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East India Trading Co. Red Witch Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 1, 2013
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East India Trading Co. Red Witch Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×52 box pressed stick features a dark chocolate satiny, slightly toothy dry wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, large double cap, even spongy give and very rich milk chocolate aroma. First light reveals an absolute full bodied flavor powerhouse with huge earthy tobacco draw flavors, rich thick smoke off a tiny draw, a slight sweetness and creamy texture with a big pepper zing through the full long finish. The first third burns quickly with an ok burn line, moving the body slightly down to medium-full keeping the same draw profile just dropping some of the pepper on the finish. 25 minutes in at the 1/2 way point the band comes off, flavors continue to mellow to a medium body, getting smoother and oilier with the sweetness coming out more through the finish.

Thank you to Gurkha for sending this in for review!

  • walshy

    Great Review as always Bryan. I saw the Red Witch line at a B&M recently. Didn’t realize it was a Gurkha product. Seems like this was a tasty stick with half decent construction. Unlike the last few Gurkhas I’ve had. Will definitely give this one a shot. Thanks Bryan.

  • Greg Bellante

    Great Review Bryan almost tempted me to try one of these sticks but I’ve had so many bad cigars from Gurkha I’m really shell-shocked about trying another new product. The only Gurkha cigar i will smoke is the Park Ave and that’s it.

  • sixstring

    Ill be looking for one of these! I really like box pressed…especially my San Lotano Maduro favorite. I really like the mouth feel of the flat sides. Great review Bryan! Always catch up with ya everyday on FB!

  • sawfam

    After the first draw it looked like you we’re going to flip out of your chair. Maybe that term could be added to your vernacular when describing a stick. “The flavors were soooo bold and complex I almost chair flipped”…

    Keep em’ coming.

    • I agree! Chair Flipped needs to be used in the future.

  • Like others, I’m not a huge Gurkha fan… this however seems like it could be a nice touch. I love the flavor profile you’ve given it… right up my alley!

  • kurngar

    I smoked this cigar recently and had the same experience, although I did not get the kick off this cigar at all. I love most of Gurkha’s cigars. I do have a question though, I have recently encountered on several different occasions where the wrapper of the cigar I am smoking has what I can best describe as blowout, little hole in the wrapper about an inch or so from the foot. Was wondering what can be causing this? I do not have bettles and my cigars are kept in humidors.

  • drjwall

    I wish Gurkha made all their like this and the Wicked Indie, those seem have the best construction. The funny thing is, they are the cheapest sticks Gurkha offers, (at least around here). For the price I would recommend these over the regular Brickhouse offerings, although the Brickhouse Maduro is also a great affordable stick. Great review as always Brian!

    • kurngar

      The wicked indie is a great stick, I pick up a few every time I got to the B&M. The Brickhouse Maduro is a also one of the sticks I pick up a lot when I go to the store

  • Cgaudin

    Great review. I didn’t know Gurkha made these, I also tried the wicked indie, which is a great stick

  • Johnnycatt

    i need to find this stick it sounds so tasty

  • gtclark

    Somehow missed this review – makes me excited for the new release in this line…now to track down this stick so I can give it a try

    • gtclark

      Ok I finally got around to this one over the weekend – I really enjoyed it! Really great sweet / peppery combination, oily, thick smoke and a nice 45 minute burn time. I’d buy a box if I could get a 20 count but they only come in chests of 50…

  • rgmenke

    Expansion of the Gurkha line means more haters but it sounds like a quality stick.

  • raja

    My experience with the boxed press cigars I’ve smoke recently (La Herencia Cubana Core, Maria Mancini,and Nica Libre) is that they don’t burn well. Half of the wrapper/ binders don’t keep up with the filler. Can’t help but think that I’m not getting the full flavor profile if I’m only getting half of the wrappers and binders in a draw.

  • A Huge Nerd

    I had one of these a few days ago. My experience was pepper, pepper, and more pepper. That’s pretty much it. It was spicy and bitter the whole way through. It did have a super loose draw. Crapload of smoke output, but it didn’t burn worth a damn. Constant touch ups, and it was super hot & squishy by the halfway point. Not a fan.

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