Guy Stuff Topic Poll

by Bryan Glynn, February 9, 2013

Untitled-1OK Guys, let me know what you would like me to cover on upcoming Guy Stuff videos! I’ll let you suggest topics, recipes, etc. here and in a few days I’ll put up a poll of some of the suggestions. As long as they are in my means I’ll do them for you :)

BEFORE YOU SUGGEST SOMETHING MAKE SURE IT HASN’T ALREADY BEEN DONE! All the Guy Stuff vids are listed on the bottom of the Reviews page!

  • cactusjack

    Hello brian, how about a vitural tour of your house. I know you wont do a tour of your humidors. So how about it. I think we would like to see where you work sleep eat and play.

  • geekfish

    You mentioned your night photography in that post about your horrendous recent night photo shoot, how about a video with some of your favorite night photography shots?

    How about a visit to some local B&M you frequent?

    Maybe not Guy Stuff suggestions, but:

    How about something like the cheap stick shoot out, but with two different vitolas of the same stick. Maybe a full vertical of the various sizes.

    I’d be interested in an update on your favorite cigars post you update every once in a while. It would be interested to see if your tastes change. Also you review so many sticks (thank you) that we never really can put a handle on how they compare(for your flavor profile). We see some of your favorites in the sample. Are those still it?

    Alternately, how about revisiting some of your earlier reviews to see if you still have same opinion?

    How about a grouping of suggestions for various flavors, or cigars that really demonstrate a particular flavor? A list of top creamy smokes, or leather, or earthy, or dessert type? Maybe a top 5 in this category?

  • kprichardson7

    How about something on the history of cigars?

  • phaasenritter

    Mixology 101

  • Mr_DirtySouth


  • gumby_130

    Add beer brewing, that’s fun to do with a cigar in hand.