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Cheap Stick Shootout 5: Oro Cubano Toro vs. Famous Dominican 4000 Churchill

by Bryan Glynn, January 18, 2013
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Cheap Stick Shootout 5: Oro Cubano Churchill vs. Famous Dominican 4000 Churchill

This is a showdown between two very similar sticks, the Oro Cubano Toro featuring a dark brown splotchy wrapper with imperfections, stretch marks, a lumpy appearance, lifting seams, sloppy cap extremely light pack and mild tobacco aroma. Likewise the Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Churchill has flawed construction but has a red hue and slightly lighter shade. Starting with the Oro, first light reveals: a good draw with minimal smoke output showing mild-medium flavors of a sweet raw tobacco taste and short finish. The first third drops the sweetness just going to a smooth mild plain tobacco, the ash only holding for 1/2 inch at a time. 25 minutes in at the 1/2 way point – surprise – no changes! I ended this one at 40 minutes where the last couple inches got very hot an d soggy, leaving a nasty dirty ashtray lingering aftertaste.

The Famous Dominican 4000 Toro starts off with a good draw with plentiful smoke output showing medium-full body flavors of a smooth bitter grass and a finish of the same plus a bit of cinnamon. Performing much like the first contender, this goes to a mild-medium tobacco body but retains a bit more sweetness with the faint cinnamon hanging around on the longer finish. The 2nd third has quite a wok burn while flavors drop the bit of spice leaving the sweetness to a deep caramel, pushing the body to a solid medium. Ending at 40 minutes where it completely went out with 1.5″ remaining, the only change to the last third was the strength ramping up a bit matching the body at medium.

Thank you to viewer Steve Christopher for sending in the Oro! I apologize in advance, I lost the note from the bag the Famous was in – sender, please shoot me your name so I can add it in!

  • Marc

    Well done.
    thanx B

  • sawfam

    MmmmMmmmm. Nothing better than a few cheap sticks to destroy one’s taste buds 🙂

    Keep the reviews coming. Best entertainment there is while on the patio smoking a stick and watching reviews!

  • phaedron

    I won’t be happy until I see a Ron Mexico review!

    • You are going to be a miserable little man lol

  • kprichardson7

    Hey Bryan,

    here’s a contest idea. fill a jar with cigar bands, take a picture, then everyone gets one guess at how many are in there, person to guess or closest guess wins.

    • Already did. Twice. Then gave away all the bands!

      • kprichardson7

        oh…it must of been a bit ago…i guess i haven’t been here long enough for those

  • The new guy

    You have to admit that sometimes the aroma of a backwoods when you’ve been drinking a bit is quite pleasing all at the same time makes you respect a well blended cigar.

  • The new guy

    i saw the video for the band giveaway. What ended up being the really cool idea that won?

  • AL

    Great review. The shootouts are among my favorite posts. Would you consider doing a vitola shoot-out? For example a Padron Londres side by side with a Padron 4000? I think your audience would enjoy your insights, if only for a tutorial on how flavor profiles change as wrapper to filler ratios change.

  • smokethis

    I love when you toss the stick out of disgust lol

  • stevenknisley

    So I just smoked an Oro Cubano and from the start it looked offer loosest packed cigar i’ve ever seen. looked like every bit of tobacco could fall out at anytime. I smoked it because today’s weather is awful in Wise, VA snowy and windy and I didn’t want to waste one of my premium cigars as I was really wanting to smoke not caring how bad it was but I actually kind of enjoyed the first 1/3 and half of the 2/3 but then the cigar literally fell completely apart I would never actually pay money for this. I got it as a gift…. some gift ha…ha

  • stevenknisley

    offer is awful* lol

  • VinnyLo

    Won’t be trying the one you threw out. Lol

  • Dirk

    I love these videos… what a crack up.. famous wins again

  • Craig

    You can REALLY see how much weight Bryan has lost since this video was shot! That was the first thing I noticed.

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