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Emilio AF Suave Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 9, 2013
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Emilio AF Suave Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a light tan butter soft wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, double cap, even spongy pack and rich hay aroma. First light reveals a loose draw with plentiful rich medium bodied smoke giving flavors of a vegetable and hay combo through the draw with a woody, slightly peppery finish. The first third burns very well with perfect performance. It’s very easy to pull the flavors out of this stick, giving creamy nut and wood notes on both the draw and finish, with a bit of pepper zing right at the end. 35 minutes in at the 1/2 way point, flavors go deeper dropping the cream and nut shifting to a heavy earth and wood while ramping up the pepper, body to medium-full and adding a little strength kick. Finishing it out at 55 min to the nub, the last third showed no further changes. Thank you to Emilio Cigars for sending this sample in for review!

  • JJO

    This is definitely not your typical Connecticut. Gary and AJ have really brought some distinction to the AF lines – all outstanding.

  • JohnG

    One of my favorite Connecticuts. Give it a try if you have the opportunity. I hope to be picking up a few more later this week.

  • Richhart

    This is a cigar that was given as part of a cigar dinner I attended at my local cigar restaurant/cigar lounge. Aprox 10 of my friends and I attended. The Emilio AF was the before dinner stick.
    Bryan, I normally agree with most of your reviews but not this one. All of us thought it had a poor construction. Very spongy,and had a fast , too hot burn. None of us thought this cigar had any complexity and just lacked flavor.NONE of us( again around 10) even finished this cigar. The rep got so embarrassed he just sat off to the side and stopped mingling with any customers. No one bought any of them. There were aprox 25 guys that attended the event ( most regulars of the shop) and I have yet to find anyone who liked it. The owner of the shop is now stuck with this blend and no one is buying them. I have since tried the AF’s stonger blend, and found it poor as well.
    Certainly not a cigar/company I would reccommend, nor any of my friends. Save your money.

    • That sounds like poor storage probably in a crappy shop or a reps trunk lol! I’ve had two and have one left both were the same after sitting in my 65% humidir for the last few months.

      • Richhart

        actually, the only thing positive I could say is that the humidification/condition was
        good. My shop has a walk in humidifier that is a good one.Definitely just a poor cigar.

        • Well, who knows how long it was in there before you had it ya know? No one knows for sure what caused it – maybe bad batch, maybe I somehow got a ‘good’ one and it’s weirdo lol – anyway, just reporting what I get 🙂 Good or bad, it’s not my taste anyway so I really don’t care or have bias 🙂

    • puffrey

      This is the first time Ive heard anyone not enjoying the AF series. Ive gone through almost a box of these with friends and we have hard time enjoying any other connecticut.
      If you dont mind me asking Richhart, what connecticut to you prefer?

      • Richhart

        I have somoked a number of Connecticut’s I’ve enjoyed. Laetly my favorite has been from another boutique company, Blanco Cigars.
        They make a Liga de Familia, Exclusiva both on a CT and a Pa Maduro. I also enjoy Perdomo’s CT’s , and lately the Ortega CT.
        I guess, different strokes, different folks. The experience with the Emilio AF was also experienced with 20 other guys at the diner .
        None of us liked it, and very few even finished it. None of us would ever buy it again. Since then, I smoked the stronger sister to the CT and was dissapointed with that as well. Poor blend and manufacturing.

        • puffrey

          I agree, different smoke for different folks however your statement of poor blend and manufacturing is not exactly an opinion. You had a poor experience with a batch, or the way the the rep handled his storage of these particular sticks however I would say that gives way to having the right to demean their blend or manufacturing. If you didn’t like it that is perfectly fine, if 20 guys thought it was crap then ok…I am willing to bet every stick has had its share of dislikers.
          Is it possible that you dont enjoy AJ sticks in general?

          • puffrey

            correction….the middle of the post meant to say “doesnt give way”

          • Richhart

            I don”t have a bias one way or the other towards any company and always am trying new sticks.
            If a cigar is a good one, I will say so, and if not , I’ll say that. We didn’t know AJ made that cigar until the rep told us. That being said, it was a bad cigar and not one that any of us would reccommend.

  • walshy

    Hey Bryan,
    Never had this stick so no comment there. I love your reviews and look forward to everyone of them. Please dont make them so short. The longer the better.

    • I don’t ‘make them’ short or long. How complex the smoke is, simply dictates what there is to say. Simple cigars make short videos, I don’t fill them up with BS, that’s my niche, if you haven’t noticed 😉 Thanks

  • Jared Grillot

    A little bump for this stick, maybe things have changed in a year from some of these less than stellar responses – received this a few months ago & finally fired it up, definitely NOT a “mild” Connecticut, thick smoke output, subtle pepper, wood flavors that paired very nicely with an extended morning coffee session. Excellent burn, zero touch ups, just enough strength for that nice relaxed feeling. Could definitely smoke more of these.

  • Richhart

    this is a cigar that I would only try again if one was ” given” to me. The one from a year ago was horrible…BTW….my local B&M is STILL stuck with these cigars as no one will buy them !

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