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Jan 31

Guy Stuff – Garlic Mushroom Red Wine Sauce Steaks

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2013 in Guy Stuff



Guy Stuff – Garlic Mushroom Red Wine Sauce Steaks

This is a very versatile recipe, one that can be made completely different by changing the type of steaks, prep method and added ingredients to your sauce. I show you a great base and my variation for it using garlic and mushrooms, but feel free to do your own things if you aren’t a ‘shroom fan as many aren’t. A couple big tips – use thick tender cuts of meat and a good drinking wine. You can grill your choice of steaks but you will miss out on a little beef flavor as you won’t have the browned bits to deglaze in the pan as the base for the sauce.

Steak, your choice
A GOOD Red wine
Beef broth
Garlic, optional

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Bring on the comments

  1. derek_straus says:

    That looks awesome! I have something similar to this that uses duck, but yours looks way better! I will give this a shot here in the near future!

  2. Pokesfan says:

    Excellent! You can’t beat a good steak! Thanks for the video Bryan…

  3. TimFusco says:

    Dude….garlic is NEVER optional. :)

  4. goldendd says:

    Hey Bryan, try using a European style butter in your sauces, they have less water in them. It makes a difference in baking too. Good job!

  5. kprichardson7 says:

    I gave this a shot, and made it last night for the family. It was a hit! Absolutely delicious.

  6. neocigaro says:

    Love Steak!!! haha have to season it well or else you eat something with no flavor no no for the price of good steak

  7. eric.hanson says:

    I love making steak on the grill, even though you made these in the pan I might adapt this recipe a bit and try it on the grill some time. I’m always lookingfor new steak recipes

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