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Dec 25

Best of 2012 Contest

Posted on Tuesday, December 25, 2012 in World of CO

EDIT: The contest is closed. Congratulations to “eric.hanson”!

2012OK, here’s the last contest to win cigars for 2012! You get to tell me what your favorite review of the year was! Below you can look through them all, and to enter just click the Facebook and/or Twitter buttons below, comment with which you did plus what your favorite review was! A random winner will be drawn after the new year to win a huge 30-40 count sampler of cigars from me! Good luck!

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Bring on the comments

  1. Brian says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite review was the anejo no. 50 review

  2. kprichardson7 says:

    I liked on facebook, and my favorite review would be the Maldonado Mogul. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

  3. yankeeman says:

    Like on FB. Favorite video was Guy Stuff – Crawfish Boil. I tried the recipe with my whole family and they loved it. Great recipe and so simple to make!!

  4. Chris Tivnan says:

    I shared on twitter. My favorite was the humo jaguar review because it put me on to a great cigar.

  5. mlbin55 says:

    Shared on twitter as @TOGwDog.
    My favorite review was the Tatuaje Reserva SW, because I just had my first one of these a few days ago and I looked to see if you had reviewed it, and you had.

  6. BonJaker says:

    Liked on FB…my favorite review of the year was the Tatuaje Anarchy Apocolypse because I enjoy seeing the reviews before the cigar hits the street.

  7. Richhart says:

    My favorite was the Blanco Liga de Familia Exclusiva Torpedo Maduro. It has become one of my favorite all time cigars !!

  8. dmedley92 says:

    Liked on Facebook, and my favorite review was the A. Fuente Anejo maduro 50.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. phaedron says:

    I facebooked it, and my favorite was the Iconic Leaf Recluse review, which prompted an intensive search to find where the heck I could buy these things. I was successful, and they are indeed wonderful.

  10. joelala says:

    I love the pardon 1926 number 6 review. My favorite cigar to date.

  11. dvillan87 says:

    Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project was my favorite review. I liked it on Facebook. Was surprised when you reviewed it because I thought they were amazing for the price !!!!

  12. mlewis says: favorite was the macanudo vintage 06 ..found one in my stocking this morning !!

  13. tglynnus says:

    I “Liked” on Facebook.
    My favorite was the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Churchill. I love aged cigars and the Patel Vintage line is among my absolute favorites. This stick is the one from that line I have not yet tried, and I have it lined up for New Year’s. It was the first time I have heard a cigar described as smelling like “fresh dog poop”, but you pushed through that and gave an excellent review that made me very excited to try the cigar despite the pre-light aroma. Thanks for that and every review of 2012, looking forward to many more in 2013!!!

  14. pinot45 says:

    I “liked” on Facebook. My favorite review was Perdomo Champagne Noir Figurado.

  15. bluebell says:

    I liked you on Facebook and my favorite review was Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Churchill. Great cigar to smoke.

  16. mbuckwash says:

    I liked on Facebook! My favorite review was the Iconic Leaf Recluse in Toro cigar because I actually had the same stick prior to the review and experienced the same as you, Bryan! It made me feel as though I wasn’t too far off from some of your reviews!

  17. DairyLandCigarFan414 says:

    Favorite review? Got to be the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Corojo Lancero. First cigar I ever smoked was a Rocky Patel, met him and person and very fond of this cigar size and the flavors. Like on facebook and tweeted…

  18. smokethis says:

    Like on FB.

    Favorite review Mi Barrio El Forro Cigar

  19. dgrambo says:

    Your B-day review on June 9th. The Arturo Fuente Anejo No. 50 ———–Complied w/FB

  20. Chaz says:

    liked on Facebook… I really enjoyed the crawfish guy stuff video. Always loved them and now I know an easy way to cook them :)

  21. mickdewall says:

    Liked on Facebook. I liked the review on the MUWAT…been debating on trying those out, the review helped make my decision!

  22. DavidKIT says:

    My favorite review was the Rocky Patel Vitage Cameroon. I was really able to pick up the same flavors and transitions that you did. Liked you of Facebook.

  23. puffrey says:

    Liked on Facebook.

    My favorite was the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Churchill because you reviewed on my birthday, I just happen to have one in the humi so I smoked it! Your awesome review left me no other choice!

  24. TimFusco says:

    FB liked! My fav was the MUWAT in December…because you “borked” the video. That was great…not from your stand point but we can all relate to doing something like that.

  25. chief791 says:

    I hit the face book button. my fav review was of the Genesis the project by Ramon Bueso. Your review was almost the same exact thoughts that i had of this cigar. It is now one of my top 10 smokes.

  26. steve c says:

    I hit the facebook button. My favorite review of the year was the smoked ribs. I’m a big rib guy and i never thought i could do them at home until i saw that video. Thanks for a great year Bryan!

  27. shawnmc77 says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite is probably the Drew Estate Liga Undercrown Gran Toro review. Just cause I love that stick.

  28. evenstill says:

    I used the facebook button. There are several that I really like including the Drew Estate Liga Undercrown and the Drew Estate Java Maduro, but I’d have to say that my favorite review is the Don Lino Africa. This cigar was a very pleasant surprise when I tried it. Very nice smoke.

  29. weimerad says:

    I both liked on Facebook and Tweeted. The review I liked the most was one you did in the rain and then a lightning strike hit and scared the crap out of you. It was funny watching you try to do the review during a storm. I don’t even remember the cigar you were smoking

  30. DDDyyy says:

    Save the best for last ->Bradley Maxx Brazil Robusto. Was quite entertaining watching you sniff a vacuum cleaner bag and “lick” an ash tray.

    Tweeted @Stool_Pigeon.

  31. Bruiser says:

    Liked on the Facebook. Favorite review: Maldonado Mogul Cigar Review. It’s the 21st century cigar manufacturers, get your website updated!

  32. Wilson says:

    “Liked”. My favorite was the Rocky Patel 2003 Cameroon. Saw the review, bought it at a local shop, and loved it. Smoked it on Independence Day while floating down the New River in NC. Best day of 2012!

  33. new2sticks says:

    Shared on twitter. The A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa Maduro was my favorite because you took one for the team and saved me a night of misery.

  34. jeffk says:

    Punch Bareknuckle Belicoso Facebook like – love the name and your review made me aware of this cigar and want to try it!

  35. jpculp57 says:

    Facebook. My favorite review was the one where you dropped the ash on your lap! I loved it, but can’t remember which cigar it was. It had me cracking up and I had to show it to one of my employees who’s an avid cigar man. We were both laughing because we’ve all had it happen and know how you felt!

    My second favorite was the CAO Soprano because you saved me from spending a chunk of change on what appears to be an overpriced cigar. Thanks for all you do!

  36. suitcasejon says:

    Liked on Facebook and my favorite review was the Drew Estate ACID blondie belicoso review. Your review was spot on. First time I had it was in New Orleans on bourbon street. Booze, sweet cigar and seductive ladies. What more can you ask for? Cheers.

    -Suitcase Jon

  37. cigarhobby85 says:

    I tweeted. My favorite review was the ribs video. I have made these several times and I love them

  38. Cigaruss says:

    Liked on Facebook. Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Churchill.

  39. jw1983 says:

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite vid was the DIY camera L bracket. I might do that one day

  40. jungjae510 says:

    liked on fb, patel vintage 1990…made me feel confident that I would like it… and I did

  41. Polish_Infidel says:

    I facebook liked. My favorite was the Drew Estate Acid Toast video. Not because it’s a good cigar. On the contrary, it’s too sweet and you can tell that you didn’t like this cigar in particular and that you don’t appear to be fond of infused cigars in general. Too top it off, the review goes from uncomfortable to painful as you then proceed to have a huge chunk of ash fall on your laugh. Thanks for falling on your internet sword so to speak for us on that review. Love the site.

  42. sdh3237 says:

    Tweeted. My favorite review was for the Don Pablo cigar. I sent it in and enjoyed seeing your take on it.

  43. mannydragon says:

    liked on facebook my favorite review was Guy Stuff – Buffalo Chicken On The Grill

  44. cigarnube says:

    I liked on facebook and my favorite review was the Cordoba & Morales Grand Solomone!

  45. James says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite was the Cremo maduro. Just got two in the mail from Lilo and can’t wait to try one!

  46. Rawbows says:

    Tweeted it. My favorite was the Montecristo Sevens Review, I like the way you tossed it in the end.

  47. car2346 says:

    Wow Brian you put me in a pickle in this one since i likem most of your videos. I liked this one on facebook. I would say the H. Upmann 1844 churchill would be my favorite since i actually purchased some of these after seeing the video and they were awesome. Thanks for doing the reviews man its greatly apreciated.

  48. Griff says:

    I like the Drew Estate Liga Undercrown Gran Toro review. I shared on twitter.

  49. Pokesfan says:

    I tweeted. I liked the smoked salmon review. I enjoy all of the cigar reviews but the guy stuff is always enjoyable as well.

  50. guarnacciad says:

    I liked on Facebook and my favorite was a hard decision between the burger and the Gurkha ghost asura. I went with the Gurkha ghost as my favorite I got one of these fit Christmas and it was exactly like your description a great cigar. I know a lot of people don’t like Gurkha but I say you should really try this

  51. PaulG says:

    I shared on twitter, my favorite was your Guy Stuff – World’s Best Burger on the Grill video.

  52. StE3l 304 says:

    I liked on Facebook, to me the Warlock Toro cigars. I first saw it at my local store, it was the only desirable to me at that store. if wouldn’t be because of your review I was able to find a winner. GUYS STUFF it definitely was awesome, it made the highlight of my Christmas dinner. Can’t wait to see what the next year hold…

  53. PapaLad says:

    I liked on Facebook. My favorite was the Drew Estate Liga Undercrown Gran Toro Cigar Review (March), which has become my favorite cigar.

  54. Christopher says:

    My favorite review was the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Churchill. Reasons-strong wind blowing in the background causing the tiki torches to clang, an ash drop “son of a…”, day changing into night and even a wardrobe change part way through. Not to mention the fact it got me hyped on the 1990 Vintage… an awesome smoke.

    I liked on facebook. Thanks Bryan.

  55. mfox93 says:

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite review was the Padron 80 Year, I like the way you really described the flavors and strength, made me feel like I was smoking it.

  56. ghoudy says:

    Liked on FB. My favorite video was the ribs video. I prepared some the day after the video was posted and my wife has been begging me to make some more ever since!

    Thanks for all the good information you provide here Bryan. Happy New Year!

  57. RyanG says:

    I liked on Facebook. The HdM Reposado en Cedros was my fav review!

  58. cedric77020 says:

    I Liked on Facebook. The Don Elias Toro “A Cheap Stick With A Cheap Wrapper”….LOL

  59. Sirfubes says:

    I tweeted it. I live the tatuaji anarchy apocalypse review and I can’t wait to try one some day when I have extra money for a 5 pack.

  60. Gaminghalb says:

    My favorite review is the warlock toro cigar review because it was the first time I saw your reviews and was hooked at that point.I tweeted and facebooked

  61. Sam says:

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite(s) were the La Aurora Preferidos tubos (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, and Platinum) because I loved the La Aurora Preferido No. 2 Cameroon and it was nice to see more of their Preferido line.

  62. Loftex says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite review was Alec Bradley Maxx Brazil Robusto.

  63. 1976Matt says:

    CAO Concert Stage was my favorite review of this year, I went ouot and purchased a few, not only of the Stage, but also of the Solo

  64. CigarStrawn says:

    Liked on facebook. My favorite was the La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire No 2 Tube Cigar Review. I’ve always wanted to try this cigar but haven’t done so yet. Guess I’ll have to put it in my New year’s resolution. :-p

  65. webmost says:

    Liked this on Facebook.

    La Aurora Preferidos Maduro Sun Grown #2 Cigar Review posted August 14 this year.

    Excellent close up photography.

    A BOTL gifted me one of these. Your review sounds so scrumptious I may have to burn it later today.

  66. Averagecigarguy says:

    Liked on Facebook. Favorite review was the Davidoff Millenium Robusto. Started buying a few Robustos from various brands and will now sling in a few of these with my next order.

  67. BenFig33 says:

    Great website Bryan. I liked on FB. My favorite was your guy stuff BBQ ribs video.

  68. carrillo says:

    My Favorite review of 2012 was the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill. Great Smoke, but then again anytime you get a chance to have one… Is a good one! Liked on FB.

  69. Nick Spagnuolo says:

    Ashton VSG Belicoso No.1 from November was nice! Piqued my interest :) I liked on FB. Thanks Bryan, keep on keepin on

  70. eric.hanson says:

    Liked on facebook. Favorite review of the year was the Warlock in Toro because it introduced me to one of my favorite bargin sticks.

  71. mfox93 says:

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite review was the Padron 80th. I really enjoyed the way you described the flavor and the strength. Plus the way your face looked at the end made the video.

  72. bmarco says:

    Shared on Twitter. Favorite was Foundry talbot

  73. kylesorley says:

    Liked on twitter. Got to be the ribs video. Your passion is infectious and made me want to go out and make them in the middle of the night. Keep up the good work Brian. Great videos.

  74. shonky2112 says:

    Liked on Facebook. I liked the PDR Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Capa Habano Toro Cigar Review – 1. because it was the classic ridiculously long name, but 2. Mostly because of the tip in the middle about drawing. Helped me a lot.


  75. emeagle99 says:

    I liked on facebook. My favorite review was definitely the Man O’ War Little Devil video. Thanks!

  76. dbfr181 says:

    Hey Bryan I liked this on Facebook & Twitter
    My favorite review was MUWAT! I heard a lot of hype about this cigar but was waiting on your review before
    I bought it. Love the site! Happy Holidays!

  77. Studio 54 says:

    I “follow” you on Twitter. The review I liked most our of the year 2012 was the: Gurkha Ghost Asura Cigar Review. I read the review and then went out and bought some for my personal use and loved it due to the in depth and concise to the point reviews (easy to understand and comprehend) you do all the time. Thanks.

  78. juf100 says:

    Liked on FB. Fave review: C&C LRMD, because I had been waiting for it….

  79. nhsmoker says:

    Liked on facebook. My favorite review of the year was the very recent Padron 1964 Anniversario Corona Natural review because the padron anniversario is a personal favorite of mine although I always smoke the maduro and this review convinced me to revisit the natural. All that being said all of your reviews have been fantastic and informative. Thank you

  80. ljarvis524 says:

    Shared mine on twitter. My favorite review of the year was the Pinar Del Rio Flores Y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Cabinet Capa Maduro Toro. Thanks

  81. jon.crappel says:

    Favorite review… That’s hard because there are so many. But I found this site late in the year, so I guess my pool is probably smaller. Anywho, I liked and tweeted the Padron 1964 Anniversario Corona Natural Cigar Review. It sounds like it will be a great smoke! Thanks, Bryan!

  82. primox1 says:

    Favorite might have to be the Padron Series Churchill, not because of the cigar, but bc you ramble on about other topics relating to cigars. I find your tips and thoughts relating to cigars very interesting. Happy New Year Bryan!

    facebook liked

  83. Wildman says:

    FB liked – my fav was Padron 1964

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