Congratulations YoMud, and Here’s The Next Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, February 4, 2013

Photo1Congratulations YoMud, and Here’s The Next Contest!

YoMud, you won last week’s contest, get me your contact info EMAIL HERE and I’ll get it right out!

Now this week we have another custom sampler package along with a Colibri guillotine cutter and dual flames lighter from me! To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your ideal humidor would be like, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest :)

  • mrl4889

    My ideal humidor would a B&M style walk in job with boxes on top of boxes! Tweeted!

  • memoriesofwe

    I have my ideal humidor. I am a light smoker and my 100ct desktop humidor with glass window and digital hygrometer looks great sitting on my desk. I am in love with it, its also my first one so it means a lot to me. I would only want my closet turned into one if I had enough cigars to fill it like I do in my desktop one.
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  • mustardboy666

    Ideal humi 3 to 400 count with glass top but with a sliding cover. dark cherrywood, on a countertop next to a decanter of bourbon! liked on FB

  • shawnmc77

    My ideal humidor would be a 300 count glasstop with a lock and a good seal so I wouldn’t have to recharge my beads so much.

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  • derek_straus

    My idea humidor would be a 500 count humidor that has a big three hundred main compartment, and had a large lower unit that is intended to store full boxes of cigars! The humidor would be kept at 70%!

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  • TimB

    My idea humidor would be an old aged Mahogany one with 500 of the best Cubans.

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  •!/profile.php?id=100000529939931 Chris Tivnan

    My ideal humidor would be a big cabinet humidor that I could keep boxes in. With a nice smooth finish and glass fronts. Filled with tasty cigars.
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  • azcatfan

    I’d love to have a humidor end table in the mancave.

    • azcatfan

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  • guarnacciad

    I would have a large china cabinet looking humidor the top would be glass display setup with tilted shelves. The bottom would be cabinet drawers that when you pulled them out the inside of the drawer would have a glass and wood cover making each drawer its own self contained humidor. The top part would have humidity temperature control with an electric humidifier. I liked on facebook

  • BigMike

    A large walk-in…

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  • fort9erfan

    Perfect humidor, hold about 200 sticks top of the line humidity sysem with dry compartments to store accesories. Rich dark wood, glass top.

  • PsycotikMind

    My ideal humidor would be an elegant cabinet made of dark teak with full length framed glass doors and three large slide out trays for easy access. It would have a 500-600 capacity with temperature and humidity controls.

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  • Splits09

    My ideal humidor would hold 300 sticks, hawaiian koa outside, spanish cedar inside. multiple dividers and a digital hygrometer/thermometer that was stone cold accurate!

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  • readingwilliam

    I’m visualizing something in the 300 range, but 150-200 would also allow me to expand. It would be good to have some glass so I can view those warlocks without opening the box and compromising humidity. Something in a dark brown almost black, knotty or antiqued etc.

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  • pierson5

    I’d be content with a small personal humidor for personal and special events. (Maybe holding around 75 cigars).


  • wataugariver

    My ideal humidor would be a large custom humidor similar to the ones manufacturered by Gryphon Humidor — with a capacity greater than currently produced (110 cigars) and containing two separately sealed vaults with one being adjustable for loose sticks and the second being designed for the accommodation of cigar boxes and the overall volume dimensions of this ideal humidor being more wide and deep than high.

  • Johnnycatt

    my ideal humidor would be made out of black walnut, glass top to check the humidity levels, and holding up to 300 cigars with a single tray to hold all the single cigars.
    thank you so much bryan for all the great reviews and contests keep up the good work cheers!
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  • wdaccarett

    Hi!! My ideal humidor would be one with a very dark beown color in the outside, with capacity for about 150cigars. I would also like a secret compartment for having my best cutter and lighter there.

    • wdaccarett

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  • towerladder87

    My ideal humidor would be a walk in humidor. I would make it as a addition onto my home. It would have the capacity to hold thousands of cigars. My shelves would be cedar with LED backlighting. It would have a dry and mist humidification system in it. It would be set at exactly 70 degrees. In the center would be endless slow turning displays of my favorite cutters and lighters.And to top it off I would mount LED TVs to the ceiling with Bryan Glynn Cigar Obsession Reviews playing to remind me about the profiles of every cigar present in my humidor.