… He got game.

  99. aunderwood says:

    I have been enjoying the corojo wrappers especially on the padilla 1932 torpedo’s but I also enjoy oily maduro wrappers.

  100. zigmann says:

    Cameroon all the way.

    I liked on fb.

  101. tispangler says:

    Love Maduro – of course, but Cameroon is great too. Very difficult to choose, But then, that’s what makes us all obsessed with cigars ! Isn’t it great !!! I tweeted this.

  102. MattSRoss81 says:

    My favorite wrapper, and one that I don’t think gets enough love, is the Oscuro wrapper – dark, sweet with an excellent aroma.

    I tweeted from @MattSRoss81.

  103. texanflower says:

    Liked on FB and tweeted.

    As a newbie to cigars I have yet to taste some of the wrappers available. But I’ve noticed the ones I’ve liked the best have been Maduro wrapped. Not only is the dark brown pleasing to the eye I enjoy the robust sweetness that gives way to a kick of pepper that one often gets from Maduros.

  104. Delsana says:

    I think I prefer Maduro now. I liked it on FB.

  105. t_herrm says:

    Maduro for the flavor, look, and feel. But I’m always looking for something new to try. Tweeted under the handle @t_herrm

  106. 007MI6 says:

    Colorado Maduro, to be specific. At least right now. lol Love the AKA Respect.

  107. abowen3 says:

    I prefer a nice dark oily Maduro for the often rich coffee and chocolate flavors. I tweeted about it.

  108. sawfam says:

    Tend not to pickup any light tan wrappers. The medium to dark brown mottled ones really have a visual appeal to me. Plus I gravitate towards those due to the aromas I associate with the darker wrappers.

    Liked on FB. Thanks for doing all of this (reviews, website & giveaways).

  109. mjo706 says:

    If I have to choose, I choose Maduro. Tweeted it!

  110. lostsoulcamero says:

    I like maduro liked on Facebook

  111. Rick says:

    I tend to go mostly for Maduro wrappers for a more robust and somewhat sweeter profile. Liked on FB.

  112. jwhitesell says:

    either the penn broadleaf maduro or a spicy habano

  113. slchaffin says:

    My choice depends on the food in my stomach and the weather as I always smoke outside. I tend to go for extremes, so Connecticut and Maduro. I would love to try some new sticks though. I liked on FB.

  114. Cmanne1 says:

    I mainly enjoy a Criollo wrapper. I enjoy the small amount of pepper and the light cocoa, cedar, bread, nuts, and sweet flavors it offers, yet still being a milder type of wrapper. And I tweeted it. :D

  115. AndyRN says:

    Maduro wrapper. Just based on looks although the reamy appearance of Cameroon is nice also. Liked on G+, don’t have a facebook or twitter account.

  116. ghoudy says:

    My favorite wrapper is a Maduro. The sweetness makes it a nice after dinner smoke.

  117. dagale says:

    My favorite is the maduro. It lends a touch of sweetness to the smoke and doesn’t damage as easily as some other wrappers.

  118. cockrelln says:

    Cameroon wrapper. I’m a fan of the spicy flavors and the sweet aroma
    liked on facebook

  119. Justin says:

    If I had to pick just one, it would the Pennsylvania Broadleaf, but I smoke them all, natural and maduro are way up there as well. I liked it.

  120. dgrambo says:

    I like a Dominican Sungrown wrapper. FB

  121. 1976Matt says:

    FB I usually like the Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, but as long as it’s a good stick, I will enjoy it

  122. bwehmann1 says:

    I tend to prefer oscuro and maduro wrappers. Oscuro for the strong taste, maduro for the smooth, natural sweetness, and both for the texture and aesthetic appearance with their natural oils. I liked this on FB.

  123. Cripple Capone says:

    With cigars you can never really determine what the flavor profile will be based on the look and color. From a marketing stand point however; a good “looking” cigar is more likely to sell. That being said I typical go for the maduros that are multi colored redish brown rappers black patches.(like the Rocky vintage 90/92′s) Sun grown cigars generally have a grassy hay and wood flavor that I personally am not a fan of but there are exceptions. liked on facebook

  124. bobat says:

    My favorite wrapper is the San Andres maduro wrapper because it’s on my favorite cigar.

    I Tweeted this.

  125. eugalde615 says:

    Liked on Facebook AND +1 on GPlus! :)

    Maduro: I like the generally consistent richness and tastes and I know what to expect from the wrapper. That way, the
    nuances of the tobacco can shine…being that I’m still learning how to decipher flavor profiles.

  126. goldendd says:

    Tweeted it … I favor natural wrappers mostly because I like the flavors, they also tend to burn better than the thicker, darker wrappers. Thanks Bryan!

  127. Mike Moon says:

    I prefer the Maduro Wrapper. I enjoy the taste and look of the Maduro.
    Liked on Facebook

  128. JohnBarleyCorn says:

    I prefer a maduro but a good habano is nice too, really depends on the setting. I liked this on facebook.

  129. suitcasejon says:

    Like a lot of the guys and gals on here I recently have been really digging a nice and oily maduro, it goes so well with my morning black coffee. Like and tweeted

  130. smokethis says:

    Liked on FB. I like the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper

  131. bckpack says:

    I like them all but recently I’ve been purchasing more and more Connecticut wrappers. Not for the taste but for the nostalgia factor; that’s what I started with 15 or so years ago. I even sought out a Macanudo Cafe a few weeks ago since I smoked a lot of them back in the day.
    Liked on FB.

  132. Splits09 says:

    Totally depends on my mood. For now, cameroon wrappers for the spicy and creamy flavors. Liked on Facebook.

  133. fifosam says:

    I love a good smooth habano with the flavors you say are dessert like. I don’t like real mild stuff.Tweeted

  134. Mhilton says:

    Usually depends on my mood but I have been on a Maduro kick the past few weeks. Tweeted

  135. ktraylor77 says:

    I think my favorite would have to be a good ol Connecticut shade.

    Liked on Facebook

  136. joelala says:

    I love maduro wrappers the best, they give off the coffee and chocolate flavors that I enjoy.

    Liked on facebook

  137. brineil says:

    After registering an FB like, I must say I’m still experimenting re cigar wrappers. I don’t know if I’ve had enough yet to choose a fave. I’m smoking a PDR oscuro right now that is most enjoyable. I’m also intrigued by the Brazilian mata fina. I guess I gotta try ‘em all.

  138. mikesingletary says:

    Liked on FB.

    I’ve only been smoking about a year but I gravitated to maduro wrappers after I had a la gloria cubana serie R #6 and have since enjoyed every maduro i’ve smoked except one. They have had a tendency away from spice and towards nuttyness that I really enjoy in my cigars.

    As far as appearance goes a nice connecticut broadleaf colorado can be quite beautiful.

  139. cigary says:

    Love me some Corojo… love the spice flavor that they tend to have, also very pleasant smell while they burn!

    liked on FB!

  140. mofongo says:

    I love maduro wrappers

  141. Derek says:

    Maduro because the cigar tends to have more flavor and power. Like on facebook

  142. cigarsmokingjon says:

    I’m new to the cigar world so I dont have a favorite yet but i am gravitating towards the maduro. tweeted

  143. fort9erfan says:

    I like many of the other members like maduro, im sure it doesnt make a differance but in my mind they seem to have a deeper flavor. I like the creamy tastes. Shared on FB

  144. usaf367 says:

    Liked on fb.

    Id say my favorite wrapper would be maduro. Looks wise it just appeals to me more than the others.

  145. DrakeXD says:

    My favorite is definitely the maduro. I simply prefer the flavor profile and the oiliness of it. -Liked on FB

  146. SmokingGun says:

    I haven’t been smoking very long but I tend to be drawn to dark full bodied wrappers, mainly because of the great flavors I get from them!

  147. StefanR says:

    Gotta go with the maduro… I love the look of the wrapper, the smell of said wrapper, and the taste… Yummy! Liked on FB

  148. Gaminghalb says:


    Obscuro is the way to go.

  149. yosef5 says:

    I like the maduro.I t has the taste that I enjoy

  150. Polish_Infidel says:

    I prefer a Maduro wrapper as I generally like the flavors that the wrapper imparts. I will smoke any type of wrapper as the mood strikes me, but 2/3 of my cigars are probably maduro-wrapped. I liked on Facebook.

  151. CigarStrawn says:

    My favorite wrapper is the Ecuadorian wrapper. I enjoy the sweetness. Liked on facebook!

  152. hawk767 says:

    I’ve enjoyed mostly Maduro wrappers because of the usual oilyness found on the lips during the smoke.

  153. Matthew says:

    i’m a very new smoker but i am looking forward to my first Oliva Serie V churchill extra natural from the sampler pack.

  154. Jbenoit9 says:

    Tweeted. Really enjoy Cameroon wrappers, smooth with a little spice.

  155. brawnerwood says:

    Liked. I prefer a maduro wrapper.

  156. RockLizzard says:

    I tend to prefer a maduro wrappers. Because the maduro has a smooth, natural sweetness, and both for the texture and aesthetic appearance with their natural oils. Liked on FB

  157. twone says:

    Liked on Facebook! I love maduro wrappers even though i dont really know what is so differnt between maduro and connecticut. I just like the appearence of dark wrappers.

  158. dtu2179 says:

    Cameroon. Particularly with some age on it. I like the spicey and sweet flavor it has.

  159. Kace says:

    I like the lighter shades. Connecticut is one of my favorites right now but I am venturing into the dark wraps as of late. I always thought the darker the wrap, the stronger the smoke. Now that I know that that is not always the case, I am willing to be a little adventurous.

  160. gumby_130 says:

    Madura hands down favorite.

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