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Presidents Day Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, February 18, 2013
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presidents-dayPhoto1This week we celebrate Presidential Style!

I have another sweet custom sampler package along with a Colibri guillotine cutter and dual flames lighter from me! I have a few more of these bundles available, in various cutter labels so get in while they last 🙂 To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what President you would like to share a smoke with and what would you pick for him? Then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest 🙂


  • Cigaruss

    I’d think I’d like to share a smoke with US Grant, since he did seem to smoke a lot. I believe he’d be worthy of a Montecristo White Label Churchill that I have in the humidor……

    Clicked Like.

    • Bruno

      I would share a cigar with jfkennedy
      and it would be a arturo Fuente ‘Short Story”


  • I would want to sit with Ronald Reagan to discuss the evolution of his conservative views with a couple of My Father NO. 1.


  • mufdvr6976


  • mufdvr6976

    BILL CLINTON, and all his dirty little secrets!!

    • Rico

      I would love to sit down will Bill Clinton and introduce him to a fresh from my humidor a Diesel Unholy Cocktail

  • kurngar

    John Adams, following George Washington must have been hard, so I would like to hear about it. Tweeted

  • Texvet

    Liked on FB
    Ronald Reagan

  • puffrey

    I would like to share a stick with the original George Washington and ask him if what we have today is what our great leaders that founded this country really wanted.

    I have 2 Alec Bradley Fine and Rares aging, I would share the 1st edition with him for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for another awesome contest Brian!

  • puffrey

    I would like to share a stick with the original George Washington and ask him if what we have today is what our great leaders that founded this country really wanted.

    I have 2 Alec Bradley Fine and Rares aging, I would share the 1st edition with him for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for another awesome contest Brian!

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  • pittjitsu

    I think I would choose to herf with Kennedy. Although I know he preferred Upmanns from Cuba, I would choose a Fuentes OpusX so he could try the best we can get after his embargo. I would be interested in his opinion of that stick

    I will share this on twitter

  • RamzaFreak20

    I would smoke a Fuente Fuente OpusX Perfecxion A with Thomas Jefferson. And I tweeted about it 🙂

    • RamzaFreak20


  • jstella

    WOuld like to share a cigar With Bill Clinton and I guess I would give him a Surrogate Tramp Stamp just for laughs.

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  • Pokesfan

    I would smoke a Rocy Patel Edge with George W. Bush. I clicked the tweet button.


    • Pokesfan

      I meant “Rocky” Patel, of course!

  • Andrew Jackson. Dude was bad ass. Tweeted

    • Would have to smoke a padron 26. Something strong and complex

  • The new guy

    I would have to say Clinton. Mostly to find out what cigars he used on Monica and to see if they were a waste. If it were my choice to supply the sticks I would bring a le biju 1922.liked on fb Chris Mcdavid

  • Delsana

    Ronald Reagan, and we’d each enjoy a Liga Privada #9.

    Talking with him would be awesome.

    I liked this on Facebook.

  • Michael

    Didn’t give a sh*t for Mitt
    Or a hoot for Newt…

    But I’d love to have a smoke with Barack

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  • pinot45

    JFK, for sure. I’d bring two of the new Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Coronas. Delicious and Cuban-esque, I think he’d approve. Tweeted.

  • Andrew


    I would smoke a Padron 1926 80 years with Teddy Roosevelt.

  • tom0557

    I would have a cigar with F.D.R. because he’s the President who ended Prohibition so without him I couldn’t enjoy a cigar with a good Cognac or Scotch. He was known as a great conversationalist so the meeting would be very educational and fun. I would choose a Padron 1926 Maduro No. 6 – not only because it is a great cigar BUT also F.D.R. purchased his sanctuary/resort at Warm Springs, FL in 1926 where a rehabilitation center still exists.

    • tom0557

      BTW, I hit the Tweet button and Tweeted my followers.

  • VNAM1968

    FDR great man and I think a good Cuban Cohiba Siglo Vl

  • Ty

    Bill Clinton and I would smoke a Padron 1926 in Churchill of course. Two presidents in one. I liked it.

  • chefna


  • mfox93

    Liked on Facebook. I would love to smoke with Ulysses S Grant, he’s known for smoking and he looks like a chill guy to smoke with and I can see him smoking a Uzi Weighs a Ton he would look good smoking a 7 by 60.

  • Jakob

    Franklin Pierce. I would give him a CAO America.

    • Jakob

      I “liked” this!

  • PSU Joe

    I would love to sit under a tree somewhere and smoke a Rocky Patel Freedom with President Lincoln.

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    • PSU Joe

      Correction shared on Linked in

  • sdh3237

    Abraham Lincoln. He was known to tell a funny yarn or two. I would choose a Cuban Cohiba in Churchill. Tweeted

  • shawnmc77

    I’d share a Liga Privada #9 with Clinton.

    Liked on FB.

  • Justin

    I would light it up with FDR just after he got back from Yalta….if Churchill was available he could join us too. I would like to find out more about ‘Uncle Joe’ and find out why they let him walk all over them. We would smoke some CAO Americas.

    Liked on FB.

  • joeandhor

    I’d love to sit with Ronald Reagan.

  • DrCigar

    If having the choice, either Theodore Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy would be of most interest to me. And I think smoking a cigar from their own era would be ideal.


  • Joseph Szeremet

    I would have to say Ronald Reagan. I think I would bring RP freedom(s), or CAO America(s). And of course a box of jelly beans!

    I tweeted.

  • ptyler

    Richard Nixon. I did my university thesis on him and the Watergate scandal…very interesting man and story. I also read that he was the last president to smoke cigars and the last presidency during which cigars were offered to men after dinner in the Green Room. For that he deserves our respect and a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona…a big cigar so I can chat with him longer!

    FB “Like”

  • gepetto

    definitely Clinton.definitely let him bring smokes.. 🙂 liked

  • talisker22

    Ronald Reagan,
    I would love to have Rocky Patel Vintage 90 with him. TWEETED

  • yankeeman

    I would smoke a Padron 1964 with JFK. Knowledgable about cigars and plenty to talk about.

    Like on FB

  • ctigers15

    I would smoke a cigar with JFK and have him provide a few Cubans that he purchased before he signed the embargo.

    • ctigers15

      Clicked the tweet button

  • NAA551WB

    I would say President Grant and I would go with Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9’s. There would be more than one cigar smoked and also more than likely Mark Twain would show up as well seeing as since Mark Twain helped him with his memoirs and he was also a lover of cigars. Imagine the stories they would tell!!!!!!!


    • sparkmark

      Great comment! Mine was very similar to yours. You must have read Twain’s 100 yea old auto biography that recently came out. I really enjoyed reading it. BOTL

  • jpculp57

    Harry S. Truman and 2 nice La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reservas. I would discuss with him the decision to drop the bombs and how it impacted his life. Facebook “liked”

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    James Garfield…because he was the only president who actually said this “This honor comes to me unsought. I have never had the Presidential fever, not even for a day.” …that’s the kind of president I would like to have a good smoke with… Tweeted and Liked on FB…

    • DairyLandCigarFan414

      I would pick a Drew Estate Liga Privada for us to puff while disscussing his short and strange presidency.

  • CameronM

    I would have to go with Ben Franklin and a Foundry Lovelace. The steampunk style of the cigar would make a great conversation starter for an inventor like him. I liked on Facebook.

  • vwarnerjr

    i think it would be great to sit and have a long smoke and conversation with Lincoln, he seemed to be the most down to earth.

  • Whickster77

    My president of choice would have to be JFK and it would really be a selfish reason, I just want one of those 1200 H. Upmann Petit Coronas that would now be aged at least 51 years since they were purchased for Kennedy,right before the embargo was signed into law. I tweeted this

  • kb9311

    Liked on Facebook, I would like to smoke with Kennedy to discuss what he would do if he were president currently, we would have some romeo y julieta habana reserves and some bourbon.

  • DaveCrump

    Tweeted. That’s a tough question. Don’t know who smoked and if so, what? Truth be told, any one of them. But having to choose now – why not stick with our current Pres. Obama? I’d hope to learn more about what’s happening in the world today. Cigar: I’m sort of a newbie but really liked the Sonador by Plasencia (Sondador Habano Robusto Grande Maduro).

  • MattSRoss81

    Thanks for the contest, Bryan.

    I’d smoke H.Upmanns with Kennedy while talking about Cuba and women!

    Tweeted and shared! Good luck to all.

  • abowen3

    I would smoke with Franklin Pierce to talk about the Ostend Manifesto, to see if he was really trying to acquire Cuba for the cigars. I would offer an Arturo Fuente Hemingway so that there would be at least one recognizable name at this thing. I tweeted about it.

  • jon.crappel

    JFK with a Man O War double corona, to give us extra time to chat

  • HardlyClerkin

    FDR without a doubt, he I am sure would have a lot of great sticks to share. Not too mention some amazing stories.

  • tinman472

    I would smoke a gurka Titan with President
    Obama and President Lincoln. Happy
    Presidents’ Day.


  • I would absolutely pick Thomas Jefferson, the backbone of an early United States. Together we would smoke an Illusione 88.

    Shared on twitter

  • sparkmark

    Liked on Facebook.

    I would like to smoke a cigar with Ulysses S. Grant. From what I’ve read he was a soulful person He was also good friends with Mark Twain and hopefully he would invite him to join us.

    I would provide Partagas Benji’s but I doubt Mark Twain would smoke anything but his own cheap brand which of course would be perfectly fine.

    I’m fairly confident that my Father hangs out with these guys and if he could make it, it would truly be the Herf of a lifetime!

  • superdutyal

    Teddy Roosevelt because i find him interesrting . and i would share a Undercrown . and i liked on facebook

  • Derek

    Abraham Lincoln and a CAO America.
    Like it

  • 987

    Ronald Reagan and a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992.
    Liked on Facebook.

  • bobat

    I would smoke a Padron 1926 #6 with Bill Clinton. I would also occasionally remind him not to “inhale.”

    I clicked the Tweet button.

  • ryanryan2120

    FDR, some Montecristo. Tweeted

  • cigarnube

    I would like to have a cigar with president Teddy Roosevelt. I would pick a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur to smoke with him. I liked on facebook.

  • cigarhobby85

    Kennedy because he hoarded all the Cuban cigars before he put the embargo in place. I’m sure he would still have a nice stash of them.

    I tweeted

  • micktorres

    I would share a Padron Family Series with Pres. Nixon.

  • towerladder87

    President Washington and a 5 Vegas AAA. A triple A president desires a triple A Cigar.

  • derek_straus

    I would want to smoke a cigar with JFK. I think I would bring a Tatuaje Anarchy for him to enjoy.

    I liked on facebook!

    • yosef5

      He had many cubans

  • kprichardson7

    Probably any cigar from Thompson Cigars, with Kennedy, just to show him some of the crap many smokers have to deal with these days post-embargo.

    Liked on facebook

    • kprichardson7

      oh and hopefully get to have a taste of 1 of the 1200 cubans he bought right before he initiated the embargo.

  • Cripple Capone

    I would love to have had a couple of cubans with John F. Kennedy, even though he is the one who sign the embargo against cuba. Liked on facebook

  • brineil

    I would opt for a day of flyfishing with Cal Coolidge. I’m sure I could learn a thing about the 1920s that only he would know. Sometime during the day we would sit for a good smoke–probably something Cuban since they would be easier to come by with his connections. Herf on.

    • brineil

      I’ll be liking on Facebook soon.

  • nvizble

    Hillary Clinton and some killer 6×60 or 8×60 just so she could get back at ol’ Bill. OK, technically she is not President yet!

    Liked AND Tweeted!

  • mbuckwash

    I would love to share a smoke with FDR. He did so much for this country and pulled us out of some out nations darkest times. He is an absolute hero! Also, I liked this on Facebook.

  • cassanpj

    I’d smoke with JFK and I’d try to mooch off all the cubans he picked up. tweeted

  • stevecarls

    I would pick Ronald Reagan and my choice to smoke would be a Liga Undercrown. Would love to have Ben Franklin there with us.

    • stevecarls

      Clicked Like.

      • yosef5

        Me too

  • jtday

    JFK… share with him a Cohiba Siglo VI he never would have had the chance to enjoy! Tweeted!

  • bigal8

    Would love to spend an evening with Thomas Jefferson enjoying a few Padron Family Reserve 1964.

    • bigal8


  • jeffk

    William Taft to make me feel thin. Need something big, so a Cohiba Black Gigante

    • Greg Bellante

      Wow ! Jeff , don’t know how i missed your comment as i thought i was the only one who picked Taft . Sorry about that. I don’t know how long you been smoking but back during the Cigar Boom in the 1990’s there was a cigar by Casa Blanca called the Jeroboam and it was 10×64 the biggest smoke-able cigar on the market . That’s what i would have offered Taft.

  • tedski

    Well, my favorite Presidents are Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt, but neither smoked. (Actually Reagan did smoke cigarettes for awhile, but quit in the 60’s).

    I think to keep it contemporary, I’d like to share a smoke with Gerald Ford. He smoked a pipe while in office. I also enjoy pipes on occasion so I’d like to smoke a bowl with him.

    Liked this.

  • TimB

    John F Kennedy before the embargo a Cohiba Maduro.
    tweeted and Liked

  • JHylk717

    I’d have to say my president of choice would be Dwight Eisenhower. He certainly would be worthy of smoking a Gurkha Spec Ops with! I tweeted this.

  • teresasills

    I would share something mild with Bill Clinton just so I could kick him out and have a chat with Hillary about why she didn’t leave him! I liked on Facebook

  • Rnmp13

    Thomas Jefferson who was a great storyteller and conversationalist. I would share an Arturo Fuente Anejo.

    • Rnmp13

      Liked on FB

  • dvillan87

    I would love to share any Cuban Cigar with John F. Kennedy, so that we can talk about Cuba and I know he was a ladies man so I think we would have a great time.

    • dvillan87

      I liked it on Facebook.

  • weimerad

    Easy choice would be Bill Clinton and I would offer him a Kinky Friedman

  • Mike Moon

    I would smoke a Padron 1964 with Teddy Roosevelt. Would enjoy some hunting stories.

  • Mike Moon

    I would smoke a Padron 1964 with Teddy Roosevelt. Would enjoy hearing about some hunting stories and the good old Rough Riders days.

    *liked on Facebook

  • Smokin Butts

    I would like to share a smoke with our founding father president George Washington.
    I would pick a Diamond Crown #5 for him.
    I don’t believe he smoked cigars and this would be a good choice for a beginer.

    I liked on facebook.

  • Preset21

    Well, actually I’d like to light one up with Winston Churchill. Not a US president, but he became good friends with one. That count?

    Diamond Crown Maximus #3

  • What a dilemma … I have always wanted to sit with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams together. So many questions. I would show up with some Padron 64s and some Oliva Serie V coronas. Jefferson didn’t smoke so I guess I would just have to get him drunk and ask some paternity questions.

  • dgrambo

    Clinton, wed have La Sirena Arielles.

    • dgrambo

      liked on FB

  • Magicshark13

    I think I would want to have a smoke with Abe Lincoln and probably smoke a Cohiba Behike because it is one of the finest made cigars and Abe was one of thee best presidents of all time

    • Magicshark13

      I tweeted it

  • walshy

    I would like to smoke with JFK. Prior to the embargo. I know he was in to some petite corona by Romeo y Julietta. He had a staffer go out and pick up 1200 of them before he signed the embargo. Plus he slept with Marilynn Monroe. What more could you ask for. Liked it on Facebook

    • walshy

      I would pick the stick he wanted to toast up.

  • lefty177

    I would want to have a smoke with Abe Lincoln & I would probably give him one of my Obsidians because it is one of my favorites & he was probably my favorite president & I think he would like it. I liked on Facebook.

  • cigarsmokingjon

    It would have to be George Washington with a Rocky Patel Freedom. tweeted

  • wally828

    Definitely President Barack Obama. I’d share one of my La Aurora Puro 2003’s simple because of the 7.5×58 size to make for the longest possible conversation. Tweeting!

  • J. Drew

    I would like to smoke with Teddy Roosevelt. I would bring some Liga L40s!


  • ghoudy

    Ronald Reagan. I would likely share a Partagas Black Label in Club 52.

    Liked and tweeted.

    • ghoudy

      I meant an E P Carrillo in Club 52.

  • Infms40

    I would have to say Clinton as well. The cigar would probably be an AF Untold Story. Appropriate for the type of conversation we would have.

    Liked on FB.

  • JoeMeatJr

    I’m thinking Teddy Roosevelt. I’d give him a Blondie belicoso just to watch the look on his face.


  • spice bomb

    Abe Lincoln and a big fat Pepin Garcia black liked on fb

  • JTaylorIota

    I would love to sit down and smoke a San Cristobal Robusto with President James Madison. Probably one of the most underrated Presidents in America but wow! what an accomplishment to have signed both the constitution, and bill of rights.

    • JTaylorIota

      Liked on FB

  • E

    Like on FB.

    Teddy flipping Roosevelt.

    • E

      Forgot the cigar. LFD Double Ligero and then listen to him tell me that it’s for wimps.

  • I would have to choose Thomas Jefferson, father of the constitution. And I’d like to smoke CAO America Potomac.

    Facebook Like!

  • StefanR

    I would have to say Ronald Reagan… I’d love to hear what he would have to say about the state of our country past, present, and future… I would share with him one of my two Cohiba 1966 Limited Edition 2011s… I liked on FB

    • StefanR

      I meant shared on FB… Crap!!!!

  • Dale

    I would say Ronald Reagan and an Ashton Classic 898.

    I am tweeting.

  • pilotgridley

    I would have a smoke with Thomas Jefferson, one of our great Founding Fathers. I would give him a Rocky Patel Freedom because Thomas Jefferson believed in and fought for our freedoms!

    • pilotgridley

      liked it on Facebook!!!!

  • DFG1189

    I would’ve liked to share a smoke with Ulysses S. Grant. We would smoke a Cohiba Esplendido. Liked on FB.

  • new2sticks

    Dwight Eisenhower enjoying a Hemingway Signature. Tweeted.

  • mike44njdevils

    FDR – I’d want to talk with a President that has the ability to take charge and make a decisive blow.

    Oliva Master Blends 3 in churchill

  • BigMike

    For me, it would have to be Lincoln. He seemed to be such an intelligent and genuine spirit and had such great way with words.

    • BigMike

      I liked on FB!

  • BigMike

    I would pick an Oliva Serie G – because that’s what I like!

  • quick6

    I would have a nice smoke with JFK and talk about everyday life while we smoke on a Liga Privada Unico Serie 5 x 60.

    I click on the like button on FB.

  • pierson5

    Ulysses S. Grant with a Montecristo No. 2!


  • Greg Bellante

    Well, got in on this late and i see a lot of guys picked Grant which is the obvious choice because he smoked 10 to 15 cigars a day and then Lincoln but don’t think he smoked cigars. I can’t believe how many picked Clinton who imho was the biggest jerk of all the Presidents.
    Kennedy not far behind Clinton as he signed the Cuban Embargo only after he had Salinger get all the Cubans he could and then denies every American the same privilege by signing the embargo. So, being that not one person
    picked William Howard Taft the biggest (physically) President I’d share one of those CasaBlanca Jeroboam’s 10×64 remember those LOL. I’d love to ask him how it felt to beat Teddy Roosevelt. like it on Facebook

  • CRem

    Lincoln for sure. A couple Davidoffs paired with a fine drink would be a nice conversation starter. All I need is the nice new cutter and lighter to start the night!

    Tweeted it out!

    • Greg Bellante

      CRem. A good sharp cutter with protective leather sleeve is the Palio, very good cutter that won’t break your pocketbook. As for lighters go to BuyLighters.com they have a great variety and selection that no-one else has. If you want to impress Lincoln go with the Vertigo Intimidator Quad Torch lighter .

  • paul1954

    Well, for me it would have to be U.S. Grant. I would offer him a CasaMagna. That man knew his way around cigars!
    i hit the “like” button.

  • ktraylor77

    How about a CAO America in Potomac with ol’ George Washington himself!

    Like this on Facebook

  • mrl4889

    I’d like to burn with down an Alec Bradley Prensado with Bill Clinton. Tweeted

  • Grapes

    I’d have to go with Churchill; and being the cigar noob that I am the choice of stick would be up to him.


    • hobohands

      Dude, Churchill was never a friggin’ president. My god, man!

  • wcfennell

    I’d want to smoke with JFK, I’d definitely share a Padron 1926 80 years with him.

  • llmercll

    I’d talk with obama and share a roly with him, haha

    i liked facebook

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Ronald Reagan…we would have a Drew Estate Java Maduro right after breakfast.
    I “liked” this!

  • Psybadek

    I’d love to get out a good Beale Street Cigar and spend some time chatting with the 1st President of the US General George Washington. I’d love to know what it was like during their times and what resemblance it would have with what’s currently going on today. Without our founders we wouldn’t have become America and I’d love to get a first hand experiences from Washington

    • Psybadek

      I’d love to get out a good Beale Street Cigar and spend some time chatting with the 1st President of the US General George Washington. I’d love to know what it was like during their times and what resemblance it would have with what’s currently going on today. Without our founders we wouldn’t have become America and I’d love to get a first hand experiences from Washington.

      –Liked and Tweeted

  • Sam

    I’d sit down with Jimmy Carter and have a Monte Pascoal Robusto with him.

    Liked on FB

  • drjwall

    liked on Facebook

    Liga t54s with Bill Clinton

  • rulo

    Abraham Lincoln, i will share with him a La Aroma de Cuba Special edition No. 4, Churchill to have a long chat with him.

    Liked on Facebook

  • phaedron

    Liked on Facebook. I have to go with the herd and have Cohiba Esplendidos with William Jefferson Clinton.

  • stogieJ1997

    I would sit with Rutherford B. Hayes on his 80 foot veranda, and share with him my personal favorite: Gurkha Titan


  • PapaLad

    I’d choose Ronald Reagan and offer him a Padrón 1926.

    Liked on FB and tweeted on Twitter.

  • bloodybud17

    I’d smoke with George Washington because I am related to him. I’d suggest for him a Olivia Master Blends three. Liked on facebook

  • Trollio50

    I would want to smoke a cuban cohiba cigar with President Grant because it would be bad ass to smoke a cigar with a man who was know to smoke a dozen cigars a day. I like on Facebook

  • Fuzzy

    I’d like to smoke with JFK, from his “secret” stash. Bill Clinton would be second choice. Liked on Facebook and G+1

  • zigmann

    I’d like to smoke some Cohibas with Abe Lincoln. And I liked on FB.

  • Michael

    Abraham Lincoln, AB Fine & Rare. I can only imagine the stories he could tell… I tweeted

  • ElBandito

    I think it’d be interesting to smoke with FDR. Maybe a CAO America or Alec Bradley American blend.

    I didn’t tweet, or like. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter, and I refuse.

    I do love the site, however, and will continue to visit regularly.

  • YoMud

    I’m going with Calvin Coolidge as it sounds like he was a big cigar head. I was reading that he used to offer cigars to Congressmen after White House breakfast. Though JFK was a close call. I’m going to go with the Padron Anniversary Series 1964 Diplomatico.

    Liked on Facebook

  • DrakeXD

    Would have to be President Lincoln and the stogie of choice would be the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo El Martillo.

    Liked on Facebook

  • WazzuSwede

    I would smoke with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    We would have a Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 in Robusto with a fine bourbon and one piece of ice.

    Tweeted on Twitter.

  • William G.

    I liked on Facebook, i would enjoy an oliva series v Churchill extra with president Grant.

  • hobohands

    I’d have to go with Teddy Roosevelt, and for that crazy guy I’d give him the Gran Habano #5 El Gigante. Haha! The worlds biggest stick for the man who told us all to “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

    • hobohands

      Oh, also, I liked on Facebook.

  • Vince

    Ronald Reagan and a San Cristobal Robusto. Clicked Like.

  • jw1983

    Liked on FB.

    I would pick woodrow wilson and Camacho Candela cigars!

  • GarryCawthorn

    I would say it would have to be with George Washington and the Cigar would be a Paul Stulac White Blinding Light…

    • GarryCawthorn

      liked on FB and Tweeted about it

  • haneyte2000

    I would love to sit down with Reagan and a nice padron 1926. Just to talk with a great man.

  • Shook1db

    I would love to sit down and have a smoke with Abe Lincoln. Can’t imagine the controversy that guy dealt with and it’d be interesting to hear how. A padron anniversary 1964 would be great.

    Liked on facebook!

  • joelala

    Facebook like. I would choose JFK. Seems like a man who would enjoy a cigar

  • DavidKIT

    I’d like to share a Cielo Nemesis with Lincoln, and ask him exactly how many vampires he really killed.
    Liked on FB.

  • BigNate

    i would give Theodore Roosevelt an El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Suprema. liked on facebook

  • alwayscigartime

    Hard to decide on one president, for this topic’s setting I would choose George Washington to ask him what he thinks about our current state of the nation. Might need a few cigars to cover that topic!Liked on FB

  • gvarsity

    JFK and have a vintage Petit Upmann.

    • gvarsity

      Liked on Facebook.

  • Archaicism

    I liked on Facebook. I’d have a smoke with Chester A. Arthur because, well, no one ever talks about him. I’d have a nice Anejo and see what that guy had to say.

  • Kaggs

    I would smoke and offer Grover Cleveland 2 non-consecutive Padron 1926 cigars!

    Liked on FB!

  • chief791

    I would love to sit down with FDR and pick his brain. I live less than 3 miles from his house so i could drop by in a flash. I would love to smoke a Nat Sherman Timeless with him.

    • chief791

      oh and i hit this up on twitter.

  • readingwilliam

    Jefferson! Plasencia Reserva Organica Nestico


  • James

    I would sit down with George Washington and introduce him to my favorite stick, the Cremo Maduro! I liked on Facebook

  • hawk767

    Probably Franklin Roosevelt with a nice Genesis the Project.

    I liked on facebook.

  • Gaminghalb

    George Washington… Alec Bradley Prensadio in churchill

  • twone

    Abe Lincoln and i would have a acid kuba kuba with him.
    liked on facebook!

  • ckaufman55

    I’d enjoy an Alec Bradley Prensado with Thomas Jefferson while sitting in swivel chairs and chat about inventing stuff : )

    • ckaufman55

      Liked on Facebook.

  • Trumpee

    Andrew Johnson. He was #17. Poor guy. Look at who he had to follow. He probably could use a good smoke. I’ll let him have my Padron Serie 1926 #1.

    Liked on FB.

  • earwood5150

    Abe Lincoln and I would have to pull out a Cu – Avana Shorty.

    • earwood5150


  • PsycotikMind

    I’d smoke a Don Pepin Blue Label with Teddy Roosevelt.


  • Chaz

    I would love to smoke a Padron 1926 with Teddy Roosevelt.

    Liked 😉

  • jungjae510

    Id smoke a behike with JFK and show him that not all things from cuba are bad….liked on fb

  • bckpack

    I would offer up an Ashton VSG to Jimmy Carter. I don’t care for the politics but I would love to discuss woodworking and his life after the presidency.
    Liked and tweeted.

  • esdadio1

    I would love to sit down with George HW. Bush and give him a Cu-Avana punisher. Hopefully the cigar will be strong enough so he wouldn’t taste the truth serum i laced it with. Finally we might get the real JFK assasination story.

    • esdadio1

      Clicked like.

  • guarnacciad

    I liked on facebook and I would smoke with Lincoln. I’d love to ask him about his decisions and policies. Try to understand what made him such a forward thinker. Also like to know what he would think of where we are today

  • Jason Isbaner

    I would like to share a smoke with President JFK, I would like to know if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, plus I would want to talk about Marlyn Manroe. I would share a Joya De Nicaragua 1970 Antano.

    • Jason Isbaner

      Also I liked on FB

  • Matt

    JFK without a doubt, with a true Cuban Cohiba.

  • ljbabyak

    I would smoke a Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real with Lincoln.

    • ljbabyak

      I tweeted

  • Mhilton

    I would like to smoke a Gurkha Grand Reserve with Thomas Jefferson.


  • hookeduphawaii

    padron 26 with Lincoln, for sure! liked it.


    Ulysses S. Grant, favorite president. I would smoke a Partagas 1845 with him. And I clicked the like button.

  • brianetz1

    William Jefferson Clinton……..you never know who would be under the desk adding to the fun of the smoke! I would want to smoke a Fighting Cock with him!

    i tweeted about the contest

  • Cmanne1

    I’d have an Alec Bradley “Maxx” with good ‘ole Abe Lincoln, because his life was cut short, but still packed a powerful punch like the Maxx!

    Hit the “Tweet” button

  • lovles2274

    I would like to spend an hour with JFK and a couple of Montecristo cubans. What could be wrong with that?

  • suitcasejon

    The president I would choose has to be winston churchill and the cigar I would have with him is gurkha 5ht avenue. liked and tweeted.

  • MaxDuo

    I both liked and tweeted. I would choose Andrew Jackson to talk about all of his duels, even when he was an old man. And his awesome cheese party.

    I’d probably do the Rocky Patel Vintage 1992.

  • Gomez2490

    I would have liked to sit down and smoke with Ronald Reagan. I would get him a Texas Edition Montecristo!!
    I LIKED on FB

  • The Burn Ward

    I would smoke a cigar with George W. My cigar would be a My Father Le Bijou toro. I’d select a Arturo Fuente Double Chateau for Mr. Bush. I’d also be sure to bring a few extras in the herfador.

    Clicked Like on FB

  • pato1001

    I would smoke a cigar with George Washington My cigar would be a Padron 1926. I’d pick the same for Mr. Washington. I’d also be sure to bring a few extras in the travel case because I know he would love them!

    Clicked Like on Facebook and Re-tweeted!

  • joshr1042

    I’d like to enjoy a couple Rocky Patel 1990’s with Teddy Roosevelt. Clicked “like.”

  • Splits09

    JFK and a Padron 3000 – liked on facebook.

  • jtstooks

    I’d smoke a Padron Family Reserve 45 with Bill Clinton. I’d also let him play his sax! Tweeted on Twitter

  • Jbenoit9

    Thomas Jefferson because I am a big Lewis and Clark fan. Would have to be a Padron 1926 80-Years Maduro. Tweet

  • primox1

    Nixon and a legit Cohiba!
    FB liked.

  • 007MI6

    George Washington. I know times are different, but I would love to get his insight. Would be great with an AKA Respect!

    • 007MI6

      Liked & Tweeted!

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