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Feb 21

Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Tres Capas Phatso Cigar Review

Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2013 in Cigar Reviews


Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Tres Capas Phatso Cigar Review

This 5.5×60 stick features a three wrapper design combining a green candela, a tan and a dark chocolate bunch in a firmly packed slightly toothy and oily roll with a rich hay aroma. First light reveals perfect draw with good smoke output showing medium-full flavors of an oily smooth earth fading to a plain tobacco on the long finish. The first third carries much the same body, adding a sweetness and thick texture through the finish. Passing the 1/2 way point 30 minutes in, the stick proves to have the same blend so far giving a consistent mix of flavors. Ending 1 hour in the last third brought on a rich chocolate to the draw, taking over for the earth and lasting through the creamy finish. Thank you very much to Corona Cigar Company for sending this in for review!

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Bring on the comments

  1. wally828 says:

    You’ve been reviewing some reeeeally shitty cigars lately. A handful of my friends have dropped off your site already, and I’ve heard a bunch of others say the same. Let’s lay off the cake baking videos and candy cane cigar reveiws and actually get some reviews of cigars people are actually talking about/interested in.
    You can get upset/offended, but it’s the truth, and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

  2. wally828 says:

    I’ve been a fan of your site for a while and just cant seem to understand what tres leches has to do with cigars. You have a talent with cigars. Why abandon that with deserts and cigars everyone knows suck already?

    • Bryan Glynn says:

      You’re still here? Guy stuff vids are in between cigar vids not replacing. Feel free to not watch no one has a gun to your head. Your opinion of what cigars suck doesn’t dictate others but thanks for the egotistical posts anyway.

      • wally828 says:

        I’M the egotistical one? lol. If you don’t think this cigar, and the past few that you’ve reviewed are garbage, then that says a lot about your credibility. Pull this out in front of any cigar enthusiast and I’ll bet they’ll laugh at you. Take the advice and run with it Betty Crocker ;)

        • The new guy says:

          Wally, if you notice people send in stuff for review. He does what he says, reviews them and this is why we log to this site. For someone who knows so much and talks about every other “enthusiast” why don’t you start your own site. I love this site and enjoy learning about all different kinds of sticks. That’s what this is about the love of any kind of smoke. Instead of enjoying what he does and dedicates to the average Joe to the top dog smokers, you come on and actually complain and talk like a complete dbag. Don’t take your Butthurt out on Bryan because your wife’s v****a looks like a poorly packed suitcase, leaving you nothing better to do than take it out on someone else. Sorry Bryan, didn’t mean to yell on your page. But I go on here to do what everyone else does learn more brands, find great smokes and have a good view on brands and products. Keep up what you’re got 2million members for a reason and everyone else besides buttplug up there appreciate it !

  3. Bigulp says:

    Bryan gives everything a fair shot, hes not trying to be some elitist enthusiast. If you want him to review something else maybe send a stick his way.

  4. rynie27 says:

    wally 828 is everything that i despise about the cigar hobby. Gotta love the egotistical cigar elitist.

  5. Sirfubes says:

    I thought this looked really tasty. Where do I buy this stick? Maybe a smaller ring of it. And Wally, did you not see his foundry review he just did? It’s a very awesome stick… A lot of people talk it up.

  6. AngSolo says:

    Never trust anyone who doesn’t like cake !

  7. dvillan87 says:

    I watch all your reviews, and you know what I really enjoy all of your reviews and this past monday I baked the Tres Leche cake it tasted amazing. Every1 asked me where did I learn how to make it and I told them about your site and how you mainly review cigars but have a guys stuff section and teach how to cook your favorite things. Keep them coming !!! As always thank you for your great reviews.

  8. Spencer G says:

    I’ve never heard such crap in my life from a loser like wally 828.
    Look buddy, if you’ve been unhappy with Bryans posts, you should have left the site a longgg time ago. theres no need to voice your nasty opinion, just leave.
    The majority of viewers enjoy every post (hence the 2.5million youtube views), correct me if im wrong.
    Now get outta here and stop disrespecting someone who puts everything into their work for the sole pleasure of entertaining and educating his loyal and new viewers.

  9. wally828 says:

    You’re all idiots lol. I’m not a cigar elitest, I’d just rather see cigars that aren’t shit being reviewed, sans the food. Just because you handful of fools support this doesn’t mean the rest of the Internet doesn’t laugh at this guy. I never said the site sucks, he sucks, just said that the selection of cigars reviewed lately sucks, and if you think the cigar above looks tasty, lol, you have no business even checking a site for reviews because you’d probably enjoy a black and mild just the same.

    • Sirfubes says:

      Can’t say I’ve ever had a black and mild. I can say I enjoy premium hand mades with long fillers from all over. I can also say Ive enjoyed barber poles with multiple wrappers in the past and those have typically been from small cigar company’s. Do you think all house blends from local tobacconist suck too? I’m sorry he doesn’t review all opus x or liga privada dirty rats and t-52′s, not all can afford those. When he reviews brands like dunhill and foundry, he is reviewing some pretty decent smokes that you can buy at local b&m’s that are not “budget” sticks. I use sites like Bryan’s to find sticks that are not the same smokes that everyone always recommends. I love to try new things. If I can find a new favorite, not a lot of people smoke, that I can buy cheap… Bonus for me.

      • wally828 says:

        I hear you, I’m not looking for opusx or unico serie reviews, but I follow lots of cigar blogs and they’re always talking about these hot cigars that are coming out, or IPCPR release, none of which I’ve seen on here as of late. I’ve watched just about every video on here, minus the food ones, just saying it would be nice to see more reviews of cigars people are actually talking about/care about. Because a handful of people come on this thread and support candy cane cigars and baking cakes, doesn’t mean it’s supported by the masses.

        • Sirfubes says:

          How do you know what the masses think? A new smoker is probably more likely to watch Bryan’s reviews than a seasoned smoker. They have no idea what to get and are drawn to things like cheaper barber pole style cause they look “cool”. Reviews like this one are very helpful to someone just getting into the hobby. Also… I personally don’t like cooking but if the man that runs the site wants to throw up some videos of his recipes and they are getting views I don’t blame him for doing so. It started as a filler when he doesn’t have reviews and some people are enjoying them. Keep up the good work Bryan.

        • Lalla says:

          Since he does this as a hobby, he smokes what people send him. If there are cigars you would like him to review, buy them and send him the sticks.

          He’s not a pro who gets re-imbursed for the cost and can buy whatever trendy cigar the companies are trying to create buzz around at the moment.

  10. puffrey says:

    Bryan, we all appreciate yet another great review(well all except for one of us it looks like)!

    I enjoy that you review everything regardless of taste or preference. Some sticks have been surprisingly good and some have been crap but either way you keep it rolling and we all thank you(except for one of us).

    And the Guy Stuff vids, enjoyable as well. We all have different tastes and interests. Just keep doing what you do Brian, not that I thought for a second that you were going to let someone opinion deter you one bit.

  11. Pokesfan says:

    Really? Wally, seems you just want to stir the pot! You’ve been posting since just after midnight! Bryan gives us fair reviews of cigars that we might not otherwise try. Yes, some are cheap sticks but people have different tastes. Bryan’s reviews are informative and I, as well as A LOT of viewers appreciate that. You seem to have nothing better to do than trash Bryan. Go read that crap magazine “Cigar Aficionado” and do the rest of us a favor!
    Keep up the good work Bryan.

    • wally828 says:

      You’ve been here for 6 months so probably know nothing about cigars, yet you know “A LOT” of viewers appreciate shitty cigar reviews….Right….

      You guys are all dick-riding, that’s a fact. I could care less that you’re all defending Bryan, that’s fine. I’m not saying he sucks, or that he should quit, or anything like that. Just simply stated the fact that the choice of cigars and food reviews lately have been pretty wack. If you don’t like what I have to say, maybe you guys can all head down to Florida and sing kumbaya with Brian as he bakes you his special pineapple upside down cake with a delicious butterscotch swirl, topped with creme fraiche and cherries.

      • spockwannabe says:

        I think you’re on to something Wally. That sounds like fun. Fine cigars, food, live music and the company of well-rounded, pleasant people (not including you).

  12. Pokesfan says:

    And just one more thing; I have only been smoking cigars for about six months. Bryan has really educated me on not only good/bad sticks but on other things such as humidors, lighters and such. Wally, feel free to start your own website and see how many folks watch your reviews. You sir, are an asshole!
    Again, keep up the good work Bryan. And how about a guy stuff vid on enchiladas or other Mexican food.

  13. Limwell says:

    Dear Wally828,
    Apparently you’ve learned nothing while watching Bryan’s videos. If you had, you’d know that, A. He doesn’t care about your opinion(as stated in his “How to Smoke a Cigar” video and B. That he is not a connoisseur and that he is a regular guy who reviews cigars from a non-subjective point of view. So get off of your high horse. If you don’t like it, do as he said and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Obviously you think you are all knowing in regards to cigars so start your own site with content that YOU want to see. And then you can have ungrateful and opinionated people comment on your site as well. And while Bryan doesn’t need us to “defend” him, it’s nice to tell someone who’s hating on something for stupid reasons to go kick rocks.

    • wally828 says:

      A. You’re DUMB. B. I couldn’t care less about your opinion. C. Quit dick-riding.

      You’re all trying to knock me for expressing my opinion while you’re sitting there doing the exact same thing…hypocrites.

  14. Limwell says:

    After all of that all you do is call me dumb and tell me I’m “dick-riding”. How old are you? I at least,along with the everyone else, offered fairly constructive criticism while remaining civilized, while you resort to name calling. We aren’t knocking you for your opinion. You’re entitled to it. We are knocking you for saying it out loud when it wasn’t constructive. You basically told the man how to run his business.

  15. sdh3237 says:

    I say we ignore him and he will move and bother someone else.

  16. Pokesfan says:

    Wally, what happened? Did they cancel school where you live because of snow and you don’t have anything better to do than trash talk everyone here? I may be relatively new to cigars, but you are one of those guys that “thinks” he knows more than others do. And you have NOT been stating your opinions. You’ve been spouting off what you consider to be facts. If you don’t think so, go back and read your first post. Now go play a video game or something! Jerk.

  17. dvillan87 says:

    Wow this is getting pretty serious…. Lol

  18. phaedron says:

    Well, I went back and checked the comments on the 11/12/12 entry where the notion of doing the “guy stuff” videos was posted. Quite a lot of “go for its” and no entries by any “wally828″ pleading “no, no, a thousand times no.” In the February 9 poll, you weighed in but were clearly outnumbered 37-1. Sure, I wasn’t particularly interested in the cake video, but my solution was to not watch it. I can only conclude that you’re hitting refresh 200 times a day, breathlessly awaiting the next video, and then it brings your world crashing down when it’s not something you like. Sad. On the topic of the cigars reviewed– yeah, most of them I wouldn’t be particularly interested in seeking out (today’s included), but several past reviews stand out, as they prompted me to make purchases that I have not regretted in the least– e.g. Torano Exodus 1959, El Triunfador #4, Warlock, Ezra Zion Inception, Iconic Leaf Recluse, Man O’ War Little Devil Side Project, and Ramon Bueso Genesis the Project. I would not have tried (and loved) these if not for Bryan’s reviews…

  19. Justin says:

    Wally, I think I get your point, I really do. You want to see top of the line and the “now” sticks reviewed, the hype. I imagine Bryan wants feedback as well to gauge how people are responding to what he is supplying. No one knocked you for your opinion, although some may disagree. First off, there are numerous sites doing what you are looking for. There are some very good sites doing that and then there are the sites where the reviewer purports to taste a hazlenut that was grown on the northwest side of the tree and roasted with ash wood instead of cedar. You know the guys, I think they can taste the day of the week the tabacco was plucked from the bush. Anyway, those guys don’t appeal to a lot of us. Bryan does appeal to a lot of us. He is comfortable being himself and I for one appreciate and admire that. Has every review he has done turned me on? No. Have I skipped some videos? Sure. BUT THIS SITE IS NOT FOR ME SINGULARLY, IT IS FOR MANY, MANY PEOPLE and I am just one. There is enough great stuff on here to keep me interested and I’ll keep coming back while I feel it is worth my while. If it starts to lack what I’m looking for, I will send Bryan (it’s with a ‘y’ which would be respectful to note) a polite PRIVATE email to offer him my opinion respectfully and constructively, which is something you could have done and it might have gained some traction rather than this fiasco that turned into Bitch-slap Wally Land.

  20. Bigulp says:

    I don’t see the point in chasing after all the new IPCPR releases, I want consistent and predictable quality. You don’t get that from people who release a new LE blend every other week.

    Anyway if Wally had expressed his viewpoint more maturely I’m sure his opinion would of been better received.

  21. haneyte2000 says:

    Just stay the way you are Bryan. Some people like some stuff and some people don’t. I value your OPINION…..

  22. Eric 41 says:

    I’m a fan, don’t change a thing. A lot of cigar forums are all talking about the same 15-20 smokes, over and over again. I love the variety here, I’ve tried many Smokes I wouldn’t have otherwise and have bought boxes as a result for the ones I liked.

  23. The new guy says:

    I’m gonna talk to you like one of my friends. I know this one prick doesn’t bug you but it bugs everyone else we appreciate you and this site. So keep doing what you’re doing bro! Yes I said it…bro lol

  24. neocigaro says:

    Very interesting wrap, never seen one of these at my shop before.

  25. VinnyLo says:

    interesting wrap.

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