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Congratz Jerry4996 & The Next Contest Is Started!

by Bryan Glynn, January 21, 2013
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cogivewawayCongratz Jerry4996 & The Next Contest Is Started!

Jerry4996 get me your contact info and I’ll get your prize pack right out!

Now for the next contest and prize pack, this time generously supplied by Stogieboys.com, we have an awesome sampler of Thurman Thomas cigars, a coozie, cuter, hat, shirt, bottle opener and more!

To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your own cigar would be like if you could make it under your own name, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest 🙂

Good luck guys!

  • My cigar would be a full bodied, medium strength cigar, aged 7 years to perfection. It would have blends from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican, to provide both strength, spice and some sweetness, with transitions between coffee, cocoa, honey, earth, and leather all dancing around the mouth and sinuses, taking turns coming in and out of the foreground as the cigar progressed.
    Darn, I want one now!

    • John Pochas

      6.5 x 52, maduro nicuaraguan easy draw, lots of smoke, smooth, creamy, medium bodied. Cocoa, coffee. Hey I think I will go and light one up. Keep up the good work Bryan-love the blog.

    • Bruno

      My Cigar is Medium Bodied with a full, Leathery,Creamy,with lots off smoke and a easy draw. It goes well with coffee or a drink of your choice,

      • Bruno

        My Cigar is Medium Bodied with a full, Leathery,Creamy,with lots off smoke and a easy draw. It goes well with coffee or a drink of your choice,

        I used Twitter @55stillsmokin

        • Bruno

          Sorry i used Facebook twitter would not load.

    • buckeliwheat

      Full bodied, Creamy, spicey with hints of cocoa, and coffee.

      • buckeliwheat

        Liked it.

  • gregrhill000

    I would have the cigar start out spicey and have it end up smooth and creamy.

  • mbuckwash

    I liked it on facebook! Also, my stick would be medium to full body, 5.5″ by 52, and an a smooth, creamy leather. The finish includes a slight peppery zing. I would like the strength to be minimal since I am similar to Bryan in that I get a bit light headed with a strong stick.

  • Leon

    I liked and Tweeted.

    My cigar would be smooth and creamy all the way through, with hints of cocoa and leather. I’m not a huge spice fan, so none of that, thank you. I do, however, enjoy a strong cigar, so lots of strength for a bit of a head rush.

    Great contest, Bryan!


  • chief791

    I would make mine a 5×52. It would have a nice pepper blast at the start. It would then have transitions through out the smoke of nuts, coffee, chocolate, and spice. I am hitting the facebook button.

  • The new guy

    Visually I would make mine a 5×52. It would be a maduro. It would have a similar resemblance to the pardon 1926 maduro with slight imperfections but such a beautiful look. flavor wise I would try to make the blend go back and forth with the same flavors. The prominent flavor would be a cream with changes to dark unsweetened coffee, to cocoa and nuttiness. Would take on earthiness at the last 3rd. At the end of each puff it will finish with a cinnamon flavor. I would pair this with a lightly sweetened coffee.

    Liked on Facebook

    • The new guy

      medium-full bodied. the ring would be made of steel and I would call it “symmetry”. roughly around $6.50 a stick so it wont break the bank if people liked it enough to make it a everyday smoke. a well blended cigar for anytime of the day.

  • zigmann

    I would produce a mild strength, full flavored, sweet and creamy toro.

    And I liked this post.

  • Tom V

    Mine would be 6×54 torpedo,full bodied with a Maduro wrapper

  • joelala

    Medium strength, like coffee taste with a small pepper zing. Called “the Lala”

    I clicked like

  • Ty

    My cigar would be aged, full bodied and have zero head rush. It would have hints of chocolate and a little spice. Tan wrapper, in the 40’s ring guage and about 6 inches. I clicked the like button.

  • 007MI6

    My cigar, in general, would be a smooth, full-flavored, medium-full bodied, Nicaraguan puro. Just a guess, lol.

    I Liked, Tweeted & +1’d!

  • kb9311

    liked on facebook, my cigar would be creamy, semi heavy in strength, with cedar and oak flavors,mild coffee/coco, but heavy on the wood flavors. similar to the hoyo de Monterrey encedros line.

  • alau255

    My cigar would be a jet black Maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan Filler and Binder. The flavor profile would be complex with numerous transitions to include coffee, chocolate, black pepper, and white pepper.

    Maybe I can get Pete Johnson on the phone lol

  • Texvet

    Liked – Mine would be a mild, well aged Maduro wrapped Robusto called the “Bugaboo”.

  • Schick94

    My cigar would have a slight black pepper taste that then is followed up by coffee and cream.

  • Fuzzy

    My cigar, the FBN (Fuzzy’s Best Nicaraguan) would be a Nicaraguan Puro figurado with a dark oily wrapper with lots of legero tobacco. Smokey, full body and strength.

    I also hit the facebook like button.

  • CigarStrawn

    My cigar would be a Churchill with a toothy Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco, a full body flavor, and be of medium strength.

    Liked on Facebook!

  • MattSRoss81

    I would be a lancero – mildish-tan wrapper. It would have a smooth draw with sweet flavors but a lot of spice on the backend!

    I’ve Liked, Tweeted and +1’d.

  • cigarnube

    I would make a toro cigar, with the filler and binder from Nicaragua and the wrapper from the Dominican. It would be a medium to full bodied cigar with just a little strength just so you know it is there but doesn’t effect the experience. It would have a draw that began a little snug but opened up within the first couple draws. It would be a creamy flavors that would rush over the palette and have hints of coffee and chocolate. This would then smoothly transition to a woody oaky flavor but would not be too overpowering. And I liked on Facebook.

  • kurngar

    My cigar would be 6×60 with some spicy notes and lots of smoke, a nice firm roll. Strength would be med to full with a Maduro wrapper. Liked on Facebook

  • carrillo

    It would be just like a Padron Exclusivo Maduro!!
    Liked on FB…

  • sdh3237

    My cigar would be in the size of a toro with a Connecticut wrapper. It would be creamy with a bit of spice and have little strength. Tweeted.

  • Andrew

    Medium-full with a spicy, chocolate, and earth combo.

  • DavidKIT

    Mine would be a 6 x 48 stick, wrapped in a smooth maduro. Flavors would consist of creamy leather with a hint of spice. I would name it something original…like Inception. Liked on FB.

  • puffrey

    My cigar would be a 6 X 52 in Toro and it would be called “Evolution” for the transitions. It would start off with a pepper zing along with some strong hints of cedar. The strength would build to a full by midway through and transition into a lighter pepper, leather, and some bursts of citrus. The last 3rd would be almost like the end of a 3 course meal with flavors of deep cocoa to finish.
    Liked on Facebook

  • Romel

    My cigar would be a 5.5 ×52 maduro. Mild to medium strength and a medium body with a coco and coffee blend. Finishing it with a nice hint of pepper.liked on FB.

  • mufdvr6976

    it would be traditional corojo flavors!! I liked!!

  • AJ

    My perfect cigar would be a very complex profile, medium to full body strength and have many transitions of coffee, chocolate, pepper and leather…, A beautiful Sumatra wrapper aged for 5 years would be wrapped around a binder from the Dominican, the filler would be aged from Cuba and the stick size would be 6 x 48. A perfect after dinner stick

  • DaveCrump

    6 to 6.5 inches and 52 – 54 ring gauge; maduro wrapper; firmly packed with a draw that most would comment is “a little on the tight side”; moderately slow burn with perfect ash that hangs beyond an inch; medium to medium-full body; complex and smooth but with a long finish – but does not burn the back of the mouth with too much pepper or tobacco notes. Hints of vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, mild spices.

  • derek_straus

    My ideal cigar I would make would be creamy, with lots of transitions of chocolate, coffee and carmel. And maybe have a nice pepper zing in there somewhere.

    Liked on Facebook

  • GarryCawthorn

    I Would have to say it would be a Churchill with hints of cocoa coffee and lil spice.. Also i would have to wrap it with a Maduro wrapper and a medium to full body… Tweeted and liked

  • dvillan87

    I hit the like button. My cigar would be a Robusto/Toro size. The wrapper would be a chocolate color or maybe Maduro. It would be an aged tobacco maybe 5-7 years. It would have a sweet cedar aroma and when lit would be sweet nutty coffee taste. Then it would shift to a leathery spice, and finish with some pepper zing. The cigar would be very smooth and have that perfect age taste. Full Body but Medium strength. Mouth is watering just writing about it….

  • JHylk717

    My own blend of cigar would be a Dominican, mostly a habano or natural type leaf. The cigar would have one big transition right in the middle of it, using very fine aged tobacco leaves (3-5 years old). It’d start out mild-medium with creamy coffee flavors and once the transition hits the body would go up to medium full offering leather and chocolate flavors with hints of nuts on the finish. Hopefully it’d burn for about one hour and ten minutes, depending on the size the strength would only go up to a mild-medium at most, just to let you know it’s there. I tweeted this.

  • Johnnycatt

    my stick would be a 6×52 aged about ten years withlots of creamy smoke and that would start out spicey but then would mellow out with hints of chocolate, coffee, and nutty flavors. i like this on facebook. thank you bryan

  • ptyler

    Mine would be a smaller ring gauge..,a lancero or corona gorda…a little pepper zing on the tongue and then a faint sweetness with flavours of coffee and cocoa. All flavour and no strength.

    I liked on FB

  • jeffk

    Black aged Maduro, Medium to Full strength, short and fat, no longer that 5″ and at least mid-50 ring or higher.

  • Wilson


    7×48 cameroon wrapper with the finest long-leaf filler money can buy. Sweet, rich, a bit earthy, and a smattering of strength. Chocolate, caramel, coffee flavors. Smooth, little to no heat/spice kick. Of course, never needing any attention from the lighter and a pleasing aroma off the foot. I’d call it the Mr. Wilson After-hours!

  • SpaceAlien

    A 7×60 all Nicaraguan wrap, binder and the filler. Black pepper would be the dominant flavor. Would love a nice transition to a creamy lil nutty flavor. Ending with a smooth creamy not to rich yet again black pepper taste. Maybe slight hint of chocolate. I used the Facebook option. Favorite every day stick for me is La Aurora corona #4

  • cassanpj

    My cigar would have a maduro wrapper on it, mild strength, creamy flavor and around 5 or 6 inches.

    • cassanpj

      Liked on facebook

  • jpculp57

    My cigar would be a 5.5 x 48 corojo. Filler, wrapper, and binder. Much like the Camacho corojo, it would be a “true” corojo.

  • TimB

    Mine would be a full body torpedo 7×52 Cuban seed Maduro.

    • TimB


  • Mr_DirtySouth

    My cigar would be a churchill that was a full bodied medium strength maduro that had sweet chocolate, coffee, and cream flavors that was aged for 18 months prior to release. it wold be the dirty south annual limited release maduro.

    • Mr_DirtySouth


  • cigarhobby85

    Mine would be a robusto medium bodied with a smooth milk chocolate taste and a nice pepper kick on the finish. I tweeted this

  • walshy

    Liked it. My cigar would be a 5.5″ x 50. It would consist of a maduro wrapper. Start out with an earthy leather for the first third. Second third would transition to a creamy coffee with aged tobacco flavors and end up with a cinnamon and chocolate. Absolutely love the dessert flavors. All consisting of full body and no strength.

  • sawfam

    Definitely a maduro wrapper,oil feel & nearly black. Sweet coffee & chocolate aromas. Lonsdale vitola. Deep complex flavors evolving throughout the stick. Mild strength. Mmmmmm…..

  • steve c

    I liked this on facebook. My cigar would be a sweet full bodied medium strength maduro with a slight taste of cedar and hints of chcolate and coffee. I would make it a 56×6 size.

  • Dale

    Robusto with a Connecticut wrapper, mild strength, pepper spice all the way through with a long spicy finish.

  • micktorres

    My cigar would be a 6*60 full bodied Maduro.

  • jackdan

    My cigar would be a Nicaraguan puro wrapped in a rosado sun grown leaf. It would be 6×52 in size and would be medium- full bodied and full strength. A nice after dinner smoke that even a seasoned smoker would want to be seated for while smoking. Liked on FB.

  • James

    I liked on FB. My cigar would consist of a filler of Nicaraguan tobacco that has been aged for a minimum of 5 years, A brazilian mata fina binder that has aged for 5 years plus an additional 2 years in empty Jamaican rum casks, and the wrapper would be a Connecticut broadleaf aged for 5 years followed by an additional 2 years in empty Aberlour 18 yr scotch casks. Don’t know what the flavor would be but I bet it would be heavenly! lol Thanks for the contest Bryan!

  • J. Drew

    I would make a Lancero (Favorite size).

    I would use a Connecticut Broadleaf Viso wrapper. A Brazilian binder and a Cuban/Nic filler.

    Tweet this!

  • haneyte2000

    I would have a lot of good ligero with a Cameroon wrapper. Maybe some nice maduro in there. I dont know the name yet, but simple paper band and a good price for all to enjoy

  • StE3l 304

    Liked!!! I would blend a 6×50 Mauro with aged tobacco no less than 5 years. Blended, rolled and put to rest for 2 more years on cedar for a creamy smooth profiled of oily 70% dark chocolate with a cinnamon heat and a toasted almond long finish. 2/3 the cinnamon heat would shift to a pepper heat, swap dark chocolate for a dark roust coffee, same finish though. Last third bringing the cinnamon back and a creamy smooth hazelnut hot coffee finish. “The Machinist”

  • BigMike

    Mine would be a big stick – 5.5 x 52 – and would be called the BigMike! It would have the belicoso shape and produce tons of rich, creamy smoke. I think I’ll go smoke!

    I liked on Facebook.

  • Judoca

    7 x 60, full bodied, smelling leather and dark brown!

  • Judoca

    Tweet this!

  • wineoscaris

    My own cigar would be called “the Boxer” for a logo I would have a pic of my dog (a Boxer) on the band. Because it’s named after the dog not the sport, it would not have a punch to it. It would be smooth, ceamy, nutty, and a little bit of spice, with a long finish that makes you come back for an other puff.Size robusto that last excactly an hour.Razor sharp burn, yielding long powder white ashes, and loads of white billowy smoke. So kick back and enjoy!!!
    ps; if you want I can send you a pic of the 1st band logo.

  • kprichardson7

    I would have a 5.5×50 stick, perfect draw, lots of creamy smoke throughout the entire cigar, a deep spice along the first third, transitioning into a sweet tobacco with hints of rich carmel or coffee, then finish off with a roasted dark espresso tone, of course medium strength to get that relaxing buzz. I liked on facebook!

  • glens36069

    mine would be full body Leathery Creamy with lots off smoke and a easy draw.. nice to hang out with friends

  • Chris

    it would be a mild to medium bodied blend with sweet, leathery tastes and a creamy smoke.

    I liked

  • phaedron

    I liked this on Facebook, and I’d be looking at a nice toro with a cameroon wrapper that would be blended to produce dominant chocolate/coffee/pepper notes.

  • CroatianMike

    A cigar that i would make under my name, would be a 6*50 stick with a nice draw filled with thick creamy smoke. it would be a blend of Croatian tobacco and Nicaraguan. with a natural habano wrapper. Pepper/milk chocolate and a hint of cinnamon taste and would be called the Crow.

    • CroatianMike

      liked on facebook

  • drjwall

    Mine would be a peppery sun grown from Esteli

  • jhall713

    So i am fairly inexperienced so please forgive my lack of deatail as i can’t yet pick out all the different flavors like some others. But mine would be about 5.5×50 maduro. with a nice deep flavor profile. medium to full body with little strength.

    • jhall713

      also i liked

  • Splits09

    My cigar would be a box pressed 5X52 stick that boasted incredible flavors of coffee, leather, chocolate and nut with an incredibly long creamy finish. Extremely full bodied to the point where you can identify individual flavors, but little strength. Draw would be on the loose side.
    Liked on Facebook.

  • Griff

    My cigar would be an oscuro wrapped robusto with creamy chocolate and coffee flavors with lots of spice. Tweeted

  • E

    Liked on facebook.

    Ideally, the cigar size would be 6×52 with a triple cap. Full bodied, medium-full strength. My favorite cigars are in the pepper/leather/wood ballpark of flavors, so with that in mind it would probably be Nicaraguan and Honduran filler and binder with Ecuadorian wrapper.

  • mike44njdevils

    My Ideal Cigar:
    Lancero (6×38)
    Medium Body, Full Flavor, Medium Strength
    -sweet earth, leather and coffee core with hints of toasted nuts and a creamy finish.


  • MaxDuo

    My cigar would be a toro maduro with an oily sheen to it. And it would have a deep earthy taste with some cocoa and coffee flavors in it. A full body with a light strength and a slight pepper kick to give it a little spice in the middle.

    I liked and tweeted.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    My cigar would be a medium to medium full bodied stick with a Connecticut broad-leaf maduro wrapper. Probably a robusto of toro, in a reasonable ring gauge (50 to 54). I would want this cigar to be a flavor bomb, touting coffee sweet wood profile that transitions to a cocoa black pepper with a nice herbal and anise subtly coming through on a creamy finish. You better beleive this cigar would produce a thick rich chewy smoke.

    • Joseph Szeremet

      I forgot to mention that I tweeted!

  • phaasenritter

    I would go for a well constructed 6×52 belicoso with a nice tight pack, but smooth even draw. Construction and presentation are key!
    As for the flavor, I’d like a nice deep tobacco, with subtle hints of ceder to give a bit of a sweet zing, and an espresso finish.
    Finally, I’d like it to be on the strong side, something that you’d need to sit down for (Sorry Bryan).

  • NiceWinter

    It would be churchill, creamy, hints of bittersweet chocolate and coffee. Liked!

  • ronbsmith

    My cigar would be something along the lines of a smooth and consistent flavor in the mild to medium range with hints of coffee would be my ideal smoke.


  • My cigar would be an earthy. fruity rabusto. It would be box pressed with a gold and black label. Chekroune Cigars…Liked!

  • rob776

    My cigar would have a med – full strength, dark chocolate, with hints of cherry. 6×52 maduro wrapper The name would be El Campo. Liked on facebook.

  • NWEsquiveljr

    Liked on FB!!! My Cigar would taste awesome and look great!!

  • jungjae510

    Like on FB, my cigar would start with a pepper blast, then mellow to a strong oak/cedar taste with a distinct sourness

  • Liked on FB

    My cigar would be made of unicorn’s horn for that magical touch. Leaves from the finest in tobacco grown in unicorn manure; again for the magic.

  • juf100

    Liked on FB. I’d say full body, mild to medium strength. Maduro wrapper. Very very creamy. Sweet on the front, pepper spice on the back…Did I mention creamy….

  • Sirfubes

    Tweeted that! I honestly think I’d have something like double maduro bit I would do what I could to keep the strength down. I’m thinking a 5×50 box press with lots of dark chocolate flavors and very dence smoke. Great… I’m gonna go smoke something similar now!

  • bloodybud17

    I’d want a lancero sized cigar. I’d want a medium to full body with very little strength. It would be sweet like pipa tobacco rather than the classic bitterness of cigars. I’m new to cigars, but I’m trying lots of new one to get my pallet working!

    Liked on Facebook.

  • memoriesofwe

    Mine would have to do with full bodies 6×50 or 52 with mild to medium strength. Flavor profile would be a full creamy chocolate with a bit of a nuttiness in the finish and as the cigar winds down some cinnamon to come through with a bit of spice.

    • memoriesofwe

      tweeted on the twitter

  • Suedehead

    I would like a cigar that was 7″/50 Maduro Torpedo, and a slightly sweetened tip as I like to get my cap wet as I smoke (probably from when I started smoking cigars years ago in Lake Tahoe///”VERY DRY” )

    I would like to start with a chocolate sweet aroma slightly nutty, down to a spicy peppery lip numbing at about 2/3 way.

    • Suedehead

      Liked on FB, and Posted on Twitter

  • guarnacciad

    I would have a medium bodied bold cigar with a maduro wrapper. It would be a torpedo or churchill size. The flavors would be cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of chocolate. There would also be a nice spice to it. It would be smooth with lots of smoke. I liked on facebook

  • PsycotikMind

    My stick would be a medium bodied 6 x 50 toro. First light would reveal a slightly sweet smooth creamy woody taste. 2nd third transitions from woody to a bittersweet cocoa with a hint of earth. Last third drops the cocoa, and picks up a bit of nuttiness.

    I tweeted.

  • suitcasejon

    My cigar would have a medium to full body and medium strength. It would measure up to 5.75 X 52, and double capped with a velvet smooth maduro wrapper. It would show case a bone white textured band with two blood red stripes that run along the border and a gently applied wax stamp with the letters JC. It would start off with creamy and oily coffee notes in the first third with a nuttiness that creeps from the 2nd third. The 2nd third showcases sweet almonds/ hazelnuts with the coffee fading and a warm spiced oak finishing the 2nd and last third of the cigar. Like and tweeted.

  • smokethis

    Liked on facebook.
    MY puro would have medium body throughout and delivering ample spices with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.
    The band would be silver with flourescent red letters

  • SunnyTKearl

    My cigar would be an perfectly aged, mild to medium body cigar with coffee notes blended in the first third, the second third will be blended for a creamy leather taste, and the last third would be blended with sweeter aged tobacco for a nice mild finish. I am like number 67 on facebook! Facebook name is Sunny Anzai.

  • mickdewall

    Liked on Facebook.

    I think I would have an aged mixture of blends and flavors. I would have a Nicaraguan, Honduran, Brazillian long filler, Brazillian binder, with a Dominican maduro wrapper. That way it wasn’t boring; it would have a good complexity of flavors.

  • s5592c

    Smooth and creamy to start, fruity and sweet, with chocolate and licorice and just a touch of spice on the end!

    • s5592c

      Tweeting and sharing of course!

  • Davex

    My cigar “The Esquire” would be a dark maduro wrapper and have chocolatey, earthy, nuttiness. It would be a perfect 45 minute corona. Plenty of billowing smoke and a draw so easy your jaw won’t get tired. I’d put a modest 2 tone paper wrapper on there so people don’t buy it for the bling but because the flavors and construction are worth it. The perfect smoke. I clicked “Like” on facebook!

  • dennist

    I would duplicate a saint Luis Rey that is one great smoke
    Liked on face book

  • mfox93

    Liked on Facebook. My cigar would be medium to full bodied with chocolate notes as the main flavor with sweetness and coffee on the finish. And I would name in the funky fox lol that’s my last name.

  • petalsofchange

    liked on facebook, smooth bodied to begin with, notes of vanilla and little peppery on the end.

  • My cigar would be a medium bodied stick. Under a 60 ring gauge. Sumatra wrapper similar to the Melanio. Cocoa, Slight pepper, hints of creaminess here and there. Always need a good aged tobacco flavor too. Shared on twitter.

  • pirateteaparty

    My cigar would start out with a rich creamy flavor with a slight peppery finish. It would transition to a coffee/coco towards the end. Named “The Buccaneer” it would feature an embossed eye-patch for the band. Liked on facebook.

  • new2sticks

    Hemingway Signature sweetness, Rocky Patel draw, a little pepper, a lot of cream, 50 ring gauge. Above all, a low price point! Tweeted.

  • bluebell

    I like you on Facebook. I would make a box pressed maduro with mild to medium body with hints of coffee, leather and cedar. Must have a smooth draw with lots of smoke. Love your site and keep up the good work.

  • Derek

    It’d have to be a 6 to 7 inches long with a hi 50s ring gauge, medium to full bodied, not to overpowering. Slight pepper tabacco flavor and tons of smoke. Name it the Day Dream. Liked it on Facebook.

  • chief791

    My Cigar would be a 6×54 with a colorado wrapper. It would have to have a nice pepper zing. I would also want a coffee and caramel flavor with some dried fruit in it also. I hit the like button.

  • GurkhaMan

    My cigar would be a 5×56 puro with a Nicaraguan claro (candela) wrapper, habano binder and a ligero filler. I’d like it to provide the sweetness of a claro wrapper but still have some of the nice zings and spices of a habano.
    FYI: I am seriously looking forward to the Alec Bradly: Filthy Hooligan. I love green cigars, what can I say?
    Liked and tweeted.

  • sduran10

    My cigar would be medium to full bodied stick. With hints o coco,leather,fine pepper and very creamy. I would name my cigar “el Mejor” (The best)
    i liked your page on facebook

  • William G.

    I liked on Facebook my cigar would be a full body Churchill stick with creamy sweet tobacco and a pepper kick at
    the end

  • LxArkitekt

    My cigar would be medium to full bodied. Deep coffee flavor with hints of cocoa and a slight earthyness. Smooth smoke and a loose draw.


  • cedric77020

    My cigar would have the wrapper from Ecuador, the Binder from Honduras, and the filler would be a Dominican, Nicaraguan, Honduran tobacco. The size would be 7 X 44. Also the type of cigar would be is a medium to full bodied; smooth, rich & complex with full rich flavors consisting of dark spice, black cherry, roasted coffee with a light dose of pepper. A well balanced cigar with a long full finish with a lingering sweetness. As a member of the craft I would name it “The Knights Templer”. Facebook Like

  • Markwz11

    My cigar would be a 7 x 48 Churchill Cameroon wrapped beauty rolled so perfectly that it would hold the full ash after smoking for 90 solid minutes. The medium bodied, full flavors would transition from Dark Bakers Chocolate to a Cinnamon/Vanilla with a final third finish of Sweet Creamy Espresso. Liked on Facebook.

  • Brian

    liked on facebook. My cigar would have spiciness, slight sweetness, coffee and cocoa. With a long zingy finish.

  • hckd2pieces

    Liked on FB. Medium to Full spicy smoke with coco and coffee the sticks to the back of your pallet. Probably 5X50.

  • primox1

    Middle to full body, zero strength. Smoke that will laugh at a forest fire. Complexity that would change every 1/8 of the cigar, with flavors of sweet cocoa, black coffee, nutmeg, medium-rare ribeye, and smoked ribs. I guess I’m pretty hungry right now. The smoke needs to be super smooth, thick, and creamy. You can smoke it as fast or as slow as your want, the cherry stays at a perfect heat level. And the ash never falls off. Comes in any size you want, and priced at 5 bucks for everyone to enjoy. FB liked.

  • LouieZmich


    If I were to make my own cigar I would make a mild cigar with a full body of flavor. It would be a longer cigar with a thin ring gauge, maybe 7 by 27. It would be rolled well making the smoke last well over an hour and have to be aged for 8 years before distributed.

    The cigar itself would give off a classic humidor/smoke shop smell, and have hints of coffee leather and wood tastes washing over your taste buds. There would be a lot of smoke output off the draw as-well as off the foot.

    The Cigar would retail at five bucks a stick making it enjoyable and affordable for everyone.

  • Smokin Butts

    I liked on facebook-

    My cigar would come in robusto or torpedo
    only and be natural or maduro.

    The flavor profile would be medium to full and medium body. Notes of cedar, chocolate,coffee, and nuts. Aroma would be very pleasent.

    The cigars would come packaged in nicely made cedar boxes that could be reused as humidors.

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