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Congratulations YoMud, and Here’s The Next Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, February 4, 2013
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Photo1Congratulations YoMud, and Here’s The Next Contest!

YoMud, you won last week’s contest, get me your contact info EMAIL HERE and I’ll get it right out!

Now this week we have another custom sampler package along with a Colibri guillotine cutter and dual flames lighter from me! To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your ideal humidor would be like, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest 🙂

  • My ideal humidor would hold 500 cigars, have temp and humidity controls, and would have an automatic rotating tray system which would rotate trays from top to bottom every 3 days to make sure humidity was evenly applied. On top, a UV glass window , with a thin line of blue light going around the inside of the lid casting a soft light on the cigars for show.

    • tinman472

      Facebook like. My humidor would be 150 count.

    • Bruno

      The pref humidor: Holds 50 cigars and would keep them at the ideal temp. With inlaid wood and rich tones. What more could you ask for. Just grab a stick sit back and relax.

      Tweeted @55stillsmokin

    • buckeliwheat

      250 count cigar spanish cedar lined, bamboo exterior. Top notch humidification device.


  • armando

    my ideal humidor would be an entire desk top. the desk works as a desk and a humidor. it opens up in order to allow you to place, take out, or adjust your cigars. my ideal humidor would also never require me to worry about maintaining it humidity levels

    • armando

      i tweeted

    • tinman472

      My ideal humidor would fit me for the life that I have now a 150 count humidor just enough to share a with friends.

  • Schick94

    My ideal humidor would be one that displayed the cigars well, and also has a very good seal. Also large enough to fit 150-200 cigars.
    I tweeted about this.

  • jstine

    Humidity and temp controlled, live in an upstairs apartment at the moment and the temp and humidity rises and falls very quickly all the time. Liked and tweeted, thanks for the giveaway

  • Chaz

    My ideal humidor would be an entire room… doubling as a smoking lounge.

  • btubesing

    I would love a walk in Humidor with a bunch of shelves filled with cigars and a glass door. Hold over 1000 cigars…

    Tweeted this.

  • sparkmark

    My ideal humidor would be made of solid ebony and fine spanish cedar. It would have my initals inlaid with mother of pearl. It would have several trays and fold out drawers, have a humidity system and hold 1000 cigars along with accessories. Keepin’ the dream alive! I liked on facebook.

  • s5592c

    Something beautiful in dual colored burl that would hold 125-150 precious hand rolled sticks. Thanks for the contest, sharing and tweeting every day I can, of course!

  • Jakob

    It would have a lower section for groups of the same cigars and one-layer drawers for singles. I liked ya on FB.

  • Cigaruss

    I like the glass tops so you can see your collection, 100 count size. I liked it above.

  • Markwz11

    My ideal humidor would be to convert my “armoire” to a fully Sealed, Spanish Cedar Lined, Digitally Controlled, Glass Front Door Inlaid, Work of Art with slanted shelves and each shelf back-lit for Gallery Style Display. Liked on Facebook. Thanks for the contest!

  • kb9311

    Liked Facebook, my ideal humidor would have a tight seal, keep in the humidity very well,has 200 cigar capacity,locks, and is cherry in color with a glass top.

  • kfreeman

    My ideal humidor would be a walk-in humidor that is connected to the man cave. Able to hold thousands of cigars and right next to the best spot in the house! Tweeted!

  • quick6

    My ideal humidor would be made of Macasser Ebony Turning Squares wood and Red Oak wood shelves. It would be located in my spare bed room where the entire room would be my walk-in humidor and it would have an indoor Folding Patio glass door that would hold at least two thousands cigars for my friends and five hundred of just mine personal cigars in cased in my personal Macasser Ebony Turning Squares wood humidor. It Humidity and temp controlled with a 60 inch HD TV and six leather recliners.

  • ktraylor77

    Simple. My ideal humidor would be big, full, and maintenance free!

    Liked on Facebook

  • 987

    My ideal humidor would be maple on the outside, hold 500
    Cigars and have automatic temperature and humidity controls.

    • 987

      I facebooked

  • bryan122

    My ideal humidor would have exact temperature and humidity control, be large enough to hold all my cigars and always be full of the best stogies. I tweeted this out. Tweet tweet!

  • new2sticks

    An entire room walk-in with automatic humidification and ventilation. Organized by brand with separate sections for singles and for boxes. I would have a chair in the center of the room so that I could just sit and enjoy the unlit cigar/Spanish cedar aromas. Tweeted.

  • cassanpj

    My ideal humidor would have the ideal temperature and a humidity of around 70%. Then it would hold a couple hundred cigars all of which would be super premium cigars. Just something that would make me excited to open it everytime I did. I tweeted.

  • mfox93

    Liked on Facebook and my idea humidor would hold 500 cigars it would be a beautiful shelf humidor, that has a great light to show the oils on the cigars and humidity would maintain it self.

  • Anarky

    My ideal humidor would be a unit built into the console of a Ferrari Enzo.

  • Bourque18

    My ideal humidor would be a cabinet humidor with two glass doors with blue lights lining the glass on the inside of the humidor that can be turned on from the outside of it, and four drawers on the left side, and on the right side, a place to store special cigar boxes. On the top of the humidor, a glass display box for my favorite or rare cigars. Also controls for temperature and light can be found on the top of the humidor.


  • ptyler

    I am actually in the market for one right now…looking at 250-300 count. Good airflow. Sturdy hardware and a good seal. Good thickness of Spanish cedar inside. Also love the ones with magnetic lids so you can stick any accessories, etc. to it. Also has to look nice so it can be displayed prominently in the house with approval from the wife!

    I liked it!

  • carrillo

    An ideal humidor would be humidity and temp regulated.
    Holding about 200 cigars rectangular shape with a dome top!! Two inch thick walls of Spanish Cedar. With a black lacquer with cheetah print accents. Liked on FaceBook…

  • Andrew


    It would be a room off of the office in my house. A 3×6 room with Spanish cedar walls and floors. Then I’d stockpile it with favorits for my friends and I.

  • jayses3

    My perfect humidor would be 21″ wide x15″ deep x 8″ tall. Wrapped in a light tanned leather. With a fleur de lis stamped on the top. It would two trays and a spot where I could store a full box.

    I liked this!

  • joelala

    I clicked like and my ideal humidor would be inside my end table in my living room with a glass top. Ideally with a wireless hygrometer.

  • Sam

    My ideal humidor would be a climate controlled wine-cooler-style humidor that wouldn’t be affected by the humidity/temperature conditions around it. I liked on FB.

  • yankeeman

    My ideal humidor would be a walk in attached to my office. It would hold around 1000 cigars and have a see through sliding glass door. I liked on FB.

  • sdh3237

    My ideal humidor would be a mahogany end table unit. It would have electronic Humidification and hold 1000+ premium cigars. I tweeted.

  • zigmann

    My ideal humidor would come pre-seasoned. Is that too much to ask?

    • zigmann

      And I liked this on fb.

  • My ideal humi would be built into a wall. One wall of the game room has a walk in closet on the other side so we could use some of that closet space. It would have a clear glass door, with black and brushed nickel highlights, cool blue LEDs for illumination, have electronic humidification and hygrometer with shelves that roll out. It would hold around 500 sticks(I need extra room incase I ever win the Cigar Lottery). Of course, it would have to seal well, have the spanish cedar, etc. LIKED.

  • walshy

    my ideal humidor would be a walk in humidor that held as many cigars as i could think of. It would also be used as a smoking lounge with flat screen tv’s for sporting events. it would have 2 french doors as you enter, a leather couch and 2 recliners. At least a 60″ flat screen. Maybe bigger. I liked it.

  • StefanR

    My ideal humidor would be off of my Home Theater room… In a custom in wall enclosure… Locking glass doors, enviromentally controlled(of course), and a mix of angled shelves, and drawers.. Some nice LED lighting to accent the unit and the treasures within! Hey if your going to dream dream big right! 🙂 I liked this on Facebook!

  • brawnerwood

    My ideal humidor would be an entire environmentally controlled room, with TVs, sound system, leather furniture, accented by great cigar art, and full of all of my favorite cigars and other cigars I have not had the pleasure of smoking yet. Liked

  • Jwilk2102

    My ideal humidor would look like a wine fridge, only for cigars. It’ll have a built in humidifier system and digital thermometer…black lights just to set the mood. And play music whenever you open the door.
    Liked it

  • ryanryan2120

    Mine would be somewhat like a treasure chest and hold 200 cigars with 3 dividers and electronically controlled humidity. (tweeted)

  • alwayscigartime

    My ideal humidor would be a standing cabinet with plenty of drawers for storing as well as display areas. FB

  • Michael

    My ideal humidor would be a walk-in that was set up like a library of cigars, all alphabetical with a tasting notes section next to each box. I would also have a bar where I would keep my scotches and bourbons for pairing, along with nice oversized chairs for lounging. I don’t know, I haven’t really given it much thought, lol. I liked it on Facebook

  • Whickster77

    My ideal or dream humidor would be a walk in humidor with a glass door, beautiful cedar lined walls and shelves with space for as many boxes as I could afford. Of course it would have a fully automated humidification system with its on power and water supply. It would also contain art style lighting to show off the beautiful sticks and my Brian Glenn cigar art. What a beauty she would be.

    • Whickster77

      I tweeted this

  • sduran10

    My ideal cigar humidor would be a walk in closet size at home humidor. With automatic humidity and temp. controls. IT would consist of all my favorite cigars.

    I liked it on face book

  • david121

    My ideal humidor would be one that I handmade myself. Nothing huge, maybe a hundred count one. I’d really like to have the outside made of barnwood, to give it a rustic appearance. I tweeted

  • Christopher

    I would love a humidor with glass on the front and a nice red finish on wood. Tweeted.

    • Christopher

      …and I liked it on facebook too.

  • mbuckwash

    I liked it in Facebook. I would like a large Spanish Cedar humidor, holding plenty of quality cigars. The bigger the better – but realistically one that holds 200 or so. It would have temperature and humidity controls with perfect changeability with the seasons.

  • jungjae510

    My ideal humidor would have a time lock on it so I would be forced to have to wait

  • DaveCrump

    Tweeted. My ideal humi holds at least 100 cigars (I mean “really” holds 100 cigars) with room to spare. It is well-made (meaning no cheap construction) and serves the purpose meant for. It would have a glass top because I like looking at the cigars. Who wouldn’t? It has a digital hygrometer and an ideal humidification system which, as yet, I’m unsure of. It has sliding inserts to let cigars be organized vertically and horizontally. It has recessed hand grips. What would be cool is if it had a separate non-humidified drawer for my cutters and lighter. Okay, after reading the other comments I am upping the # it holds to 200. Spanish cedar of course.

    • DaveCrump

      PS Magenetic lid too.

  • jungjae510

    oh…and liked on fb

  • pirateteaparty

    My ideal humi would be about the size of a small cabinet. Equipped with a self regulating humidification and temp system, it would be made of maple and lined with spanish cedar. The upper compartment would have glass doors and be where I store my ready to smoke cigars. The bottom portion would be for boxes of my faves. It would feature ambient lighting so I could easily make my selection, as well as a non-humidified compartment for lighters, cutters etc. Facebook!!!:)

  • NWEsquiveljr

    When i build my house i would love to have a walk in humidor with several levels of cedar shelfs. It would have a cedar ceiling with hard brown wood flooring. It would be neatly stocked by brands and sizes. The best humidifying system that would keep my smokes fresh. Oh and it would be built in my man cave…

  • NWEsquiveljr

    Liked on FB

  • bckpack

    I really like the wine cooler humidor idea but they look too contemporary. I’d love a thermo electric cooler loaded with Heartfelt beads that was completely lined with Spanish cedar and had nice built in shelves and drawers. Of course the exterior would have to have a classic look as well.
    Liked on Facebook.

  • SmokinGun

    I would consider my ideal humidor to be a walk-in with cedar lined walls and shelves. The capacity would hold 30-50 boxes with another open shelf to display samplers and individual cigars. Looking in from the outside, it would be framed in dark oak molding with beveled glass on the edges. I have just the place to put this in my house.

    I”Liked” this.

  • eugalde615

    liked on FB: my ideal humi would be a walk in closet converted. several mods allow for a secure seal, humidification, and see-through door (kinda like a retail store) to enjoy the sight, with capacity of about 20,000+ one wall would be dedicated to loose ones and fews, one wall would be boxes, and one wall would be luxury humis of 100-300 ct that would hold just ultra premiums. this. of course. would be located in my man cave. and there would be a cigar wench to deliver a cigar to me whenever i wanted if i did not want to get up. she would also keep inventory for me. most importantly, she would do the upkeep of the humidification

  • DFG1189

    My ideal humidor would be a cabinet humidor that could store about 1,000 cigars. It would be temp and humidity controlled and with plenty of shelves so I could organize. The interior would be Spanish cedar and the exterior an oak finish. Facebook like

  • suitcasejon

    My ideal humidor would. Be like the tabletop versions but with lock and key. The table would be long and have glass on top so you can peer into your stash without opening the drawer. I would let my friends store their cigars there so whenever they come by they can grab one. Liked and tweeted.

    -Suitcase Jon

  • kprichardson7

    My ideal humidor would be one that works ha, because the one I currently have is definitely failing me. I liked on facebook.

  • drjwall

    My ideal humidor would be something other than my tupperware container! But hey it works you know, I liked this on Facebook.

  • dvillan87

    Liked on facebook. My ideal humidor would be one that has shelves on one side for boxes and the other side for loose cigars. Would hold about 500 loose cigars and 100 boxes on the other side. Plus it would all be humidified by a machine with temp control and exhaust fans for circulating the air. Would have glass doors so that you can see inside and also would have humidity and temp lcd on the outside so it can be read easily. The humidor would be a standing cabinet.

  • JHylk717

    My ideal humidor would be around a 300 count. The top would be the main part as far as storage goes, it’d have a nice big tray on top. On the bottom there would be quite a few drawers of various sizes so the owner could categorize his cigars amongst his/her humidor. I also would like to have a built in (and already calibrated) digital hygrometer along with two box humidifiers that would keep the owner’s sticks at their ideal level. I tweeted this!

  • James

    Liked on FB. Have a 600 ct cab as my large humi right now which is quickly becoming too small. My I deal humidor would be a 2000+ ct completely self contained climate controlled cabinet.

  • Mike Moon

    My ideal humidor would be a glass table top, so I could always have a good view of my collection.
    *Liked on Facebook

  • Lai

    For me, the ideal would be a desk with a center glass compartment with digital hygro and humufiers. About 200 count just enough so I can have a good smoke with my Dad and buddies. I give you thums up in almost all your YouTube videos since I dont have Facebook nor Twitter (i dont like them). 😉

  • pilotgridley

    My ideal humidor would be a large, wooden, 6 foot cabinet with a glass front so that the collection of cigars could be seen. This cabinet humidor would hold over 500 cigars and would automatically control the temperature and humidity. Gave it a Facebook like!

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I like a humidor that has all the traditional qualities with a rustic, or rugged wood look. Nothing glossy or flashy. Just a nice natural wood look. It would have a 100 to 150 capacity, with a top tray and a couple of Spanish ceder dividers to help sort my cigars. In short I want a classic humidor without all the shine and pomp of many humidors in the market today. I tweeted!

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    My ideal humidor would be a very well crafted 100 count humidor using top of the line spanish cedar, magnetic bar inside for the humidification and hygrometer to attach to, copper hinges, stainless steel locking mechanism, stained with no shiny stuff, lined with black felt on the bottom and small round rubber feet on each corner. Tweeted this and liked on FB.

  • cigarnube

    I liked on facebook. And my ideal humidor would hold 50 cigars, be made of the best available cedar, and would keep the cigars at the optimum temperature/humidity. It would also be a glass top double decker model with designs inlaid into the wood.

  • Mr_DirtySouth

    My ideal humidor is a large walk in room kept at proper temp and 70% humidity lined with Spanish ceder and filled with the best cigars. tweeted

  • DavidKIT

    Mine would be climate controlled, and hold about 200 singles and at least 25 boxes. It wouldn’t be too fancy, just nice enough that I don’t have to worry about my humidity levels fluctuating. Liked in FB.

  • ctigers15

    Ideally, I would have a walk-in humidor in the in a smoking room of my house. It would have a section for singles and the rest would be for boxes. The temperature and humidity would be monitored by a computer and there would be a water filtration element that would remove the things that are bad for a humidor before delivering it to the humidification device. The entire room would be lined with solid spanish cedar planks. The humidor would be very user friendly and it would be about 10’x5′. It would be ideal for storing the daily sticks as well as aging my prized gems.

    I tweeted this

  • Pokesfan

    A nice small walk-in with my all of fav’s.
    I clicked the tweet button.

  • CigarStrawn

    Liked on Facebook.

    My ideal humidor would be a cabinet humidor holding up to 2,000 sticks with space in the bottom to place boxes of cigars for aging and shelves on top for displaying my favorites. It would have a dark mahogany finish with gold handles. I would have to place this humidor in the ideal basement man cave so the sunlight wont hit the paneled glass doors and ruin my cigars.

  • mufdvr6976

    i liked, mine would be temp and humidity controlled, 500 count minimum, all Spanish cedar.

  • 007MI6

    My ideal humidor would be a vertical, glass faced, front-opening, funriture humidor. Four to five hundred count. Drawers on the bottom for storing cigar supplies and a digital gauge top center, with leads and readings for temp. & humidity, for the upper & lower portions of the humidor. Gotta be classy, and show off the stash, as well as, make all my stick easily accessible.

    I Tweeted, Liked & +1’d. 🙂

  • chief791

    I would love to have a walk in humidor just like at the stores. Perfect humidity and temperature controls. i hit face book.

  • kohnhed

    First, I’d have to renovate my man cave. I would have to gussy it up so as to make my stand alone humidor really stand out.
    I want the outside done in cherry. And I want it to hold 2500 cigars. And then I want to beg my wife to let me buy 2500 cigars. This is where I’m murdered in my sleep.
    I would love top of the line humidification. So I’d never have to wring my hands in angst again.
    And then, those 2500 sticks would all come from SI and sent to me already aged.
    The thought of standing in front of my humdidor with my hand on my chin trying to make a decision for 10 minutes sounds like heaven.

  • spice bomb

    I would have a perfect walkin, livin, sleepin humidor with all the right controls!I facebook

  • MattSRoss81

    My ideal humidor? A coffee-table with a glass top and all the cigars inside. Would love the conversation that could take place and the ease of access this would afford me! I’m salivating just thinking about it.

    I shared via all the above formats.

  • dashpot

    Definitely a sucker for an antique with exceptional woodwork and perhaps 3-4 drawers to hold 200.

  • OnionHead Tex

    A fully automated walk in humidor, Glass display is not a big deal for me. But, if all the systems were connected and viewable by computer that would be awesome! Thanks

  • rbm75

    My ideal Spanish cedar humidor would be around a 300 count. With perfect humidity and temperature controls.

  • Quite a few of you really need to read the rules 😉

  • Cripple Capone

    My perfect humidor would be one that like a hidden vault behind a book case or shelf. When I open it up all the cigars I have would be on display and neatly organized so that I could find the perfect cigar for perfect time of day or have been craving. I like on facebook.

  • eric.hanson

    Liked on Facebook, my ideal humidor would start out being able to hold 500 cigars but you would be able to buy material to make it bigger if and as you needed to. It would be rectangular shaped and have a spot in each of the four corners on the top and the bottom of it for putting humidor beads and come with removable lace bags to refresh them as needed. There would be a doors that opened up from the front of it that each had trays that would hold about 40 cigars a piece and there would be a digital hygrometer at each opening. The entire thing would be made from really thick Spanish cedar and have a really good seal to maintain the temp and humidity. There would also be no glass openings anywhere.

  • nhsmoker

    liked on fb my ideal humidor would be a unit with a divider in the middle with the ability to maintain two different rh % basically two humidors in one. due to the fact that I find different cigars to smoke best at different humidity levels

  • DrakeXD

    My ideal Humidor would be integrated into a large wood desk that I have in a room in my house dedicated to smoking and fine spirits. It would hold upwards of 500 of the finest cigars. Inlaid in the desk would be a digital hygrometer with controls to vent or intake air based on the readout. It would be the centerpiece of my lounge.

    Liked on FB.

  • kurngar

    My ideal Humidor would be a large walk-in with cedar lining and active humidity control. Plenty of shelves fro storage. I liked on FB.

  • CameronM

    An entire room with hundreds of cigars lining the walls. I liked on facebook

  • dmlinn

    A walk-in glass door, off the man cave, it would be cool to convert a closet for this. I tweeted this

  • haneyte2000

    I tweeted it……my ideal humi would be walk in two stories. Made entirely of Spanish cedar spiral staircase going down to massive bulk storage and ageing area….ah a dream

  • mickdewall

    Liked on FB.

    My ideal humidor would be built into the back wall of the bar in my in-home theater. It would be big enough to hold all my cigars (that I hope to have someday) with an etched glass door on the front.


  • Gaminghalb


    My Ideal humidor would be a cabinet with a glass door capable of holding 2k+ cigars since I like to buy a box at a time. Smoke one and then let the rest age as long as possible.

  • phaedron

    I liked this on FB, and my ideal humidor is the one I finally bought to replace the four desktops that were full enough that I almost bought a fifth– Instead, I bought a nice end table one with a cavernous space on top under a flip-up lid. Two cedar trays swing out from the top for an extra dash of organization. Three drawers below the larger space give me a place to store special sticks, and the whole thing is holding at 67 RH like a champ. CraigsList was my friend this time…!

  • Gomez2490

    My ideal humidor would be a 500ct glass top !
    I’d like it to have an alarm that sounded off when the humidity was too high or too low ! It would have a hidden compartment that holds a matching lighter and cutter
    I liked on FB !!

  • YoMud

    Size is a tough call as regardless of the size,they always end up full. That said, I’ll say 300 to 400 range. glass on top only with LED no heat lights inside that can be turned on when friends are over. a side draw for lighter, cutter and extra items. Ther would also be a digital humidity and temp controller that could be checked and changed from a Smartphone application. Oh and let’s add a touch screeen alongside tied to your inventory tracking program to help quickly select adn update what you’ve taken out when. Ok, maybe that was a littel over top.

    Liked on Facebook…

  • Guitarist7293

    My ideal humidor would be a glass top cherrywood humidor lined with cedar, with about a 100 Churchill capacity and a digital hydrometer/thermometer. Nothing too fancy.

    Liked on Facebook.

  • cigarhobby85

    I tweeted. My ideal humidor would be a walk in closet. It would go floor to ceiling with boxes of cigars

  • bjjones

    My ideal humidor would be one that could be a full walk in room with proper temperature and humidity…Yes I know this is very hard to do but this would be your own b&m at home with an endless amount that you could fit lol

  • The new guy

    I’m.pretty simple. I really like cabinets. Mine would be a cabinet that holds max 600. Would have 8 drawers two shelves at the top and two shelves under all the cabinets so I can show off a few boxes. Only fancy tech kind of thing in it would be an led light at the top inside and a nice digital hygromer. Outside would look a little gothic but looks like it just makes sense anywhere you put it in the house. Very rich dark brown. Spanish cedar on the inside.

    The new guy
    Liked on fb

  • k8tscarlett

    A humidor?! I’m a cigar virgin….I don’t know yet!? That’s why I’m depending on you!

    tweeted @ k8tscarlett

  • Dale

    I tweeted about my ideal humidor. I would like a humidor that holds 500 comfortably (not one that holds UP TO 500). I would like it to be temperature and humidity controlled. Maybe have a small water tank on the back to feed the humidity unit inside. Digital hygrometer with a readout on the outside. I would like it to have motorized controlled trays that rotate in a circle around the humidor. Maybe make one revolution every 24 hours. I could press a button to disengage the motor to rotate the trays for easy selection. Cherry wood finish on the outside.

  • puffrey

    I Liked on Facebook.

    I actually got my ideal humi for my 30th bday last year. The wife and daughter got me the 3 shelf desk top cabinet humi that hold 75-100. It has a great cherry wood finish to it and glass on all sides to keep an eye on the treasures. They even got my initials engraved on the name plate which was a nice touch. I like it because it is compact enough but a very nice looking furniture piece that could really go anywhere in the house.

  • wally828

    My ideal humidor would definitely be a walk-in, complete with boxes of my favorite cigars wall-to-wall, with a RH of 69.

    • wally828

      Tweeted btw!

  • RyanG

    Ideal for me would be plenty of trays and a lot of lateral space. Facebook!

  • NoSmokingJacket

    My ideal humidor…..”BOTTOMLESS!”

  • skippy597

    My ideal humidor would be about a one hundred count with deep rich colors and a sort of vintage look to it. I have a 50 count and I’ve filled it up numerous time and decide I need a bigger one. Also I like the idea of converting a military ammo can to a travel humidor with cedar planks lining the inside along with padding and cedar shaving to help preserve the cigars. I liked ya on facebook thanks for all you do!

  • amaro5211

    My idea humidor is sitting in my house, holds around 3,500 – 4,500 stogies, has an avallo humidification system in it. I love her very much because when the fans circulate 1 min every hour you cant tell that the beast is on. she has kept my stogies fresh for over 2 years with i think 3 fill ups total. rock solid for my stogies, makes them taste that much better. I love it.

  • Mfriguy

    My ideal humidor would be filled with a wide assortment of smokes I have yet to try, and would hold a minimum of 500.

    • Mfriguy

      Liked on Facebook!

  • bwelder

    My ideal humidor would be a 300 count with a glass front so that I could see my prized colection. posted on facebook

  • Utahraptor

    My ideal humidor would be a wall mounted humidor with a glass front, large enough to hold about 300 cigars. Liked on Facebook.

  • custommartini

    Ideally I would like to have a humidor room separate from my smoking room. with mounted glass front shelves and a door chime that greets me with the voice of Jennie (From “I dream of Jeannie”) saying “Hello Master”

    facebook like

  • llmercll

    My ideal humidor would fit in my pocket and act like a pokeball. i throw it on the ground and out pops whichever cigar i feel like, haha

    liked facebook

    ps in reality my ideal humidor would be modest hold humidity well and have cedar accents

  • Smokin Butts

    My ideal humidor would have to be a walk-in humidor that is in my man cave in the basement. 2000 cigar capacity and maintained by the best humidity control system available.

    Liked on facebook

  • h3lloladi3s

    My ideal humidor would be a wooden cabin in the middle of the woods so I could just go in grab a smoke and chill on a hammock and listen to nature take it course.


  • GurkhaMan

    My ideal humidor would really be a room. raw cedar shelving for the best humidity control. 24 hour automated humidification system so I could set and forget. In The rear of the room would be a glass “vault” to store my more precious sticks. Connected to the humi-room would be a nice lounge so me and my friends could have a beer or scotch and a nice cigar.

  • Trollio50

    My Ideal and dream humidor would be a cabinet humidor that held 3000 cigars in the shape of a Green Lantern. It would be completely automated with voice recognition and the key would be my Green Lantern power ring which i have to place in the lantern and speak the green lantern oath. The lantern would then light up and ask me what i felt like smoking and when i would tell it the appropriate drawer would come out and all of my cigars bands would be symbol and color of all the emotional spectrum according to the size with the brand of the cigar on the back of the band

    I liked on Facebook

    • Trollio50

      And yes i am over 18 just a really big nerd if i win i can prove it

  • LouieZmich

    Liked- my ideal humidor would be a walk in humidor the size of a walk in closet that would be located in my man cave in my future imaginary house. It would have many levels of boxes and singles and always be kept at perfect 70% to balance Illinois crazy weather.

  • bonesmurones

    Liked – My ideal humidor would always be full! Beyond that it’s all just showing off as far as I’m concerned 😛

  • Grapes

    Liked – My ideal humidor would not be one large one but rather a collection of smaller humidors. This would be ideal for a few reasons: First a few it would aid in the organization of my smokes as well as make cataloging easier; second I feel like it would be a less cumbersome task to regulate the humidity in a few small humidors then it would be in a large one.

  • WolF414

    My ideal humidor would be 200-250 count glass front display style with a dark cherry wood outside. Of course it would always be full! 🙂

    Liked on facebook!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    My ideal humidor would be able to hold boxes and singles. It would be glass front/top and be a really nice piece of furniture, almost like a desk, end table, or wine/bar cabinet. It would be made out of cherry wood with carvings.
    I “liked” this.

  • jackdan

    Spanish cedar walk-in. Nuff said! Liked on FB

  • Trumpee

    My ideal humidor ehh? First off, anything a step up from my first humi would be great… a 1970’s orange Tupperware container from my mother’s days as a a Tupperware lady. It would need to be big. No matter the limit, it is going to be filled. Highly compartmentalized to separate by size, brand and origin with chronographs in each to track aging. Built of Central American Koa wood with intricate inlays made from Imapala horns, ivory and dove feathers. It would need to be bluetooth enabled. I don’t know why though.

    • Trumpee

      Liked on FB.

  • phaasenritter

    My ideal humidor would be a hand crafted chest with ornate warrior based designs, having ample compartments to contain the following:

    – 5 to 20 Cigars
    – 1 Ash tray
    – 1 Cutter
    – 100 Strike anywhere matches
    – 1 Bottle of wine
    – 1 Fifth of Gin
    – 1 Fifth of Rye Wisky
    – 4 Tumblers
    – 4 Wine glasses
    – 2 Knifes (Kirpan, Kukri, or Kris)
    – 2 Flint Lock Pistols

    Basically it would be the warriors chest, full of everything a man needs before the final volley.

    Liked on FB

  • WrenchTurner

    Id have to say mine would be a snap-on tool box that is converted to a humidor. It would have a large lift up lid for a display area covered in glass, and several pull out drawers for cigar storage of any size. This would be an awsome mancave humidor!!!!

    • WrenchTurner

      forgot liking on facebook!!!!

  • The Burn Ward

    Humidor in the shape of a guitar case. A birdseye maple finish. Accompanied by a lifetime supply of 69% humidipaks. Should do the trick.

    Clicked Like

  • mrl4889

    My ideal humidor would a B&M style walk in job with boxes on top of boxes! Tweeted!

  • memoriesofwe

    I have my ideal humidor. I am a light smoker and my 100ct desktop humidor with glass window and digital hygrometer looks great sitting on my desk. I am in love with it, its also my first one so it means a lot to me. I would only want my closet turned into one if I had enough cigars to fill it like I do in my desktop one.
    I tweeted this on the twitter.

  • mustardboy666

    Ideal humi 3 to 400 count with glass top but with a sliding cover. dark cherrywood, on a countertop next to a decanter of bourbon! liked on FB

  • shawnmc77

    My ideal humidor would be a 300 count glasstop with a lock and a good seal so I wouldn’t have to recharge my beads so much.

    liked on facebook

  • derek_straus

    My idea humidor would be a 500 count humidor that has a big three hundred main compartment, and had a large lower unit that is intended to store full boxes of cigars! The humidor would be kept at 70%!

    liked on Facebook!

  • TimB

    My idea humidor would be an old aged Mahogany one with 500 of the best Cubans.

    liked on Facebook

  • My ideal humidor would be a big cabinet humidor that I could keep boxes in. With a nice smooth finish and glass fronts. Filled with tasty cigars.
    I shared on twitter.

  • I’d love to have a humidor end table in the mancave.

  • guarnacciad

    I would have a large china cabinet looking humidor the top would be glass display setup with tilted shelves. The bottom would be cabinet drawers that when you pulled them out the inside of the drawer would have a glass and wood cover making each drawer its own self contained humidor. The top part would have humidity temperature control with an electric humidifier. I liked on facebook

  • BigMike

    A large walk-in…

    I liked.

  • fort9erfan

    Perfect humidor, hold about 200 sticks top of the line humidity sysem with dry compartments to store accesories. Rich dark wood, glass top.

  • PsycotikMind

    My ideal humidor would be an elegant cabinet made of dark teak with full length framed glass doors and three large slide out trays for easy access. It would have a 500-600 capacity with temperature and humidity controls.

    I tweeted.

  • Splits09

    My ideal humidor would hold 300 sticks, hawaiian koa outside, spanish cedar inside. multiple dividers and a digital hygrometer/thermometer that was stone cold accurate!

    liked on facebook

  • readingwilliam

    I’m visualizing something in the 300 range, but 150-200 would also allow me to expand. It would be good to have some glass so I can view those warlocks without opening the box and compromising humidity. Something in a dark brown almost black, knotty or antiqued etc.

    Liked on FB

  • pierson5

    I’d be content with a small personal humidor for personal and special events. (Maybe holding around 75 cigars).


  • wataugariver

    My ideal humidor would be a large custom humidor similar to the ones manufacturered by Gryphon Humidor — with a capacity greater than currently produced (110 cigars) and containing two separately sealed vaults with one being adjustable for loose sticks and the second being designed for the accommodation of cigar boxes and the overall volume dimensions of this ideal humidor being more wide and deep than high.

  • Johnnycatt

    my ideal humidor would be made out of black walnut, glass top to check the humidity levels, and holding up to 300 cigars with a single tray to hold all the single cigars.
    thank you so much bryan for all the great reviews and contests keep up the good work cheers!
    i liked this on facebook

  • wdaccarett

    Hi!! My ideal humidor would be one with a very dark beown color in the outside, with capacity for about 150cigars. I would also like a secret compartment for having my best cutter and lighter there.

    • wdaccarett

      I liked in facebook a twityer too…

  • towerladder87

    My ideal humidor would be a walk in humidor. I would make it as a addition onto my home. It would have the capacity to hold thousands of cigars. My shelves would be cedar with LED backlighting. It would have a dry and mist humidification system in it. It would be set at exactly 70 degrees. In the center would be endless slow turning displays of my favorite cutters and lighters.And to top it off I would mount LED TVs to the ceiling with Bryan Glynn Cigar Obsession Reviews playing to remind me about the profiles of every cigar present in my humidor.

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