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Jan 14

Contest Time! Free Cigars, Cutter & Lighter

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 in World of CO

EDIT: This contest is over, Congratz Jerry4996!

Photo1OK this time around I have a custom sampler of a lighter, cutter and cigars! It’ll be a random combo, I have a ton of these to give away so it’ll be different each week, and I also have some vendors on board for a few prize packs soon as well :)

To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your favorite part of the day to enjoy a cigar is, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest :)

Good luck!

  • jmcewan

    I usually enjoy them mid afternoon to early evening on my days off. Preferably while I am by myself with a strong dark belgain ale or coffee.

    • jmcewan

      Oh and I so liked this.

  • William G.

    I liked on Facebook my cigar would be a full body Churchill stick with creamy sweet tobacco with a pepper kick at the end.

    • William G.

      My bad wrong contest

  • LouieZmich

    I enjoy a nice cigar after a long day of work and school. Sitting on the back deck in a lawn chair watching the sun go down with a cigar in my right hang and a drink in my left hand.

    • LouieZmich

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  • pittjitsu

    I prefer smoking at dawn and at dusk. I love the tranquility of those times of the day as well as the feeling of the rising and setting sun while I enjoy a good tasty stick

    I hit the like button on facebook for this post.

  • towerladder87

    My favorite time to smoke a cigar is midnight. Nothing beats a cigar on a summer night with little to no humidity. I take my favorite cigar and relax on my back patio with a little country playing in the back ground. That’s Paradise 101.

  • gabriel mendoza

    Favorite time would be at dusk, no heat/hot day. sunset and stogie = yummy.

  • Galin.Swigart

    Definitely at night, Very relaxing and enjoyable way to end a day

    • Galin.Swigart

      I liked it, By the way!

  • pepsistand098

    Its meditation for me in many cultures its for the deads spirits I understand why they say that with how so much more times put into the cigar than fermentin,aging and rolling it shared via twitter

  • Dennis

    The Perfect window,

    Any given day has two perfect windows for smoking a cigar in my opinion. The first is in the morning when the sun is still under the horizon just far enough to when you get to the halfway point of the cigar the sun barely starts breaking the horizon which causes all the animals to wake up and heats up the air moisture causing a mist to form just above the ground. It’s as if I am in the cretaceous period, I imagine my self on a newly born planet where life is just barely developing enjoying one of the greatest gifts man has created. The other perfect window is in the evening after a great dinner and the only thing left to do is enjoy a good cigar and nice beer, talk with friends as they close out their day and we talk about crap that does not matter this is very relaxing to me.

    • Dennis

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  • ABrooks80

    I enjoy my cigar at the end of the day I look forward to it through out the day. When I’m under pressure at work I tell myself okay get through this remember what you’ll be enjoying later. And believe it or not I smile more when I imagine trying to recognize flavors on my pallet after a slow cool draw. And after the finish taking a taste of I’m drinking to compliment it.