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Congratulations pirateteaparty & Here’s The Next Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, February 11, 2013
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Josh TaylorCongratulations pirateteaparty & Here’s The Next Contest!

I had to run a few random.org picks because so many of you last time didn’t read the rules, but pirateteaparty, you won last week’s contest, get me your contact info EMAIL HERE and I’ll get it right out!

Now this week we have some sweet hand-made cigar art (click for larger pic), courtesy of Josh Taylor:

“This mixed media painting, created by Maine artist Josh Taylor, is up for grabs! Painting measures approximately 11×17. Painting has a gesso background, with acrylic and enamel paint. Painting is infused with shredded and whole cigar bands, ash, cigar shavings, and an old Zippo lighter. In honor of cigarobsession.com, the painting is entitled ” The last third” and is one of a kind. Josh can be contacted at jtayloriota@yahoo.com for any information regarding projects and paintings.

To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with where you would hang such a beautiful piece of cigar art, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest 🙂

  • t_herrm

    I would put this up in my living room right over my humi. Tweeted under the handle @t_herrm

  • jlat2450

    I would put it up in my office next to my desk. What a cool painting! I liked on facebook.

  • Tom V

    This would look great in my man cave liked on Facebook

  • phaasenritter

    I would have to ask my brother, as I would give it to him as a welcome home and house warming gift, since he’ll be moving into his newly purchased home after returning from deployment in a few months.

    I hit the like button

  • btubesing

    I would hang it in my guest room, right over my humi and wineador.

    I tweeted this! Thanks Bryan!

  • carrillo

    I would put it any where I wanted out of the spots my wife chose!! My Man Cave “The Garage”. Liked on FB.

  • micktorres

    I would hang this picture in my office, right next to my classic cigar pictures.

  • DaveCrump

    Tweeted it. I’d hang that at our office. The folks in my office have precious little in the way of colorful art on the walls and this would bring out the the blues from the view of the Puget Sound outside. If they didn’t want it I have a space in my bedroom but the colors aren’t right. I’d find a place though, that’s for sure. Now, why are we men talking about this decorating stuff? Back to cigars!!

  • DavidKIT

    I would hang it in my basement with my other cigar and baseball memorabilia. Liked in FB.

  • spice bomb

    I would hangit in the man cave! liked on fb

  • walshy

    This would definitely go in my basement aka man cave. Looks like a beautiful piece of art. i liked it.

  • drjwall

    Either my room or my basement, Liked on facebook.

  • Sam

    I’d put it on my wall, next to my poster of Chuck Norris.
    Liked on facebook.

  • Dr Robusto

    It would deffentently go above the humi in the living room. Even the wife could appreciate this piece of art!!

    I liked this on FB. Thanks Bryan

  • The new guy

    In the man cave I have a lounge area dedicated around myhmidor. One wall has an 80 inch 60 year old map of peris printed and framed on board of some sort an the wall next to it is empty. It’s debated to put up my model car collection on mounted shelves or put a picture in. And thatone would definitely go right there. I would send a picture but that would defeat the purpose of the competition. Liked on fb. Chris Mcdavid aka The new guy

  • kb9311

    I liked on Facebook, this would go straight to the mancave!

  • JTaylorIota

    Hey guys! Wow! Thanks for all the great comments. Im sure this painting will go to a great home. If you would like something painted just for you, shoot me an email @ jatyloriota@yahoo.com my prices are very low as this is the first time I have put my work up for sale on the web. Keep the comments coming and once again thanks Bryan!

  • William G.

    I liked on fb ,this would look great right over my humidor.

  • Texvet

    Liked on FB – The painting would go directly to my smoking lounge, to be enjoyed daily.

  • JoeMeatJr

    This would definitely go into my home office right next to my Steampunk Annihilator MK.II. Liked on FB.

  • cassanpj

    I would put this up in my room with the humidor in it, class it up a bit. tweeted.

  • MaxDuo

    I would hang it next to my coffee art and coffee bag on the wall of the man cave.

    And I will like and tweet this.

    • MaxDuo

      Liked and tweeted.

  • LouieZmich

    Liked- I would hang this right next to my golf windowsill painting in my room. If would go great centered right next to the golf piece and having them both hanging over my humidor and pipe rack.

  • Derek


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