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El Mejor Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 23, 2012
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El Mejor Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a rough, mottled dark tan wrapper with lots of small veins, tight seams, a couple tears, even slightly spongy light pack, sloppy triple cap and faint wood aroma. First light reveals a snug draw with good amounts of smoke showing a very bitter, wood and paper taste with a long bitter finish. The first third burns very quickly, showing mild, dry flavors of a sweet wood with a parched mouthfeel and finish. Construction has issues, with an uneven burn and multiple splits in the wrapper. Even with the sub-par wrapper, burn is good and the ash holds on to the 1/2 way point. Body is a mild-medium, dropping the sweetness just showing a straight woodiness, with some harshness especially on the finish, it tastes young. Ending at 45 minutes, the last inch got very hot, not showing any further changes. Thank you to CigarsInternational for sending this one in!

  • cigarhobby85

    Ironic the brand is el mejor “the best”

  • mike44njdevils

    Interesting, this seems about 180 degrees away from the experience I just had with the 6×60 version. I agree with the medium body and dry, sweet woody flavor. The draw on mine was just an iota looser than perfect. The flavors were pleasent as was the aroma, no construction or burn issues. Sorry you had a bad smoke with this one.

  • Richhart

    What company makes this cigar? I never heard of the brand. Funny if it would be AJ as your review was exactly what I experienced smoking his San Lotano Habano 2 weeks ago.

  • Troutman59

    I have tried a couple of El Mejor cigars and found the same type of experience. They seem to be a little too young with an unpleasant bitter note. Could definitely spend my cigar money on more flavorful smokes.

  • Greg Bellante

    Bryan; It’s amazing how you can give the exact perfect reviews on each and every cigar. I just smoked the i assume Churchill or magna toro 61/2 X 60 and it was a absolutely horrible cigar.. your description of the taste was spot right on a Dry Paper Bag taste . I mean i could not think of a description because there was NO taste of flavors so i was curious as to what you would say and dry paper bag was the exact words i was looking for. It had construction problems and the wackiest burn i have ever experienced , it burned like a EKG graph up and down . I got half way down and gave up as it wasn’t worth any more of my time. I’m glad i didn’t pay for it as it came as a free sample from guess who >Thompson LOL. I’ll stick to the Rocky Patel line or the 5 Vegas M-5.

  • eric.hanson

    I got one of these in a sampler not too long ago but haven’t tried it yet, I think I’ll wait a while to try it after watching this review.

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