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Gurkha Black Dragon Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 20, 2013
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Gurkha Black Dragon Torpedo Cigar Review

This 6.5×52 stick features a thick, very dark brown slightly oily and toothy wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, an even slightly spongy give and mild soapy tobacco aroma. First light reveals minimal smoke output with mild-medium smooth tobacco flavors and a slightly grassy finish. Rolling it around firmly reveals a lump and knot at the band point. Rolling the knot worked it out well enough, providing a perfect draw with good smoke output showing mild-medium peppery tobacco flavors and a long finish of the same. The 2nd third starts with poor construction needing two touchups, continuing the same flavors profile. Getting near the band, flavors change a bit, dropping the pepper in favor of a slight cream to go with the tobacco – still on the mild side. Ending with in inch left at the hour mark, the last third showed no flavor changes, just going to a very parched finish. Thank you very much to viewer Vince McCabe for sending this in for review, I really appreciate it!

  • eslifer

    That doesn’t look like any Gurhka label I’ve ever seen, and I smoked a Black Dragon tonight.

  • Bigulp

    Haha, really enjoyed this review.

  • pittjitsu

    Well, chalk up another loser for Gurkha.For a company with 200 ever changing lines, you would think by odds, that they would pull out many more winners than they do. I liked their Nautilus line but of course, after buying a 5er,they discontinued that line. Gurkha stinks IMHO.

  • Greg Bellante

    Bryan; As to par your right dead-on-balls correct about Thompson Cigars , the biggest BS retailer in the World and with the highest prices. At least Lew Rothman of JR Cigars tells you he’s selling you crap and is honest about it . I find that C.I and Cigar.com are pretty honest as well . As for Gurkha cigars the only one i found smoke-able is the ParkAve.
    The rest are pretty much crap.

  • puffrey

    At first I thought you were smoking the original Black Dragon that Gurkha release a few years back that retailed for like $1500.
    Kudos for another great review! I always enjoy when you can be in the middle of an unbiased review, then tangent off into a “rant”, and immediately get back to your unbiased review.
    You have any sticks from Cigar Aficionado’s Top 10 to review soon?….I am curious to get your take on them.

  • Royce

    This review deserves “the slow clap”. Thanks Bryan.

  • walshy

    Bryan i love it when you go off on a rant in the middle of a review. I have stopped buying Gurkha just for the reason of inconsistency. If they cut 1/2 their lines out and spent the time on the others the quality would be much better. Too many lines out there.

  • Richhart

    Your review was on the money once again Bryan.
    Interesting how some cigar companies just don’t have consistant quality and flavor.My experience with Gurka is “rolling the dice”. I’ve had a few good ones but many average ones. Another similar company is AJ Fernandez. At my local B&M we have had so many horible cigars from AJ, it has become a joke.

    • Really? Which AJs, if you don’t mind me asking…

    • RyanG

      I’ve never seen ANY of AJ’s blends at a cigar shop, save for the very occasional San Lotano. I’ve been told by a few tobacconists that they can’t get his smokes because they’re owned by General Cigar(Cigarsintl, Cigar.com). In fact, I can’t even find any of his blends anywhere else online aside from the previously mentioned two sites, plus cigarbid.com(again, General Cigar).

      • I have seen some Diesel locally, but that is all…and I have never been impressed with those.

      • Greg Bellante

        Ryan; Your better , much better off buying A.J Fernandez cigars on-line than at any cigar shop or high end Tobacconist… especially if you live in Ca. These Cigar shops and Tobacconist lounges really jack up the prices on these cigars and then there are the Taxes lol. On-line you save from paying those exorbitant taxes and you get the cigars delivered to your front door.

        • RyanG

          Buying online is great. I love walking in to b&m’s and shopping, but I almost always end up spending more. Any amount above two or three sticks, and I just order online.

  • Ty

    There is nothing better than a Bryan Glynn rant. Those are the best reviews

  • Wilson

    I have not been a Gurkha fan except for the Symphony. I’ve had a box of the Symphony for about a year and half and I’m down to my last one. I’ve never had any construction problems with those. Can’t say the same about any other Gurkha I’ve tried. The Park Avenue Maduro was by far the worst cigar in terms of burn problems that I have ever had in the 2 years that I’ve been smoking. 9 of the 10 were not smoke-able at all. Draw tighter than a snare drum and horrible tunneling. I was thinking about this cigar, but I’ll save my money. Thanks, Bryan!

  • The new guy

    I had picked up an assassin the other day now I’m wondering how that will go. What does really annoy me a out them and a few othe brands is that they have a specific name for the series and half of them do.t indicate what they are. Has anyone had an assassin?

  • I have opened a home for the care of unwanted Gurkhas…specifically the Ghost, Seduction, and Royal Challenge. If you have any of these that need to be loved, let me know. Oh, and Bryan…wonderful review as always. I have a Black Dragon from years ago…I should get one of these new ones and do a comparison “smoke off”.

  • Sirfubes

    Not a huge Gurkha fan in general but love the Gurkha ghost.

  • eric.hanson

    I got this one in a sampler awhile back and remember it being ok.

  • Mike Wallace

    I bought a ten pack of these on a friends recommendation and only four out of the ten were smokable. I agree that Gurkha should narrow down their blends and focus on quality.

    Mike W

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