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E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut El Decano Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 10, 2013
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E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut El Decano Cigar Review

This 6×60 stick features a tan wrapper with minima veins, tight invisible seams, a nice double cap, heavy dense firm pack, slick smooth oily feel and a mild woody aroma. First light reveals a decent draw with mild-medium flavors of a creamy smooth slightly sweet woodiness and a finish that moves to a little earth. Smoke output is very minimal. The first third burns slowly, with a bad burnline like most other huge rg cigars. Flavors are unchanged, very mild, the filler requires multiple puffs just to stay lit and the construction sucks. 45 minutes in the 2nd third finally starts, showing no flavor changes, just adding some smoke output. It’s required a touchup and is still burning unevenly. Ending at 1:20 where nearly the last two inches got very hot and mushy, the whole stick proved mild and consistent. Thank you very much to viewer Mike for sending this in!

  • Bigulp

    Haven’t had a very good experience with larger ring gauges myself. Worst part is when you receive a 60 gauge as a gift, and you think to yourself “Swweet a cigar, crap 60 gauge.

  • Too bad you seem to get a lot of the Carrillo cigars in the large size formats. I very much enjoy this stick as well as the short run 2012 in the robusto format. I have tried the larger sizes and do not care for them. The complexity drops substantially and the smoke output is far more airy.

  • ARM

    I have a 64 ring gauge Carillo INCH in my humi. Looks like it will be taking the back burner until further notice. Although, I must admit I really just bought it for the novelty. Not really a big fan of the large ring gauge sticks.

    • Sean

      I have a box of the E.P. Carrillo Inch in the Maduro, I very much like them.I have actually had 5 so far with a decent burn, 1 was a little wonky but not needing a touch up at all.

      Flavor wise the inch in a Maduro is full strength, very peppery but I like that kind of thing along with Maduro flavors.

      Another big ring gauge I have found with great flavor was the Camacho Triple maduro, I love those things but I have had a couple that burnt a bit shitty.

      All in all I can’t complain.

      • ARM

        I’ll definitely give it a shot at some point. Finding the time/strength to muscle through a 6.1×60 stick in the middle of winter in New England is no easy task. It’ll hibernate in the humidor until it’s a little warmer outside. Unless my wife starts letting me smoke in the house – which is a whole other battle (that I’m not willing to fight!)

        • ARM

          I should say 6.1×64 ring gauge…

  • Chaz

    what a shame. this is a great stick in the non-stupid sizes… and not too expensive either.

    • JJO

      LOL, I agree! The corona and robusto are great. No interest in this size.

  • Richhart

    I wonder if it was just a bad roll? I have never smoked that gauge but have enjoyed other sizes of that blend, Generally I think the Carrillo family makes some good cigars!

  • Whickster77

    I guess that’s Brian’s way of saying this stick is a dog rocket but you have to applaud his attempt to be pc. And on that note, I will be avoiding it. Keep up the good work Brian

    • Bigulp

      I don’t think he would of gone as far as he did if it was a true dog rocket.

      • Whickster77

        Bigulp I would normally agree with you but out of all the reviews I have watched by Brian this was one of the most severe critics. I think he trys very hard not to pass judgement and just say or report what he taste and experiences,so when he recommends to stay away,I am staying away. But to each there own.

        • Bigulp

          Well he cut up the Timbuctoo Maduro Toro after 20 minutes to figure out why it was awful. And he straight up calls the Thompson Empressario Natural Churchil a dog rocket. Maybe he is being nice, but if it was a true dog rocket I don’t think he would pull any punches. If anything the extra expense should result in him being more critical. Anyway I took it as avoid the Gordo vitola and plan mild cigars aren’t worth the money.

          • Whickster77

            Well those are 2 things we defiantly agree on and on that note I am going to start toasting

  • eric.hanson

    I had this one a few years ago and thought that it was pretty good. Nice woody and nutty notes.

  • Fabbio

    A while back a friend had been glowing about his purchase in cuba of Romeo y Julieta wide churchill (60ring gauge). A bunch of us were interested as the reg churchill and the short churchill are one of our favs. What waste of money for about 23CAD a stick. I have had swisher sweets that burned better. Complete waste and strictly for the look.

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