by Bryan Glynn, February 2, 2013

The mail just came….with more cigars…who thinks it’s a good day for a Cigar lottery Drawing?! 🙂

  • PCcigar

    Hell Yeah!!!!! I definatley do!!!!
    I’ve been on disability since Dec because I tore my damn Achilles. Haven’t been able to get to a cigar store to stock up.
    I’m up for a cigar drawing!!!!

  • Dale

    Is there ever a bad day for a drawing? 🙂

  • Scriptman44

    Um, Yeah! I think it might be the best day ever!

  • TimB

    Yes it is!!!

  • zigmann

    Sounds like it could be a great day for a drawing!

  • chief791

    Every day is a good day for a Drawing.

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