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Congratulations to ‘Fuzzy’ And Here’s The Next Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, January 28, 2013
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Photo1Congratulations to ‘Fuzzy’, get me your mailing info and StogieBoys.com will send your prize pack right out! And Here’s The Next Contest!

This week I have a REALLY special pack, with a one-of-a-kind cigar that was only for 2012 IPCPR vendors, plus 4 more great smokes that have been aging in my humidor for 3+ years!

Plus, I have one of my favorite dual-flame lighters (see the review at the bottom of the reviews page) PLUS three carabiner/bottle opener/punch units from Screwpoptool.com – thanks guys!

To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your ideal cigar lounge would be like, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest 🙂

Good luck everyone!

  • I guess my ideal lounge would be a lot like my ideal bar, a cross between an Irish pub and French Quarter, New Orleans. It would have mostly the brick and hardwood decor that you typically find in your pubs with wrought iron accents around the fireplace and gas lit lanterns on the walls. It would naturally also have a stacked bar or Scotch and premium coffee. There would also be a lot of jazz being played through out the lounge, no TVs though, I would want patrons to be forced into socializing.

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    • Bruno

      It would be like they were say about the turn of the century or like the would be in
      a big city in a old neighbor hood. comfortable and men only no hype but nice even for the average Joe.

      I poasted on twitter @55stillsmokin

  • Derek

    Definitely something homey, nothing to fancy just comfortable. One TV in the back corner because sometimes I just like to sit by myself and unwind with a smoke. And a great selection of cigars for a reasonable price. There isn’t a lounge within a few hundred miles of where I live so really a heated room with a few chairs would do it for me.
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  • custommartini

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    My ideal lounge would be divided into two parts: One side with a TV and one side without. Decent priced drinks and food would be served. Quiet music in the background would be playing and there would be comfortable chairs for everyone.

  • Loftex

    My ideal cigar lounge is of darker wood decor. It has an open fireplace and easy lighting, but not dim. Of coarse, this lounge sells cigars and has a large walk in humidor carrying a large and diverse selection. It has a bar with featuring assorted scotch, whiskey, and bourbon of fine and rare qualities. Also a variety of craft micro-brews, wines and old style draft rootbeer. Rounded in a variety of sodas, coffees and other non alcoholic beverages as well. This bar is ran by a person trained it pairing these beverages with cigars. Comfortable seating, and a tv or 3 for sports or educational tv like science channel or discovery etc…..

    • Loftex

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  • Michael

    My ideal lounge would have a large comfy leather couch that reclines, a large HD flat screen tv, a stocked fridge nearby, a great air exhaust and filtration system, a tall “Stinky” ash tray, a well stocked humidor……wait a minute…that’s my living room!
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  • CigarStrawn

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    My ideal cigar lounge would of course have a large walk in humidor in the back filled with a variety of cigars, a bar with a fine selection of coffees, wines, whiskeys, and beer to pair with your cigar, free WiFi, and very comfortable dark leather chairs that you sink into. These chairs would surround circular tables and between each chair would be a small stand to set an ashtray on. There would be a large flat-screen TV over the bar and two on the wall. In front of of these two TVs would be large leather couches ready for game day.

  • WolF414

    My Ideal lounge would have a great walk in humidor with a excellent variety of cigars. Also a very nice bar area and TVs. The colors would be medium earth tones and wood.

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  • sawfam

    A lounge with an excellent air/exhaust system first and foremost. Then add a warm inviting interior with a fireplace and all sorts of nooks for tables and couches. Last, a unique mix of boutique wines and small batch bourbons. C’mon Cincy, lets make this place a reality…

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    Thanks and keep the great reviews coming!

  • rockjock

    My ideal lounge would be something like a library that you see in a mansion. Nice tall room with plenty of darkly stained wood and big comfy chairs. Not loud so you could actually hold a conversation.

  • btubesing

    My ideal lounge would have hot tubs, TVs, nice low key fully stocked bar, and plenty of big comfy chairs. Also, I would have a good amount of board games and card games going. Would also have video games for people that are interested!

    I tweeted.

  • Archaicism

    My ultimate lounge would entail a comfy atmosphere with a small, but tasteful selection of sticks. Lots of leather couches, dim lighting, good strong drinks, and a ventilation just crappy enough to leave a slight haze through the room. There would be a private section for parties or business meetings that come with an on hand personal cutter/lighter person who has mastered the ritual;for a yearly price, frequent patrons could also rent a locker to keep special occasion sticks on hand at all times. Maybe some light bar food, but nothing to take away from why I’d be there: cigars, company, and comfort.

    • Archaicism

      I ‘liked’, by the way. 😀

  • Markwz11

    My ideal lounge would be so well vented that you actually smell better when you leave, than when you got there. All furniture would be well aged leather and the bar would stock every drink imaginable from coffee to 30 yr. old Scotch and of course it would have huge flat screens and the fastest free WiFi available to man.
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  • phaedron

    Liked via Facebook! My ideal lounge would have a full bar stocked with an array of fine craft brews and high-end rums, bourbons and scotches. It’ll have a huge walk-in humidor with a selection of ultra-boutique, hard to find cigars, plus all the mainstays. It will have bar seating, plus groupings of comfy chairs to accommodate groups of three or more. Tiffany table lamps. Pedestal ashtrays. Soft music. Industrial-grade smoke eater that runs kitten-purr quiet. Free wi-fi. And once a month, some cigar luminary shows up for an event with great deals on boxes and some free samples!

  • chief791

    It must have at least 5 big screen tv’s. Plenty of big leather chairs and couches. Air filtration must be top notch. Fully stocked bar with a huge selection of all liqueurs, Beer, Wine, and coffee. A couple of pool tables would be nice and a satellite Juke box Loaded with the Blues.

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  • puffrey

    My ideal ciagr bar is actually just up the road from me. Its small, very rustic and the smoking area has enough room for about 8-10 people to enjoy comfortably. There is a fridge in the closet, 2 flatscreens on the wall, a poker table, dart board, and bathroom all within 25 feet of each other.

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  • Pokesfan

    My ideal lounge would have soft leather chairs, a fully stocked bar, walk-in humidor and a BIG flat screen to watch the games in HD. A couple of nice girls to take and serve drink orders wouldn’t be a bad touch…

    • Pokesfan

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  • jeffk

    My ideal cigar lounge would be a lot like my basement – just with cigars allowed! I have a full gameroom, with a dozen pinball machines and a bar. Add the beer fridge fully stocked with craft beers and a few leather chairs and I am good. (I liked and tweeted this contest – thanks)

  • micktorres

    My ideal lounge is sitting in my backyard watching the sunset on Biscayne Bay.

  • mufdvr6976

    low lights, stripper poles, stogies thatsthe idesl lounge for me!!

  • mufdvr6976

    oh yeah I liked!

  • Tom V

    mine is what I have already. My mancave patio with various sports items. ashtray, fridge stocked with my favorite microbrews,Grill, Heater for those cool days,and a great view of the Rocky Mountains to enjoy our great weather and sunsets

  • Mike Moon

    My ideal lounge would have a walk in humidor, dart boards, pub, leather chairs and big screen HD televisions to watch games.
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  • ptyler

    Nice walk in humidor with good selection is a given…would love a bar with good selection of craft beer and Scotch. Comfy chairs set up both to create social group interaction or if you want to be on your own. Free Wifi and a television. Good air filtration system. And most of all, a warm and welcoming lounge owner/manager and nice and interesting people to enjoy a cigar with.

    • ptyler

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  • zigmann

    There is a finished bedroom in my basement that needs updating. I plan on using this as a smoke room. After some new sheet rock, a couple fresh coats of paint and a new carpet, I will put a nice comfortable futon and a chair up against the walls. An end table at the end of the couch will double as a humidor and a coffee table in the middle of the room will also serve as a humidor. Custom framed and matted pictures of my favorite cigars will adorn the walls. Lastly, On the wall in front of the couch I will mount a large screen tv.

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  • Andrew

    On the top floor of a building overlooking Atlanta. Big wraparound windows, hardwood floors, leather couches, and a bar. No TVs would be in there, only a high quality sound system. I would also include a couple of book shelves with some of my favorite books lining the shelves.

    • Andrew


  • Texvet

    Ideal lounge would have 4 winged back leather chairs, each chair w/a vintage ashtray stand. A stereo, tv and a good exhust system. Lastly, a large glass front humidor packed full with our favorite sticks.

  • au_coffeemaster

    My ideal cigar lounge would be simple. Just a dedicated room in my house filled with my favorite sport team’s gear. Have some comfortable furniture to relax in and a computer to occupy my time. Nothing special just a place to go escape and enjoy my favorite sticks.

    I tweeted this.

  • derek_straus

    My idea cigar lounge would be a spacious room with a walk in or cabinet humidor filled with boxes of my favorite cigars. it would have two of three TVs for when games are on. And would also have a fully stocked bar!

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  • cassanpj

    My ideal cigar lounge would first off need a bar somewhere in it. Then a huge walk in humidor. Then there would have to be a couple of large screen televisions so I can watch sports. Or it would be even better if my dream cigar lounge was really just a large movie theatre where they have waiters handing out drinks throughout. -tweeted

  • bloodybud17

    My ideal cigar lounge would be some very comfortable seating. That’s about all I require. Maybe some things like a pool table or something but I really just like to sit and enjoy my cigar while socializing.

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  • GarMan12

    My ideal Cigar lounge would be something really high end old school. Leather couch’s and chairs, like you would see in a cigar club in a movie or something. A very large vent system. Plenty of room for the boys. Enough refreshments to go around, a decent sound system, and maybe a TV. Just someplace for me and my closest friends to be able to relax comfortably and enjoy as many cigars as our pallets will allow!

  • DanTheMan

    My ideal cigar lounge is outside in the summer at sunset, warm, humid, a lite breeze and lightning far off in the distance. An ice cold beer in one hand and the other discovering a new favorite Cigar.

  • MattSRoss81

    I’ve tweeted this out…

    Being a beach guy, I’d have a lounge right on the water. Cozy and comfortable inside, nice humidor and great bar selection. Customers have the option of sitting inside and watching one of the numerous TVs or sitting on an enclosed deck with panoramic views of the ocean. Beautiful!

  • The first thing that pops into my head when I think of a cigar lounge is large luxurious leather executive chairs.

    Put in a fireplace, some exotic wood flooring and you’ve got the framework for my ideal cigar lounge.

    With that said, being in Canada any cigar lounge would be an ideal lounge since indoor smoking is banned.

  • dvillan87

    I liked it on Facebook. My ideal cigar lounge would be hardwood floors, big comfy leather couches, couple of big screen tvs, nice sound system to go around the lounge but wouldn’t be used too loud because people like to relax, big bar loaded with different beers on tap & great spirits, and of course last but not least a huge walk in humidor with a great selection of cigars, cigars that would tend to anyones taste and likes. Also knowledgable owner that understands what their customers want and needs. Also try to make the environment as friendly and inviting as possible.

  • Ignem

    I think my ideal cigar lounge would be large, well-ventilated, some big TVs, free Wi-Fi, and booze. Friendly staff and customers are a big plus too.. and maybe reasonable cigar prices!

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  • GurkhaMan

    My ideal cigar lounge would have a large humidor stocked with quality sticks.There would be a bar serving craft beers and single malts. There would also be barista service (as I am known to drink an espresso with a nice maduro) as well as a tobacconist on hand who is fully trained and knowledgeable; ready with suggestions and information. All of this set in a building lined with wood paneling and decked with leather furniture. It must have a TV for the games and few poker tables as well.

  • Mikie

    My ideal lounge would have big comfy leather chairs and couches. Large screen TV’s place around the walls. Also a nice bar with hot and cold drinks. facebooksome deserts. Clicked

  • The new guy

    I would try to have it look and feel as man cave-ish as possible. Brick walls, nice long bar, assorted beverages and a nice dark bamboo floor. There would be more couches than chairs and stools. I would have a nice large humidor with the variety of smokes sectioned from light to medium to full so people can go with anything they like without having to ask questions about “hey how strong is this stick?” it would also be great for people starting off and know more of where they would start out. Most distinct flavors would be labeled for each cigar. I would have a staff that would be knowledgeable about the products, weather its pairing or just the cigar itself and how to use the propper tools needed. Twice a week, they would have a cigar 101 for people that want to learn from the first time all the way to the experienced smoker. Not so many tv’s. Hold it to 2. I dont want it to feel like you are at some fancy place where you have to act like you have to look nice. Not a huge place but not small either. This place would be for the average joe! comfort is key!

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    Chris McDavid aka The new guy

    • The new guy

      and hey Bryan, the double natural flame lighter. Is that what you are talking about? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, or don’t even know what to call it. It looks like it would toast it quite nice!

  • DaveCrump

    Tweeted! My ideal cigar lounge has access to abundant fresh air. If I lived in a warmer climate it would even be outside. It would have excellent venting, a table for the humi, cutter and lighter. An armchair and side table and ample lighting for reading. There would be a hi-def TV for UFC/MMA, etc. It doesn’t need to be too fancy, after all, the cigar is the “guest of honor”.

  • tispangler

    Living in the NorthEast, number one requirement is heat ! Then, good TV, Stereo, Bookers bourbon and, of course, great cigars. Oh yea, and an easy chair.
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  • jungjae510

    liked on fb…my ideal lounge would have good conversation and good ventilation

  • kb9311

    Shared on Facebook, my ideal lounge would be well ventilated large area with tv’ s everywhere and a bar very close. However I’ll smoke nearly anywhere with good friends and good smokes.

    • kb9311

      I meant liked on Facebook.

  • DavidKIT

    A lounge with large tvs, comfortable seating, local beers on tap, a great ventilation system…and a good looking bartender wouldn’t hurt. Also, be open on Sundays so I can come and watch football. Liked on FB.

  • Geofiveo

    My ideal lounge would have a projection screen about 70 inches or so. I would have a built in keg and pool table for when the fellas come over. The ventilation would have to be top notch so it doesn’t become an overwhelming plum of smoke, just the right amount.

  • geekfish

    My ideal lounge is more like a backyard deck. Roof for when it rains. Closable windows and a heater for the winter. Openview of the wilderness.

  • ptuterajr

    My ideal Cigar Lounge would be situated on Crescent Beach in Siesta Key , Sarasota Florida. Lounge would have an indoor area for the hot summer days as well as an outdoor beach patio for enjoying your smokes at sunset. Women in bikinis would be refilling your drinks and serving food. Local band jamming tunes and thats about it.

  • cigarnube

    My ideal lounge would be a large open room with a lot of wood accents that give it a warm feeling. The bar would have any drink the patrons desire. There would be lots of large leather chairs to sit and smoke in, not to mention the many pool tables for shooting some pool. And I liked on facebook.

  • JHylk717

    My ideal cigar lounge would be a large room with great circulation. It would have many large round tables with plush leather chairs around them and a nice deep ashtray in between every chair. The walls would have several flat screen TV’s that could be accessed by a remote on the table. A nice sized bar would be nestled in the corner for those wishing to have a nice beverage with their cigar. I tweeted this!

  • cigarhobby85

    My ideal cigar lounge is indoor with a well kept humidor. Their prices can be a little high but not doubled as many are. They will have a knowledgable staff and not try to always sell their house blend as an awesome deal. I tweeted this.

  • 007MI6

    Ideal cigar lounge, let’s see, some basics: large, comfy leather chairs arranged in a semi-circle, in front of a large flat-screen TV. Floorstand ashtrays on each side, or an end table with a lamp. A small bar area with glasses and a fridge for storing drinks. One corner, away from the TV area, a quieter area with leather chairs and a couch or two. Free, secure wifi, and a friendly staff. I liked on FB, Tweeted & +1’d this.

  • bluebell

    I think a cigar lounge should have a dark yet inviting atmosphere. I would like a fireplace in the center with alot of cozy leather chairs placed all around. It should have a large walk in humidor and a bar. Tv’s would be great for sports or History Channel. I like you on Facebook. Thanks again Brian for the good work.

  • cryptical33

    Ideally I would like to run one. Several different rooms with different ambiances. Good bar selection. Solid ventilation.


  • LouieZmich

    Liked- My ideal cigar lounge would be one that is open very late hours. Maybe even twenty four seven. I find myself wanted to go and relax with a nice cigar after work, but the problem is most cigar lounges close at early hours. My lounge would have a poker room, big screened TVs and many many leather seats and couches. I would also have a big walk in humidor with all the brands that my customers recommended me carry.

  • kprichardson7

    My ideal cigar lounge would have a premium ventilation system, large walk-in glass humidor with a top-of-the-line selection, lights dimmed, leather chairs, and of course plasma TV’s. I liked on facebook!

  • Johnnycatt

    my ideal cigar lounge would be a dim and have a very chill, relaxing atmosphere. Well ventilated. Fire place. Big leather couches and chairs. Coffee tables stocked with cards and board games. Well stocked bar with wine, liquor, various beers and microbrews, and New Glarus Spotted Cow and Left Hand Milk Stout on tap. No TVs, but definitely WiFi. And last, but not least, a big walk in humidor with nothing but premium cigars. I liked on facebook.

  • zman7310

    My ideal cigar lounge would have great, comfortable seating with very friendly service. They would also have a huge walk in humidor with a great selection of premium cigars. Nice relaxed, chill place to enjoy a great cigar. Liked on twitter.

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    High tech from ceiling to the floor…top notch exhaust system, traditional walk in, maybe 15 ft.x 15 ft with an island in the middle with some high tech touches…all shelves could be at eye level or chest level with the touch of a button…info stations w/headphones in each corner with stool where they can watch or read cigar reviews and browse info on the company websites. A stage for live performances, a touchscreen music player with a selection of all the latest and greatest cigar puffin tunes, flat screen TV’s, vending machine style accessory case, ergonomic chairs designed specifically for comfort and enjoying a good cigar and cocktail, fully stocked bar including exotic liquors and beers and very roomy as I have noticed a lot of lounges tend to be a little cramped. Open 8am, close at 5:30 am.

    • DairyLandCigarFan414

      Tweeted this and liked on FB….

  • david121

    My ideal lounge would have a bar, comfortable worn in leather couches, some t.v.’s on the walls, and a loooot of space. I tweeted.

  • guarnacciad

    My ideal lounge would have a huge selection of cigars from all brands of course. A full bar with a knowledgeable bartender and of course great scotches and bourbons. It would either have or be next to a great place that served awesome hot and cold sandwiches, pizza and other good food. There would be leather couches and TV’s. There would also be an area for a live band on weekends. I would also like it if they served great coffee and of course were open all the time.

    I liked on facebook

  • mfox93

    Liked on Facebook. My ideal cigar lounge would have 2 80 inch projector screens to watch football or whatever, and next to each chair would be mini fridges to keep beer and what not.

  • newalli3

    My ideal Lounge would be the ultimate get away. I would have a fully stocked bar, specializing in Whisky, and Micro-brew beer. A Coffee bar. I would have a large walk-in Humidor. A large room with TVs for all the big games. A game room with dominos, Chess, Checkers, etc. On the first weekend of the month I would have a catered “pairing” dinner with wine, than the third weekend, it would be a Micro-brew paired dinner. I would offer a discount to everyone who purchased 15 or more cigars at a time, encouraging them to mix and match if they desired. I would also offer humidified locker rentals, that way my customers could leave some cigars at the Lounge, not having to transport them.

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  • NiceWinter

    It would be low key. A few booths and some nice leather chairs, serving some good single-malts.

  • pirateteaparty

    My ideal lounge would be a place to escape from the day to day. Borrowing elements from a sports bar, it would feature game day viewing on big screens. Pool tables to have some fun with friends while you smoke. And of course a fine selection of sticks and a full service bar so almost anyone could find something they like. And ample comfy seating for conversing with buddies. Liked on the facebook.

  • mickdewall

    Liked this one on FB.

    My ideal Cigar Bar/Hangout would be a place that served spirits that matched the caliber of cigars carried. Something that had premium cigars with top-shelf whiskeys and scotches. The place would have ample seating for brothers and sisters of the leaf to be able to sit, relax, and share in a good smoke.

  • mbuckwash

    I liked it on facebook. My ideal cigar lounge would include a perfectly humid 69% humidity humidor with smokes able to be purchased and smoked at the ready. I would also enjoy appetizers and paired alcohol at the lounge, with cigar aficianados willing and ready to give you advice on pairing and helping you choose a stick based on your personal preference. Lastly, I would like it to have tons of smoke eaters throughout so its not overly smoky and not going to make your clothes smell of cigars for the next few days/weeks,

  • carrillo

    If I could open a cigar bar it would like if a Sports Bar and a Winery had a Baby!!!! A place where the common guy or even a business man could go and relax and just hangout enjoying a cigar from a large walk in Humidor without worries. Then have a seperate room with private lockers with large rich leather couches where you can engage in meaningful conversations. The reason I enjoy smoking cigars…The people you meet along the way with the enjoyment of The Cigar! Liked of FaceBook.

  • James

    I liked on facebook. My ideal lounge would be simple, One that has more than 6 or 8 seats and enough ventilation so i could see from one side to the other when it’s full lol.

  • drjwall

    Wood paneled, over stuffed leather chairs, big old liquor cabinet, and of course plenty of friends and smokes. (liked on Facebook.)

  • sdh3237

    My ideal lounge would have large overstuffed chairs, a full bar, large picture windows overlooking the ocean and babes in bikinis serving the drinks. Tweeted

  • ktraylor77

    My lounge would have a full bar, big TV’s, a nice outdoor patio and sound system, and lazy boys lined up as far as the eye can see!

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  • DrakeXD

    My ideal lounge is a place called “Churchill’s” in Baton Rouge. They have a large walk-in humidor with a knowledgeable staff. The place is dark and full of leather chairs and sofas. The bars have all sorts of fine spirits, including Single Malt Scotches. They even have a band playing in the back room some nights. It was my hang out and I miss it.

    • DrakeXD

      No edit function that I can find, derp. I posted to Twitter.

  • antomos

    My ideal cigar lounge would have couches and recliners. A few pool tables, a well stocked bar and great coffee. TV screens and a knowledgeable staff. I liked on Facebook.

  • jstella

    My ideal cigar lounge would have huge cealings with windows top to bottom that look out to the huge lake that we can take the boats out to go fishing. Inside there would be pool tables, dart boards, and huge TV screens. A huge kitchen with a top chef would cook meals for all the guests. The second floor would have an indoor driving range. Outside in the back of the lounge would be a setup for trap shooting and a huge barbecue area for cook outs. Liked Facebook

  • jpculp57

    My ideal cigar bar would have plentiful seating, not sofas, but recliners and comfy chairs. It would have a few TV’s, but not loaded with them. There would be of course a whiskey bar with higher end whiskey and also plenty of different beers on tap.

  • My ideal lounge would be large and spacious. Sectioned off into sections of seating areas. TVs in some areas, some areas nice and quiet. Drinks available to those who would like from water to whiskey.

    I liked on FB

  • Sam

    My ideal cigar lounge would be like a restaurant: some areas nice and big with room for seating lots of people and other areas smaller and quieter for more private smoking. It would be well ventilated, and would serve snacks and drinks on the house (except for liquor). Books would be available for the occasional reader, along with t.v.’s for entertainment.

    • Sam

      Oh yeah, and I liked on FB

  • twone

    My ideal cigar lounge would have a nice big TV and a patio with a great view! It would also have big comfortable leather chairs and hardwood floors.
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  • djcosta66

    My ideal lounge would be a comfortable leather chairs and couches, with a fully stocked humidor and bar. Of course hooter like waitresses would deliver the cigars and drinks. Big screen TVs in the sports section, with darts, pool tables and golf simulators. What else could you ask for?

    Like #66 on facebook.

  • BigMike

    My lounge would be located between a liquor store and a gun shop – something that could be visited in one stop by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Across the street would be a barber shop, with topless lady barbers.

    I liked on FB!

  • ryanryan2120

    Mine would have somewhat dim lights and separate rooms full of tables and recliners and tvs. Also bars in every rooms to have a perfect drink to accompany your cigar. (tweeted)

  • William G.

    I liked on Facebook. My ideal lounge would be a walk in humidor with a pool table and a place to set and get some work done.

  • jadcock50

    My ideal lounge would be set-up like a libation emporium in my town. It has a bar, big wrap around booths, and several tables. There would be tvs playing several different games and a great menu of drinks, especially hard to find beer. Cigars would be on the menu, as well as having several humidors to choose a cigar of your liking. Great cigars, great drinks, great friends equals a great time.
    I liked on FACEBOOK!

  • Paco

    Liked- My perfect lounge would definitely need to be a place to relax, unwind from a day at work. Dimmed lighting acompanied with soft background music. Also a full bar with great spirits and brews, as well as hot drinks for those cold afternoons. Several community tables to socialise with diferent people.And ofcourse the seats need to be comfortable, preferably leather.Let’s not forget the walking humidor with a nice selection of sticks.

  • Mr_DirtySouth

    My perfect lounge would be a room with comfortable leather chairs and couches with a card table. also i would have tv’s and the room its self would be darker as to be more relaxing it of course would have a walk in humidor and storage lockers. there would also be a bar stocked with the finest single malts but also other drinks. the room would have smoke eaters so your cloths wouldn’t smell for the next several weeks. private rooms would be available and each would have its own fully stocked bar.

    • Mr_DirtySouth


  • Alex

    My ideal lounge: overstuffed leather chairs, a walk-in humidor, and a bar with a bountiful selection of good bourbon.

  • BigNate

    Being a young, colored man I always feel uncomfortable walking into a cigar shop and browsing, and even just talking to the tobacconist. I get instant stares from everyone inside. Sometimes I even encounter an asshole tobacconist who gives me short quick answers as though he’d rather not be talking to me. I would like a cigar lounge where everyone who came in was not judgmental, or pretentious. Instead I would like a regular lounge with couches, chairs, and friendly, laid back people. A bar would be pretty great too! 😀
    I liked on facebook.

  • Smokin Butts

    I liked on facebook
    My ideal cigar lounge would have to have the following…

    A 60″ or larger LED TV with surround sound,
    pool table, walk in humidor, a beautifully crafted wooden bar, fully stocked with best.
    Comfortable furniture for lounging on while beautiful waitresses bring drinks and cigars that can be ordered off the menu. There would seating indoors and outdoors for the warmer months. And of course open 24 hours day, seven days a week.
    I liked on Facebook.

  • dgrambo

    Basically a cigar friendly strip club with affordable drinks and no minimum or cover.



    • dgrambo

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  • juf100

    Liked on FB. Couches, TV’s, and WI-FI is all I would need for a lounge.

  • suitcasejon

    My ideal cigar lounge would feature dark rustics tables and awesome comfortable leather couches. The arrangement would allow parties of multiple people/ those who enjoy a solo smoking session. On one end there would be an electronic fireplace. In the center there would be a 360 degree bar with a variety of top shelf and everyday liquors. It would always have three to four drafts lines with light and dark craft beers. There would be water dispensers available all around. There would be a couple of flat screen TVs featuring either sporting events or random movies by request. The floor would be hardwood. Ventilation is a must. Each couch would have call buttons for an atttendant to either serve or assist with all your smoking needs.

    Liked on Facebook and tweeted

  • Gomez2490

    My ideal lounge would be a two story place with a top floor game room. Lots of leather couches and TVS!. Walk in humidor and a long bar!!

    • Gomez2490

      I liked on FB!!

  • bryan122

    Hey Bryan,

    Thanks for all the great reviews! I tweeted this one out.

    My ideal cigar lounge would have really high ceilings, like maybe set in the atrium of a fancy hotel, and have an excellent ventilation system. I personally enjoy smoke but would rather not sit in it and this way it will be easy to get non-aficionados to come join from time to time.

    All leather furniture. Big comfy chairs and couches.

    Live blues and jazz.

    Premium coffee and coffee drinks would be a must. And, BYOB.

    Fireplace. Big screen TVs. Wi-fi.

    Friendly, well dressed and helpful staff.

    Like something you would have seen back in the roaring 20s.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    In my mind the perfect cigar bar would have a full humidor with both industry favorites as well as many boutique cigars. The bar would be stocked with local beers great liquors and the ability to serve a variety of coffee drinks. As far as ambiance, I would have many TV’s for sports and movie nights. I love the classic hard woos bar, and table look with walls covered with dark wood wainscoting. But I would at all costs want to avoid a pretentious “Cigar Afionado” type atmosphere that could hamper the common cigar smoker or even new cigar smoker that just wants to kick back and enjoy a moment. Glitz and glamour need not apply.

    I tweeted!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    My ideal lounge/cigar bar would have an island feel with a huge walk in humidor. Virtually every cigar you could ever want. It would also be a full service restaurant and bar. The food would be carribean in nature. The waiter/waitress would hand you 3 menus: 1 food menu, 1 drink menu, and 1 cigar menu. No tv’s or internet, just good food, good drinks, good cigars, and good people!
    I “liked” this!

  • Splits09

    My ideal cigar lounge would be a high ceiling room with exceptional air filtration, leather chairs, tables, a walk in humidor, and a fully stocked bar. TV’s and wifi would complete the package.

    liked on facebook

  • djcosta66

    BigNate. I’m a middle aged white guy who lives in the south, and I would be honored to smoke and drink with you any time!

    • BigNate

      Thank you sir! And I as well 🙂

  • tglynnus

    “Liked” on FB.
    My ideal lounge would be very much like the one I go to currently. A large and varied selection of single cigars available in a separate shop, a restaurant/bar area with several TV’s where food and drink are available, a small area with small two-chair tables for wine drinkers near the wine section of the lounge, and smaller room in the back of the lounge where no food or alcoholic beverages are allowed, that’s a bit quieter. And if I could have all of this in the basement of my house, that would be perfect to me.

  • YoMud

    Outside porch all stone. part covered. stone fireplace on one side and stone fire pit on teh other side. big oak table, cozy high back chairs, large outside TV, good music sustem and easy access to a good selection of nice red wines adn good Scotch. Done… I think I just found myself a good spring project. Thanks…

    Liked on Facebook…

  • zgamble

    Liked it!

    My ideal lounge would be extremely well ventilated with comfy lounge chairs and great beer on tap.

  • Justin

    Comfortable and warm (I’m tired of smoking cold). Nothing fancy, but the building would need to have some character…..open beam, brick walls, etc. Atmosphere would be most important, people you can trust and no posers, just good real people who are themselves. Bring in good stuff to share and expect to try some of the good stuff others brought in. Yeah! I liked it. J-Ho Ho

  • wally828

    My ideal cigar lounge would have no cutters fees! Tufted brown leather couches, big ashtrays, excellent ventilation, great booze, a few very strategically placed TVs, a bit higher than dim lighting, weekly live jazz, 1920’s probation/speakeasy themed. Yes!

  • Christopher

    What I would love to see in a cigar lounge would be lots of comfortable chairs and couches, wood stove, great selection of craft beer and no televisions to be seen anywhere.

    I liked on facebook.

  • sduran10

    My ideal lounge would have a built in bar and several TV’s for all sport events.
    liked on facebook

  • alau255

    My ideal lounge would be the old school cigar bar. Dark wood throughout with deep leather chairs. The bar would hae a fine collection of scotch and bourbons along with top notch coffee and espresso.

  • haneyte2000

    My cigar lounge would have nice comfortable couches, big screen tvs that play john wayne movies. With a large humi that had great prices and attached to a place for my wife to go.to leave me alone.

  • PsycotikMind

    My lounge would be open and inviting, with nice big windows in the front so you can see your buddies walking up. The main area would have big leather couches surrounding a coffee table for having great conversations. In the back would be a couple of private rooms if people want a more intimate setting. Of course, the would have to be a few 42 inch TV’s to watch the big game. The humidor would be medium-sized, not too big to have an overwhelming number of sticks. And it would be BYOB.

    I tweeted.

  • quick6

    My cigar lounge would be an old run down aircraft hanger and once you walked inside the smell would stimulate your mind with smooth jazz playing in the back ground. It would have a full scale bar, red oak hardwood floors, 5 – 60 inch HD TVs. I would have a walk-in u-shape humidor that would wrap around my sitting lounge. I would have three private rooms for the parties and my private office that overlooks the entire hanger. I would also a coffee shop inside and a nice sandwich shop. To top off my smooth lay out, I would have live music every Wednesday through Saturday.

    I hit the liked button.

  • Randall S

    My ideal lounge would be inviting to all cigar smokers. It would have plenty of comfortable seating with coffee and snack shop. Great ventilation and outside patio. Have nice tv area. Helpful staff and nice prices . Liked on Facebook.

  • Rick

    My ideal lounge would be warm and inviting with natural dark woods, leather couches and chairs, large screen tv, full bar, a well stocked walk in humidor of course and filled with good people to enjoy fine smokes with.

    • Rick

      Liked on FB.

  • new2sticks

    A well-ventilated, old school golf club/scottish pub feel. Only wine, bourbon, scotch, coffee, and water served. Plenty of tv’s with wireless headphones so other conversations could be held. Happy hour specials on not only drinks, but also cigars. And of course, personal humidor space and leather seating throughout.

  • new2sticks

    A well-ventilated, old school golf club/scottish pub feel. Only wine, bourbon, scotch, coffee, and water served. Plenty of tv’s with wireless headphones so other conversations could be held. Happy hour specials on not only drinks, but also cigars. And of course, personal humidor space and leather seating throughout.


  • superman0234

    My ideal lounge would be loaded with dark wood, and brown leather. It would of course have to be well ventilated and it would be nice if there was a book shelf with an adequate supply of novels. A wet bar of various scotches and whiskeys would be a must. And finally, a nice red brick fireplace for when the weather turned cold outside. Thanks for the contest, Liked on Facebook!

  • llmercll

    My ideal lounge would be very relaxing with dim lights and friendly mature guests. I liked via facebook

  • vwarnerjr

    My ideal lounge would be like a German bar I used to go to years ago, a nice bar in the center with lots of taps, a huge stone fireplace, plenty of comfortable chairs, and great food. A fantastic place to relax, enjoy a great meal, a great drink and an even better cigar.

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