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Guy Stuff – Sweet Juicy Candy Ribs

by Bryan Glynn, January 23, 2013
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Untitled-1Guy Stuff – Sweet Juicy Candy Ribs

For this second rib video, I’m doing everything differently. The first one was fall off the bone tender, great for lots of things but not eating with your hands. This is a great choice for anytime you have a bunch of people, you can just toss the ribs in a bowl and people help themselves! It’s sweet a delicious with options for different varieties as you make them and I explain it all! I also show you how to cut shortribs St. Louis style and why that’s sometimes a good thing and not others…

Rack of Ribs
Apple Juice
Hot Sauce
Pork Rub
Maple Syrup

  • Marc

    Those look great….
    …i think i could smell them for a second once ….
    Thanks for the awesome video.

  • derek_straus

    Those look so good! Defiantly going to have to try this one out! Sam Adams Octoberfest is one of my favorites they make!

  • walshy

    They look awesome Bryan. If it wasn’t 8 degrees outside I’d try them today.

    • PCcigar

      Looks good. Not sure if you have ever used a pressure cooker. You can have fall off bone ribs in 25 minutes with a pressure cooker. If it too cold outside or just not enough time to grill. Also, you can use the recepie that Bryan is using.

  • The new guy

    Great job, those look fantastic. Very jealous!!!

  • natethebrewer

    I hate that I tend to watch these at 11PM before I go to bed… Worst thing ever to go to bed hungry, but best thing for your body…

  • smokethis

    These were great.. my gf and I made them this afternoon. Thanks!

  • macko

    Sounds like a good recipe

  • Orrza

    Fun sins 🙂
    Very informative, Thanks a lot for posting.

  • swj045

    very nice viedo,ribs are the boss. have to try it like this or better yet Ill get the beer and you fire the grill up.

  • gumby_130

    I’m digging the guy stuff videos, it will help me out if you can make allot of cockpot videos, that my main got to meal.

    • Thanks, that’s actually a good possibility, I just bought a new huge one at Christmas.

      • gumby_130

        Crockpots a firemen tool you set it and walk away. No worrys burning food on a run or turning the stove off and on every time you get a call.

  • vscarpine

    I have actually cooked ribs in a pressure cooker…it is quicker but mine werent as good as on the grill. I got a smoker for Xmas and I cooked ribs in it and it turned out great it takes all day to cook them (start at 9am done at 5-6pm) but is well worth it

  • Kace

    I normally remove the membrane on the botton side of ribs completely but I like the idea of scoring them as well. Nice recipie. Did you add more coals when you reduced the sauce?

    • I usually do too as shown in the other vids, but when I want more of a snap and stick on the bone meat I score. Def not when I want it super tender though! What you see me do is what I did 🙂

      • Kace

        I am addicted to the site. I have been telling all my friends about it. Thnx for the response!

  • eric.hanson

    Looks like another great recipe here. BTW couldn’t agree more about the Sam Adams Fall sampler, I loved that thing. The Sam Adams October fest is one of my favorite beers ever.

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