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Guy Stuff – Taco Bell Chilito At Home

by Bryan Glynn, January 3, 2013
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Untitled-1Guy Stuff – Taco Bell Chilito At Home

Today we have one of my favorite Fast Food meals, that has been gone for quite a while, the Chilito! As a kid I worked summers at Taco Bell in the 80’s, and back then they really had some awesome stuff – unlike today. Kids today might think Taco Bell is great, but back then – it was AWESOME! The Chilito was a cheesy chili burrito, a little smaller than the Burrito Supreme, in a thicker tortilla that was steamed. I’ll never forgive them for taking it off the menu 🙁 At least I can make them *almost* as good anytime I want to at home, and now I’ll share how with you 🙂

This also makes for the best tortilla dip you’ve ever had 🙂

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