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Ezra Zion Inception Exquisito Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 12, 2013
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Ezra Zion Inception Exquisito Cigar Review

This 6.25×52 stick features a dark milk chocolate mottled wrapper with a light pack, even slightly spongy give, rounded box press, minimal veins, tight seams, double cap and mild chocolate aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with near full bodied flavors showing a creamy smooth slightly sweet tobacco with a long spicy finish. The first third quickly develops to a complex blend still near full body, with a sweet creamy leather on the draw followed by a smooth tobacco and cinnamon on the finish without any heat. The 1/2 way point comes in at 40 minutes, the ash holding solid for the first third. Construction is flawless with tons of rich smoke and a razor sharp burn. Draw flavors take on an addition note of a deep roasted nut and tobacco near the end, holding though the long finish. Hitting the third an hour in, flavors go a bit deeper and strength ramps up to medium. Ending at 1:30 the last bit showed no further changes, proving to be a smooth, strong and complex blend with perfect performance.

Thank you very much to Ezra Zion Cigars for sending this in for review!

  • Marc

    Sounds good… thanx Bryan

  • The new guy

    Fantastic review. Need a quick opinion though. I’m building up my palett quite a bit but I’m in search for a stick that is rich in nuttiness and chocolate. The best I have found so far to reach what I’m looking for is the my father le biju 1922. Fantastic smoke. Do you have any other good suggestions without it being infused? Also really enjoy creepiness flavors. I’m going to try an exodus 1959 the smell is spot on. Do you recommend keeping them in plastic while in the humidor?

    • Bigulp

      Leave them in the cellophane it will help protect the wrapper from damage.

      • The new guy

        Thanks gulp! Any recommenations on a stick with rich flavor I described? I just want to cut one up and start toasting!

        • Bigulp

          I can’t really remember the last time I had a smoke that had a distinct chocolate nutty flavor, so I can’t personally recommend anything. Maybe try one of these. http://cigarobsession.com/2009/05/29/perdomo-habano-maduro-robusto/

          • The new guy

            there are just so many out there and sometimes i fall in love with the asthetics of some cigars. labels are a big hook for me. the le biju 1922 seems to be one of the only to taste how the ring describes. sweet, nutty with a nice roasted chocolate on the retrohale. i dont know how i get all that haha.

        • Christopher

          Just to throw my two cents in (because I also really enjoy a smoke with nuttiness and chocolate flavors) I would personally recommend is La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor.
          I had one a little while ago and think it’s amazing. I found the flavor profile to be pretty consistent the whole way through, plus the smoke is a touch on the oily side.
          I think it’s a few bucks cheaper than the Le Bijou 1922 too 😉

          • The new guy

            thank you Christopher. I got one a while back and am letting it acclimate just a bit longer. I am excited to try it this just seals the deal for me. #2 for 2011 c.a from what I hear. Thanks again

            Chris aka the new guy

  • Richhart

    I am unfamiliar with this cigar company. Do they have their own company or is it contracted out and made by someone else?

    • puffrey

      They are their own company however their distribution is being done via Emilio Cigars. If this is anything near the quality Emilio has put out(as it appears in Bryan’s review that it is) then it will be a great addition to the humi Im sure. I just used Ezra Zion retailer page to see where I can get them and the shop about 15 mns away has them so I am out the door.

      Thanks Bryan!

      • puffrey

        Finally smoke this last week after I ran out and picked it up back in January and wow what a great stick this!

        One of those sticks that I will only smoke when I am alone on the patio so I can really focus and appreciate the flavors.

  • phaedron

    I’m trusting you on this one, Bryan– it sounds fantastic. If you go to the Ezra Zion website, they list all their retailers, but none are near me up here in the frozen tundra. The only one I found that does web orders is charmedleaf.com. They offer a box of 12 exquisitos for $150. But wait! I never make a web purchase without searching for coupon codes online. If you use the coupon code “inception” (imagine that!), you’ll get 15% off (so it cost me $127.50, with free shipping). It worked for me today– no guarantees how long it will last. Still, at just over $10 a stick, I hope I like these as much as you did…

    • steve.mcdirth

      Thanks for the coupon code. The coupon code worked great for me as well when I ordered my box. Unfortunately, I got my cigars in yesterday and let them sit over night and just smoked one. UGGGGGHHHHHH, nasty! Way overpriced! Ah well, I’ll give them away during superbowl so guests dont smoke my good ones!

      • phaedron

        I didn’t get mine yet, although they’re supposedly on their way. Argh, you’re not giving me good news! Hopefully, after I’ve let them sit awhile….

        • phaedron

          OK, mine finally arrived. They’re gonna have to sit in the humi a good long while, though, as they were out on the front stoop all day in below-zero weather. They smell… cold. But there’s definitely the faint scent of cinnamon. Never smelled that on a cigar before. I am headed to southwest Florida on the 31st, and a couple of these are coming with me!

  • rynie27

    I’m from up North as well, thanks for sharing the coupon code., these sticks sound fantastic!

  • Jon Aiken

    Thanks for your great review this is one of my favorites, did they send you a Reagan to review as well?

  • byar

    fantastic smoke! seriouscigars.com has these in single sticks as well as boxes, so you can sample a couple before you commit to a box.

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