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Padilla Series ’68 Lancero Cigar Review

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Padilla Series ’68 Lancero Cigar Review

This 7.5×42 stick features a dark brown firm toothy wrapper with a slight red hue, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a tiny pigtail cap and sweet candy aroma. First light reveals a snug draw with good smoke output showing flavors of a smooth creamy texture and taste with an aged musty slightly bitter tobacco with a very slick cool finish. The first third morphs the bitterness in to a sweetness, continuing the core flavors of the musty aged tobacco, bringing body to a medium-full. 30 minutes in the 2nd third is winding down, going to a sweet cinnamon flavor with the tobacco, adding a zing through the long finish. Ending at the hour mark, the last third drops the sweetness for a deeper earth and adds quite a strength buzz, matching the medium-full body. Thank you very much to viewer Justin Hodges for sending this in for review!

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