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Padron Series Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 31, 2012
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Padron Series Churchill Cigar Review

This 6 7/8×46 stick features a dark brown, lumpy and fragile wrapper with a few small veins, tight invisible seams, rough cap, slight oil sheen and firm but light pack with a very rich cocoa aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with decent smoke output showing medium-bodied flavors of a deep creamy peppery dry tobacco with a long warm finish. The first third is still on the milder side of things, with the typical Padron flavors starting to come through with a smooth creamy tobacco taking center stage. 25 minutes in the ash drops off and flavors start to wake up, pushing medium-full body with some smooth coffee, cocoa and nuttiness, with a zingy peppery tobacco finish that’s smooth and short. Ending around 50 minutes the last third ramped up the chocolate and coffee notes bringing the typical Padron aged flavors as well, with a smooth silky finish. Thank you very much to True Tobacco for providing this sample for review!

  • cigarnube

    Hey Bryan great review and love the rant by the way. But I was wondering do you know of any cigar websites that sell to 18 year olds? I have looked on sites like cigarbid.com and they all only sell to people 21 and up. just curious thanks.

    • Can’t say I’ve noticed, I’m old LOL – but I know there are more checks going in to place soon, so I guess you’ll just have to shop around.

      • cigarnube

        Haha ok I was just wondering because I am 18 and have wanted to start smoking cigars. I have been watching your reviews and how to videos so I could learn to actually appreciate what I am smoking, its just they are fairly expensive at least for an 18 year old anyway haha.

        • Spencer G

          Cigarnube, it’s interesting to see the way american cigar websites work in terms of age allowance etc. I’m 18 myself and I am from, (and live in) England. It seems every British cigar website allows 18+ so I guess i can count myself lucky. However, I’ve never been attracted into purchasing my cigars online as I found the experience of being allowed to walk into my local cigar shop and purchasing there much better.

          • cigarnube

            Thanks Spencer I know what you mean by going to the cigar shops myself and being able to physically pick out my cigars but sometimes it just gets a little pricy. I just wish I could use certain sites such as cigarbid.com so that I can get quality cigars for low low prices.

    • jw1983

      Take a look at bnbtobacco.com. Their FAQ says they sell to 18+

  • puffrey

    100% agree with you on the “rant” and I have to admit when I first started I was that naive conusmer until I educated myself on things like tobacco type, aging, construction, blends, which factory it came from, etc…
    That being said, the Grimalkin by Emilio has one of the worst looking bands ever. As you know since your reviewed one however it is one of the best boutique cigars out there in my opinion. The Grimalking is a prime example of not shopping based on the band, it would never win a Cigar Band Pageant!

  • jw1983

    Nice review. I’ll put this padron on my list.

    I’m a little surprised to hear your rant, as you’re a professional photographer. But yes, I agree that the true art is in the smoking experience.

  • CigarStrawn

    Great review! That’s what I love about cigar companies that don’t spend a lot of money on fancy bands. You get a good quality stick for a decent price instead of spending more money on a stick just for the band.

  • carrillo

    Great review!! I always save my bands whether plain or designer style. I have a little project I use them on. Enough about bands!! Love Padron cigars. One of my favorites.

  • jpculp57

    Padron thousand series and the “regular” series are fantastic inexpensive smokes.
    In regards to the fancy bands, they are somewhat consumer driven, but I would venture to guess that your upscale brands are using it to stop/combat counterfeiting. I know that’s why Cohiba has starting using the holograms becuase your average counterfeiter will not have the technology to duplicate it. That’s also why all of the 1945 and 1926 Padrons are individually numbered and have such a special band.

  • mike44njdevils

    This is funny, I had asked one of the guys at my B&M about this particular line of cigars (the “low shelf” Padrons) and he said basically the same thing you said in your review. Good solid smoke, nice flavors, “You know you’re smoking a Padron.” I am definitely going to try one now after this reviews. For reference, this cigar is $8-10 at my B&M, with the 1926 & 1964 series in the 27-40 range.

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