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Jan 14

Contest Time! Free Cigars, Cutter & Lighter

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 in World of CO

EDIT: This contest is over, Congratz Jerry4996!

Photo1OK this time around I have a custom sampler of a lighter, cutter and cigars! It’ll be a random combo, I have a ton of these to give away so it’ll be different each week, and I also have some vendors on board for a few prize packs soon as well :)

To enter you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. All you have to do is comment below with what your favorite part of the day to enjoy a cigar is, then click the Like and/or Tweet buttons below and note which one you did! A random winner will be drawn in a week and I’ll start a new contest :)

Good luck!

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Bring on the comments

  1. Rich says:

    I enjoy a cigar after work, in the later afternoon. Helps me unwind and just think things over.
    Sharing on Twitter.

  2. MattSRoss81 says:

    I really enjoy a morning smoke with some coffee, but my favorite time is right after work as a means to unwind!

    Shared on Twitter (@MattSRoss81).

  3. btubesing says:

    I mostly enjoy a cigar while watching a football, baseball, or hockey game…usually after work. Shared on the twitter feed.

  4. Wildman says:

    I like to enjoy a cigar either right after work with a beer or two unwind from the day.

  5. Michael says:

    I enjoy a cigar in the evening either right before dinner or after with a nice glass of Bourbon or Scotch. To me cigars are the pinnacle of relaxation.

  6. Jon Aiken says:

    I enjoy a cigar after work unless its a strong on then I’ll wait until after dinner. Liked and Tweeted.

  7. I enjoy a cigar after work, 6:30 PM or in the mid morning with coffee. I clicked the facebook link.

    Note: that cigar lately has been the Trinidad Reyes, a shorter smoke for the winter season. Great anytime of the day, big flavors for a 4 1/4 by 40 stick! Glad I have a couple boxes to last me through the season. Perhaps I’ll send a couple in for you to review.


  8. smokeoffering says:

    I like a cigar right after lunch. I shared on twitter.

  9. dalealleshouse says:

    I really enjoy a good cigar after a large meal. So, typically around 7 PM.

    I used the Facebook button.

  10. tispangler says:

    After dinner and during and/or after a golf game. Sharing on Twitter.

  11. mwr123 says:

    The most enjoyable cigar of the day is following a Sunday evening steak dinner…starting with a lovely dirty martini (or Old Fashioned in the winter months), followed by a gorgeous cut of prime beef (delmonico or prime NY) cooked Pittsburgh style. The Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliber #1 generally gets the call after this epicurean moment, which works well with either a moscato wine, a single barrel bourbon, or even s smoked porter.

  12. phaasenritter says:

    I enjoy a cigar in the evening after dinner, preferably friday or saturday around a fire with my wife, sister and her boyfriend.

    Used the facebook like.

  13. dennist says:

    I like to enjoy a cigar after work on the long drive home or on a Sunday morning cruise through the canyons to ease the mind.
    -liked on Facebook

  14. s5592c says:

    Anytime is a great time for a stogie! Sharing and tweeting, Thanks for the contest!

  15. Ty says:

    I enjoy a nice cigar mostly late afternoon to early evening. Before dinner but after all the stress of the day is usually gone. I clicked the facebook like button.

  16. Wildman says:

    Either when I get home from work with a beer or two or after a great meal with a single malt!

    FB liked

  17. mbuckwash says:

    Thanks Bryan, for the opportunity! My favorite time of the cigar is at the end of the night when I am looking just to relax and enjoy some relaxation. There’s nothing better than a drink, some friends, and a great cigar! I liked this on facebook and thanks again!

  18. Jwilk2102 says:

    After a long day at work, when I’m out playing golf, or shooting pool. Really, is there ever not a good time for a cigar??

  19. czerbe says:

    Awesome contest buddy, I really enjoy a nice mild smoke first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee. Before wife and kid get up.

  20. joelala says:

    I love smoking after a hard day at work. Nothing like getting home and opening my hump and enjoying.

    I clicked “like”

  21. dyieldin says:

    I seem to favor a smoke mid morning, palate is clean and flavors come thorough. Liked n facebook

  22. phaedron says:

    Count me among the “right after work” crowd. And I liked this on Facebook!

  23. juf100 says:

    Liked on FB. On my off days, I smoke in the late morning and it is my favorite time for a cigar overall. On days where I work, I smoke on the way home or after dinner.

  24. mfox93 says:

    Liked on Facebook and my favorite time to enjoy a cigar is when I come home from work, drive down to the beach and watch the sunset with a good cigar.

  25. NAA551WB says:

    I enjoy a cigar after work with friends. There is nothing better after work than to get together with those you hold close and pick a stick that is your flavor of the night. Friends and cigars, this is the good life.

  26. NAA551WB says:

    liked on facebook as well

  27. Cripple Capone says:

    Late at night when im out taking photos of the stars. Rocky 90/92 in one hand and laphriog 12 in the other

  28. PeteM says:

    Tweeted as pete_dot_m. I prefer in the late morning on weekends with a good cup of coffee :)

  29. ckgdrums says:

    Hey Bryan, my favorite time of day for a cigar, is right after work. I get home 1 and a half hours before my wife does, so that is the perfect time for me to sit down, and enjoy a nice cigar and unwind after my workday…
    I clicked both LIKE and TWEET…!

  30. micktorres says:

    I love smoking a cigar after a round of golf.

  31. chief791 says:

    After Work is my fav time for a cigar. Helps me unwind from a long day. I hit the facebook button.

  32. E says:

    In the mid evening after dinner is the prime cigar time.

    I liked on facebook.

  33. evenstill says:

    I prefer enjoying my cigar in the late afternoon or early evening . . . but honestly, any free hour of any day works great for me! :-) I chose the like button for facebook.

  34. bluebell says:

    Hey Bryan I like having a cigar late at night sitting by my fire pit. I liked your page on Facebook.

  35. puffrey says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    My favorite time of day is around 9am after Ive read books to our daughter. The back patio over looking the wooded valley and the weather here in North Georgia has been great all through the winter for it!
    I throw in Creedance Clearwater Revival and Pandora and let the relaxtion begin!

    Thanks for another great contract Bryan!

  36. t_herrm says:

    My favorite time to light up a cigar is right after supper with a glass of bourbon or wine.

  37. Tom V says:

    Early evening on my patio watching the sunset over the Rocky Mountains, with a glass of my favorite Bourbon

  38. DaveCrump says:

    Big fan of your site, videos and recommendation samplers! I like cigars anytime of the day when I have an hour to 90 minutes to enjoy quietly, usually with a cup of coffee. In the good weather I am found outside on the porch or in a chair on the lawn enjoying – sometimes with a friend. PS I Facebooked your site.

  39. John Pochas says:

    Early evening sitting on the Beach of Lake Huron in the summer time, spring and fall.

  40. arkfiremedic says:

    I enjoy going to my dads and spending some quality father son time smoking a nice cigar and drinking a good bourbon!

  41. jeffk says:

    The best time is late afternoon. Get some chores done, then relax with a book, beer, and dog at my feet.

  42. jeffk says:

    Forgot: like and tweeted…

  43. Cliff says:

    ‘Like’d this one. Favorite time of day to enjoy a cigar is after work and before dinner….and after dinner…but mostly before.

  44. kprichardson7 says:

    I enjoy a cigar around 7:00pm, right after a good meal, and I liked on facebook.

  45. ktraylor77 says:

    Nothing beats a cigar out back on the deck after dinner with some good music! Shared on Twitter and liked on Facebook.

  46. cigarhobby85 says:

    My favorite time for a cigar is a Saturday afternoon.

  47. lookitsme says:

    I enjoy a good cigar around 3 PM right after a small snack. I Facebooked this

  48. Texvet says:

    I “Liked It”
    I enjoy a daily smoke at or around 3 pm, and another after dinner if the mood strikes.

  49. pipeking says:

    i would say i enjoy my 2 favorite times ofthe day to smoke woud b after a brunch, and most deff. after dinn dinn! liked on facebook!

  50. Andrew says:

    Late in the evening

  51. James says:

    I liked on Facebook.

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is in the evening after the kids are in bed and I can relax in peace.

  52. Randy says:

    In the evening watching the sunset in beautiful Hawaii. Tweeted it.

  53. jpculp57 says:

    My favorite time is late in the evening before I go to bed. It’s a wonderful calming end to my day. I FB liked.

  54. carrillo says:

    I prefer a fine cigar after dinner. The best time to me is after a great meal with great friends! That to me is enjoying life. Nothing like it!! Liked on FaceBook…

  55. The new guy says:

    I have a 4 month old so the best time I like to enjoy a nice smoke is Sunday night after the wife and tommy (young john stamos) has fallen asleep. I’ll go out on the back porch or during the winter go in the garage and sit back enjoy looking at my cars and look at future smokes I want to try. No offense but have a good laugh on a couple of reviews you do with the ashes falling on your lap, facial expressions are priceless!I liked it on fb

  56. ptyler says:

    After dinner for me…when kids gone to bed…nice way to unwind with some peace and quiet. I admire you Bryan for getting up before sunrise to get some of these reviews done…never tried smoking a cigar that early.

    I “liked” it.

  57. Shargard says:

    Anytime of a day is good for cigar, but for me it is usually afetr work or lunch. Liked on FB.

  58. new2sticks says:

    After dinner and after the 3 year old is put to bed. Wife enjoys her quiet reading time inside, and I enjoy my relaxing cigar outside. Shared on twitter.

  59. ruggierm1 says:

    Favorite time to enjoy is usually a Saturday afternoon around 3 pm.

  60. Chris Tivnan says:

    Usually always smoke in the evening. Mostly when it’s not freezing cold out!

    Shared on twitter

  61. suitcasejon says:

    My favorite time to enjoy my cigar is while driving home after work. After a long day of work and to get through traffic its the one thing I look forward to when driving home. Liked an tweeted.


    Suitcase Jon

  62. gvarsity says:

    My favorite time is after dinner with a nice whiskey.

  63. William G. says:

    I enjoy smoking in the evening at sunset, here in Texas we have beautiful sunsets and landscapes and we get to enjoy the full of God’s creation. I liked on Facebook.

  64. GarMan12 says:

    Best time for a smoke, hands down, while either fishing or around a camp fire with the guys. Very few feelings in the world are better. LIKED on FB!

  65. kb9311 says:

    right after work with a stiff drink, liked facebook.

  66. milesganz says:

    I love mine around a campfire, especially while backpacking. I liked this on FB!

  67. superman0234 says:

    My favorite time of day is mid-afternoon when I work from home. Most of the time I end up smoking in the evening however ;)

    Liked it!

  68. Romberry says:

    My favorite time of the day to enjoy a cigar is first thing in the morning with a fresh espresso as the sun breaks across the foothills of the low mountains and my bird and dogs begin stirring to greet the day.

    Liked on facebook.

  69. KrazyKajun says:

    Late afternoon/early evening if I’m working. If I’m off, anytime really. Especially with good company… Liked on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. jungjae510 says:

    liked on facebook….my favorite time is at night after putting down the little for bedtime

  71. walshy says:

    I enjoy a cigar on the weekends in the early morning when no one is up to bother me, or after work to unwind. But will take every advantage at all points of the day.
    Liked it!

  72. papobaez says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is right after work, after a day of stress and running around nothing beats lighting up a good cigar with a glass of zacapa rum, i live in nyc so that means i have to do it at a cigar lounge wich is ok because i get to tlak to other cigar smokers about what is new, where to find smokes etc…on a regular bases

  73. Splits09 says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is on the weekend in the late afternoon. Liked on facebook.

  74. stevecarls says:

    I enjoy smoking a cigar after work with a good friend at one of our favorite cigar lounges. I liked this on FB.

  75. bryan122 says:

    I enjoy a cigar after a big meal whether that be in the afternoon or evening. I tweeted this out! YAY!!! FREE!

  76. LnF_Russ says:

    Right now since it is frigid I have been smoking any time of the day that is warm enough, but if I had my choice, it would be as the sun is setting on my back, looking over the lake.

    Shared on twitter via LnF_Russ!

  77. bmarco says:

    Enjoy a good cigar in the evening around 8 to unwind from the day. Shared on twitter.

  78. rockjock says:

    Best time is early afternoon.

  79. jw1983 says:

    I like smoking on my day off during the afternoon. Liked on FB

  80. Greg Bellante says:

    I enjoy a cigar after a big dinner and or a good lunch . The Rocky Patel Signature series or the 5Vegas Miami M5 are the 2 cigars i enjoy most.

  81. mannydragon says:

    After work with a glass of bourbon liked on facebook

  82. Rnmp13 says:

    I really enjoy a cigar mid to late morning either on the patio in the sun or out on the golf course…
    Liked on Facebook.

  83. jstella says:

    On Weekdays I like a cigar right after work. On the weekends I like smoking a cigar whenever I need a break. Liked on Facebook.

  84. JohnBarleyCorn says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is in the late afternoon light on the back deck, with a good single malt in hand, watching the sun slowly fade beneath the horizon.

    Liked on Facebook.

  85. mike44njdevils says:

    I prefer smoking a cigar on the patio at my apartment reading a book. Mainly in the evening. “Liked”!

  86. WrenchTurner says:

    I’d have to say my favorite time is when I have the smoker fired up and my friends are all over at the house. I usually try to persuade a few of them to try a cigar beings that most of them are not cigar guys…..But my all time favorite would have to be the night my brother won his first Factory Stock race, nothing like a good night at the races capped off with a good smoke, cold beers, and good friends!!!!

    Liked and Shared on Facebook

    “The true measure of torque is not how hard you hit the wall……But how far you moved it!”

  87. John says:

    Morning between 9 & noon while working. The only time I smoke late in the day is if there are people around and I want to regain my space from them! Tweeted

  88. jon.crappel says:

    I like to smoke in the evenings, when it’s not too cold outside. Or else I enjoy going sit in the cigar lounge with a buddy of mine. Tweeted

  89. Mr_DirtySouth says:

    My personal favorite time is late at night around 10 or 11, tweeted.

  90. kurngar says:

    I tend to smoke in the early evening, since Orlando weather is nice right now.

  91. mufdvr6976 says:

    evening time is good for me!! thanks for another conterst ,,,I liked!

  92. LxArkitekt says:

    It depends on the cigar! If I had to choose I’d say I enjoy night time smokes. Though with this cold weather its hard to get out there. Shared via Twitter

  93. MaxDuo says:

    Both liked and tweeted the contest. I generally do all of my smoking at late night at the end of the day. When I used to work til 11PM or so I would smoke and have some whiskey or scotch from around 11:30PM until 1AM.

    At this point I’ll usually do it sometime during the 6-11 timeframe.

  94. sparkmark says:

    There’s nothing like the smell and taste of a cameroon cigar in the morning! Liked on Facebook

  95. ljarvis524 says:

    There is a small lake by my apartment, where at the end of the night I am able to wind down and process the day with a nice stick in hand.

  96. cassanpj says:

    I like to smoke outside at night after im done with all my classes and papers.

  97. DmlCajun says:

    Best time to Enjoy a cigar for me is every Friday afternoon, with a glass of wine or a good IPA . Helps start out the weekend right

  98. DairyLandCigarFan414 says:

    Definitely middle of the day when most folks are at work, nothing to do and it’s nice outside…tweeted and liked on Facebook

  99. tmart243 says:

    I love enjoying a cigar in the evening or at night after a long day, and preferably with a few of my friends while listening to some Sinatra and drinking beer.

  100. weimerad says:

    I enjoy having a cigar after a nice dinner and relaxing with a nice bourbon or single malt. I clicked on the Tweet button

  101. NoSmokingJacket says:

    Nothing like a great morning cigar paired with coffee on a Saturday after a long work week.

  102. lilwolf21 says:

    I enjoy a cigar on a summer evening after a family bbq around a bonfire as we pass around a bottle of Pendleton whiskey.

  103. Bryanp71 says:

    Best part of the day for me to enjoy a cigar, is later in the evening, after the day is long over, after dinner with a nice glass of whiskey over ice. Sharing this on FB.

  104. Eric 41 says:

    Friday night after the kids go to bed when I can smoke in peace. Usually accompanied with red wine or bourbon. Early Saturday mornings are good too, with French roast.

  105. Chaz says:

    I liked this on facebook. I love a cigar at night, outside, when I finally have some time to myself to unwind.

  106. RKC says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is during the afternoon when i can have a beverage

  107. EMSEMT says:

    I enjoy a cigar after a really bad day at work to unwind. Also after a really good day at work to celebrate.

    I “LIKED” this.

  108. geekfish says:

    My favorite time of day is right at sunset. Usually however it is late inherent evening after kids are in bed. Liked on fb

  109. TimFusco says:

    Liked! My favorite time to smoke is usually in the evening after dinner, after the young one is in bed.

  110. sdh3237 says:

    My favorite time is after dinner.

  111. wally828 says:

    My favorite part of the day to smoke would be on my roof on a nice sunny afternoon. Sharing/Tweeting this :)

  112. dvillan87 says:

    I liked it on facebook. My favorite time is the afternoon, or if it’s summertime all do a morning and an afternoon cigar. But afternoon is my favorite time.

  113. Sirfubes says:

    I love to smoke when the sun is still out on a nice warm day. Tweeted!

  114. StefanR says:

    My favorite part of the day to smoke a cigar would be late afternoon, early evening with the Wifey right next to me, while sitting on our porch… Liked on facebook

  115. lefty177 says:

    I normally like my cigars either right after lunch or late at night, I don’t know why but those are the 2 times of the day I seem to smoke the most. I liked it on Facebook

  116. PsycotikMind says:

    I prefer to smoke cigars in the late afternoon/early evening.

    I tweeted.

  117. voicex says:

    I sneek a couple of puffs all day long at work and then settle down to one in the evening.

  118. steve c says:

    My favorite time of the day to have a cigar is after dinner. I liked this on facebook.

  119. hookeduphawaii says:

    definitely after dinner, i LIKE it!!

  120. paul1954 says:

    my favorite time is early afternoon, if i am not working, or right after i get home from work. light up a good cigar with a glass of port.

  121. earwood5150 says:

    After the 1 and 3 year olds go down. Liked it w/FB

  122. Griff says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is after supper. Retweeted on twitter.

  123. alwayscigartime says:

    In the evening, best next to a hot bonfire during the Wisconsin winter. Liked with FB

  124. Rick says:

    Favorite time is in the evening about an hour after dinner on my back porch with a good Bourbon.

  125. Rick says:

    Oh yeah, I liked on facebook.

  126. joeralls says:

    best part of the day to have a cigar is after work .. morning with coffee is a close second .. liked of facebook and tweeted it

  127. mikey says:

    Anytime as long as its above 55, I’m a fair weather smoker…liked it!

  128. dala399 says:

    My favorite time for a cigar is a Saturday afternoon or when I’m walking the dogs.

  129. eric.hanson says:

    Liked on facebook. I love a cigar in the evening after work and school are done and the sun has gone down, I love sitting out on my porch smoking a grat cigar and looking at the stars beore I go to bed.

  130. PatB says:

    after school or work around 6 or 7 is the best with a nice cup of coffee, tweeted

  131. WolF414 says:

    I enjoy a cigar outside when night falls temperature around 50-65 F. Liked on facebook!

  132. robc says:

    I enjoy a cigar after dinner, sitting outside at my bar enjoying the wonderful Arizona weather.

  133. quick6 says:

    I enjoy a nice cigar friday nights after a long work week teaching ESE Math to middle school students outside relaxing with a few good friends.

  134. mickdewall says:

    I enjoy a cigar after work as a way to just sit down and unwind. I also enjoy them mid afternoon on the weekends as well.

    I LIKED this one!

  135. david121 says:

    My favorite time is in the evening around a campfire with a friend. Preferably with all other lights off so its just the fire and darkness. Very relaxing and creates a very cool and relaxing atmosphere.
    P.S. I tweeted.

  136. tlbolson says:

    I like to start the day off with a large coffee, sometimes a scotch, and a cigar. Sets the pace for a relaxing day. But in all reality any time of day is great for a cigar. It’s like a mini vacation from everything crazy.

    Liked on Facebook!

  137. Smokin Butts says:

    My favorite part of the day to enjoy a cigar is after dinner in the early evening on my deck in the summertime.

  138. Gomez2490 says:

    I enjoy a cigar on Sunday evenings after dinner! Recently I’ve been having a relaxing smoke after these stressful NFL football games! This is my first post and contest. Great site!

    I Liked on Facebook.

  139. Dale says:

    My favorite time is after dinner in the evening while watching CO reviews. I tweeted.

  140. Jkoz07 says:

    I would have to say whenever I go golfing and I liked it on facebook.

  141. cigarnube says:

    I enjoy my cigar in the late afternoon around a bon fire with my buddies. I liked on facebook.

  142. DavidKIT says:

    I enjoy the evening time around a fire in the spring and fall.
    Liked on FaceBook.

  143. llmercll says:

    Probably the evening (but nothing is more enjoyable for me than having the time and mindset to enjoy a new smoke, day or night)

    Liked facebook

  144. 69Goat says:

    Hi Bryan,
    A cigar with a glass of port after dinner is the best!
    Liked on FaceBook.

  145. Joseph Szeremet says:

    My absolute favorite time and place to enjoy a cigar is, Friday night in my big leather chair letting the cares of the week melt away. I often pair my cigar with a nice Michigan craft brew and reruns of Colombo. I tweeted!

  146. JHylk717 says:

    My favorite part of the day to enjoy a cigar is after I’ve worked really hard on something whether it be some pesky need-to-get-done chores around the house or yard, or even a long day of work. The nice long burning stick that follows this hard work is definitely my favorite. It usually is in the late afternoon! I tweeted this, thank you!

  147. njfowler22 says:

    There’s nothing better then a smoke after work. Nothing like finishing your day with a nice relaxing cigar and a cold drink. Liked on Facebook.

  148. Mikie says:

    In the evening around a firepit

  149. Brock says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is in the evening. I am a full time nursing student, but I still find time to enjoy my favorite hobby after long hours of studying and clinicals.

  150. Wilson says:


    My favorite time to have a cigar is at dusk. It’s just something about the transition period from light to dark that makes it great. It’s the perfect time for reflection and release. Warm or cold, bugs or no, it’s time!

  151. RedneckChamp says:

    My favorite time is during the last hour of daylight. That’s when I whind down for the day and I enjoy the beauty of nature around me. Liked your contest on Facebook and Google+. Thanks for the chance!!!

  152. Gaminghalb says:

    My favorite time is the end of the day right after dinner. Just to relax and think about the day passed and days to come. also facebooked and liked

  153. heckelguff says:

    My favorite time to smoke is in the evening after dinner. It’s especially nice to sit and smoke with my father.

    I tweeted.

  154. ramrally says:

    I like to smoke and soak, after work.

  155. Sooperman8 says:

    95% of the time its at night after dinner. The time I enjoy the most is during the day. Sitting on the front porch on a nice sunny day reading a book.

  156. CigarStrawn says:

    My favorite part of the day to smoke a cigar is when the sun sets. I like to see the glowing burn line of my cigar while I smoke it. Liked on Facebook.

  157. Brian says:

    Liked on Facebook. I love a cigar in the evening after work followed by a hot shower.

  158. Pokesfan says:

    I enjoy a milder cigar on weekend mornings and something a little stronger in the evening, around sunset. I sometimes enjoy one at that time with a glass of Maker’s Mark. I tweeted.

  159. 007MI6 says:

    When I first started, I always smoked in the evening. I have come to find, however, that a morning smoke with coffee is a damn fine idea!

    I LIKE this on FaceBook, Tweet it & Google +’d it. ;)

  160. Romel says:

    My favorite time to smoke a cigar is after work.liked on FB.

  161. padusc81 says:

    My favorite time is early evening about 7. Liked on FB

  162. Jerry4996 says:

    My favorite time is after a big mean relaxing in my mancave! Liked on facebook!

  163. GarryCawthorn says:

    I enjoy smoking a cigar once i get home from work.. Seems like the best time to enjoy one when ur trying to relax…. I Tweeted and liked… Thanks for the chance!!

  164. ronbsmith says:

    I like my cigars late evening with a glass of crown and coke. Lets me wind down for the evening.

    I clicked Like.

  165. webmost says:

    “Liked on Facebook”

    Best time to smoke a good cigar is while puttering around the the garage. Put some MMA on the garage toob, grab a brew from the garage fridge, light a stick, and get some steel in your hands. Can’t beat it.

  166. cigarraider says:

    Always Saturday mornings around 9am. Wife starts barking errands for me to run, but the cigar smoke annoys her enough to keep it short. Meanwhile, I’m willing to listen cause I’m in a good mood with a great stick. Win win.

    • The new guy says:

      haha, right on! It’s just as good as pretending we don’t know how to do something they ask so they will do it for us instead. I wish my wife liked cigars so I could pretend to forget how to light them.

  167. bckpack says:

    While I enjoy the popular after work cigar most of my smokes are on the weekends, hanging out in my workshop, working on some sort of project. Liked and tweeted.

  168. eclipseptg says:

    I like the morning drive cigar. It usually takes 45 minutes, its kinda dark out and quite. I hit the Like icon above.

  169. Cagey says:

    My favorite time of the day to enjoy a cigar is at sunset on my deck with a three-finger glass of Johnnie Walker Black (neat) and my dog at my feet watching the the sky fade to black. Ahhh…


  170. ghoudy says:

    I enjoy a stogie in the evening to help me unwind from work.


  171. PCcigar says:

    My time to enjoy is after I give my kids and wife a kiss goodnight tell them I love them. I grab me a tasty cigar, grab a nice liquor (Tuaca). Relax and enjoy for the rest of the night.

  172. TheSmokingGunman says:

    I like to stay up after everyone in the house is asleep around midnight and especially when its cold out, and smoke on my back slab and watch the stars. Ive seen countless shooting stars this way, and there are no distractions that can pull me away from really tasting my cigar.

  173. BigMike says:

    Favorite time is definitely in the evening – on the back porch enjoying a fine beverage and cool breeze.

  174. CRem says:

    Favorite time has to be in the evening while enjoying my favorite sports team on tv with the boys!

    I tweeted out to all my followers!

    Thanks, Bryan and all who are involved!

  175. drjwall says:

    The best part of the day is afternoon after a good lunch

  176. J. Drew says:

    In the evening after a nice meal. In the summer it is so nice to sit outside smoking and watching the sun set. Tweet!

  177. montyz says:

    Late afternoon, winding down, doing paperwork, answering e-mails. A great time to relax.

  178. zigmann says:

    I love to smoke on Friday nights and reflect on the week.


  179. iamjacksheart says:

    I prefer to have a cigar in the evening, right after dinner. I liked on facebook!

  180. Judoca says:

    Over the weekend, at night, after a good meal!

  181. wcfennell says:

    My favorite time to smoke is when I get home from a long day at work and the sun’s just starting to go down and I can sit on my deck with a great cigar and listen to the sounds of the woods at twighlight. I liked this post

  182. cigarevan says:

    I enjoy a good cigar with my dad adter a hard days work at the shop.

  183. Markwz11 says:

    Late in the evening with an evening cocktail is my favorite time to enjoy a smoke. Liked on FaceBook.

  184. cigarevan says:

    I liked this!

  185. zgamble says:

    For me it’s late in the evening after a stressful work day to relax. Liked on Facebook!

  186. Sam says:

    I like to have my cigars after a nice meal or on a late weekend night. I liked on FB.

  187. smokethis says:

    In the morning with my coffee.
    Liked this on facebook.

  188. jablaze says:

    Im a single father and work 6 days a week so my favorite time to smoke a cigar is when i get a chance to, normally after he goes to bed and i can finally kick my feet up and relax.

    I Hit the like button for Facebook.

  189. Mike Moon says:

    I enjoy a cigar at night after dinner and mostly on weekends.

  190. mantisdgaf says:

    I like to enjoy a cigar after work as a way to unwind from the day. normally i head out to the back yard and just sit back in a chair and relax with cold beer and a nice cigar

    I hit the like on facebook

  191. guarnacciad says:

    Sometimes I enjoy a cigar on break at work but my favorite time is at night when I can relax with a cigar and a drink. I liked on Facebook

  192. haneyte2000 says:

    I enjoy the evening reflect over the day cigar the best

  193. nhsmoker says:

    liked on fb and my favorite time of day to enjoy a cigar is after my kids go to bed so I can unwind without distractions.

  194. jayortiz824 says:

    I liked on fb and I enjoy a good stick after sitting in class for 4 hrs and have worked a 10hr shift

  195. Mitragorz says:

    I love waking up early on a summer Sunday morning and enjoying a nice cigar by the pool. Liked on facebook!

  196. Vick18 says:

    Like on Facebook. I’m all about smoking during the evening while cleaning my garage.

  197. RyanG says:

    I enjoy the majority of my cigars at night. More peaceful. Liked on FB.

  198. amerikangrizzly says:

    in the evening after work. however myfavorite cigar is after a great gym workout, a victory cigar you could call it. liked on facebook

  199. sawfam says:

    After work alone on patio to unwind and let my mind roam. All awhile enjoying either a bourbon or fine red wine….


  200. Vulture says:

    Usually after work to wind down and relax. Or if I’m out in the great outdoors.

    I liked on FB

  201. Derek says:

    In the evening with friends and after works to unwind.

  202. Ignem says:

    I prefer to smoke on a nice evening with friends.

    Liked on Facebook.

  203. superpoppy says:

    after dinner

  204. gregrhill000 says:

    I like to smoke after dinner or on the weekend with some friends.

    Liked on facebook

  205. Sir_Snoopy says:

    I like to smoke to unwind when I get home from work.

  206. Johnnycatt says:

    i like to smoke in the evening after dinner with my wife

  207. Jbenoit9 says:

    Blowing out of work early for an afternoon at the cigar lounge. Tweeted

  208. car2346 says:

    I Like to Smoke a Cigar during the night at around 11:00 P.M. Everyone is asleep so a can just relax before going to sleep.

    I Liked on Facebook.

  209. derek_straus says:

    My favorite time of the day to enjoy a fine cigar is as soon as the stars come out! I always found it nice to look at the stars and relax with a fine cigar.

    liked on Facebook

  210. jwbrocks80 says:

    My favorite time to smoke is about 1 hour before sunset!

    I liked on Facebook

  211. glens36069 says:

    I get home from work to hang with my brothers

  212. sduran10 says:

    After a long day at work, a great cigar sets up a relaxed atmosphere for the end my day. The classic steak dinner with a robust cigar is a classic combination.

    liked on facebook and sent out a tweet

  213. bloodybud17 says:

    In the evening after a nice meal with a couple of buddies.

    Liked on facebook

  214. memoriesofwe says:

    Just after dinner, with a bit of rum or whisky. Relaxes me to the core.

    Liked on twitter!!!

  215. pittjitsu says:

    My favorite times to smoke a cigar is at sun-up and at sun-down. The tranquil to myself feeling I get allows me to concentrate on what I’m smoke and the silence of those hrs as well as the look of the sky only enhances the experience of smoking a cigar that much better.

    I hit the like button.

  216. BigNate says:

    I liked on fb. My favorite time of day is just before the sun starts going down so I get just the right amount of sun, or at night after dinner with friends.

  217. Cigaruss says:

    I prefer smoking in the early to late afternoon-goes well with a book. Hit the like button.

  218. crazzyotto55 says:

    In the summer I enjoy a cigar at day’s end on the deck with a frosty cold libation. In the winter I’m up in my office with the exhaust fan in the window. A great quiet time to forget about work. Like button on FB.

  219. Michael says:

    After breakfast, a small cigar with my morning espresso.
    Usually a Man o War Puro Authentico.

  220. Rob says:

    Favorite time of day to have a cigar is at night after a long day of work.

    I liked on Facebook.

  221. jackdan says:

    In the morning with a cup of coffee. I liked on facebook.

  222. kb1nyd says:

    I like a cigar in the late afternoon. Right around sunset time. I liked and tweeted this contest out as well!

  223. DrakeXD says:

    My favorite time is at night. Especially if there is a clear, star-full sky.
    Like on FB.

  224. tactical_hooligan says:

    In the late evening, typically with friends while having a few drinks. (I “liked”)

  225. primox1 says:

    For me anytime is a good time for a cigar, as long as you have the time, and when either the weather is agreeable or the cigar lounge is still open. Unfortunately, I dont get much chances to smoke, so I watch a vid or two of cigarobsessions reviews to pretend Im smoking.
    Liked on FB

  226. cenzo92 says:

    I enjoy a fine cigar in the late evening after work.

  227. YOLO says:

    Im a freshman in college so as you can imagine I love to party, but nothing is better than enjoying a nice cigar before I get my night started! -liked-

  228. USA2ndAmendment says:

    My favorite time of the day to smoke a great cigar is in the evening, after dinner, usually on a Fri., Sat., or Sun.. Depending on my mood I like a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate with the cigar.
    I “liked” this on facebook.

  229. dman says:

    My favorite time to smoke is when i am on the Golf course. a close second is after a long day at work with a nice stiff drink. Thanks for what you do on this site.


  230. dman says:

    Dman again I clicked like

  231. Chris says:

    I’m new to cigar smoking; however, this sample pack would be ideal for me to find out my preferred times to smoke!

    I Like’d

  232. Visitor_Q says:

    It’s hard to tell. Today I lighted my first cigar. I smoked it after work, around 10:20 ish. After that i started digging about it and i found your youtube channel and website and subscribed to it so i can learn more about cigars. I really enjoy it and i LIKE this on facebook.

  233. otter says:

    My favorite time is after dinner especially when I have the next day off work… Sharing on Twitter.

  234. au_coffeemaster says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is after I arrive home from work. Good way to reflect on the day and look ahead of what tomorrow will bring. I shared this on twitter.

  235. Scubasteve says:

    I’m still new to cigar smoking, but what I’ve found i like is an evening smoke after a long day. nothing like having a micro brew and a cigar to relax you after a long day.

  236. j37silva says:

    First thing in the morning driving to work.

  237. GurkhaMan says:

    While it sounds like a cop out, really any time of day is good. A nice Connecticut (like a Xen) in the morning or a Nub Habano after lunch. But I guess nine times out of ten I’m smoking after dinner. Just a great way to kind of wind down the evening or if I’m gong out, a great way to kick off the night!

  238. dbfr181 says:

    Hey Bryan I tweeted it! And smoke time for me
    Is at night after kids go to bed.

  239. MonkeyBisNes says:

    I enjoying having one in the evening time. Relaxing under a tiki hut.

  240. SunnyTKearl says:

    My favorite time is in the evenings after dinner. Its nice to relax and unwind the whole day with dinner, a drink, and a cigar!

  241. Michael says:

    Liked on FaceBook.
    My favorite time to smoke is after Bryan gives a good review. Can’t wait to try the stick to see if I agree.

  242. Kaggs says:

    Favorite time of day is at night after a nice hearty dinner! Liked on FB.

  243. dagale says:

    My favorite time is while playing golf. Tweeted.

  244. Jpasser says:

    I like one after work out on the deck. Great time to relax. I liked on Facebook.

  245. mcnuggs says:

    My favorite time would be sitting in the park right before sunset. Liked.

  246. thegreatestmob says:

    my favorite time to enjoy a cigar is after dinner in the park or on my back pourch

  247. Utahraptor says:

    Favorite time is in the evening on the porch watching the sunset.

  248. Jchekroune says:

    My favorite time to enjoy a cigar is at night while watching a great film. Liked on FB

  249. adam8506 says:

    I tend to smoke in the evenings. Tweeted.

  250. CGregg says:

    I love a nice smoke after a long week of classes, preferably at night by the fire pit.

  251. jmcewan says:

    I usually enjoy them mid afternoon to early evening on my days off. Preferably while I am by myself with a strong dark belgain ale or coffee.

  252. William G. says:

    I liked on Facebook my cigar would be a full body Churchill stick with creamy sweet tobacco with a pepper kick at the end.

  253. LouieZmich says:

    I enjoy a nice cigar after a long day of work and school. Sitting on the back deck in a lawn chair watching the sun go down with a cigar in my right hang and a drink in my left hand.

  254. pittjitsu says:

    I prefer smoking at dawn and at dusk. I love the tranquility of those times of the day as well as the feeling of the rising and setting sun while I enjoy a good tasty stick

    I hit the like button on facebook for this post.

  255. towerladder87 says:

    My favorite time to smoke a cigar is midnight. Nothing beats a cigar on a summer night with little to no humidity. I take my favorite cigar and relax on my back patio with a little country playing in the back ground. That’s Paradise 101.

  256. gabriel mendoza says:

    Favorite time would be at dusk, no heat/hot day. sunset and stogie = yummy.

  257. Galin.Swigart says:

    Definitely at night, Very relaxing and enjoyable way to end a day

  258. Its meditation for me in many cultures its for the deads spirits I understand why they say that with how so much more times put into the cigar than fermentin,aging and rolling it shared via twitter

  259. Dennis says:

    The Perfect window,

    Any given day has two perfect windows for smoking a cigar in my opinion. The first is in the morning when the sun is still under the horizon just far enough to when you get to the halfway point of the cigar the sun barely starts breaking the horizon which causes all the animals to wake up and heats up the air moisture causing a mist to form just above the ground. It’s as if I am in the cretaceous period, I imagine my self on a newly born planet where life is just barely developing enjoying one of the greatest gifts man has created. The other perfect window is in the evening after a great dinner and the only thing left to do is enjoy a good cigar and nice beer, talk with friends as they close out their day and we talk about crap that does not matter this is very relaxing to me.

  260. ABrooks80 says:

    I enjoy my cigar at the end of the day I look forward to it through out the day. When I’m under pressure at work I tell myself okay get through this remember what you’ll be enjoying later. And believe it or not I smile more when I imagine trying to recognize flavors on my pallet after a slow cool draw. And after the finish taking a taste of I’m drinking to compliment it.

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