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Dec 22

Cigar Obsession Charity Contest (Sticky Post)

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2012 in World of CO

ipw0124I wanted to do something cool for the holidays this year but not the usual. I already give out more cigars than probably every other site combined, so I wanted to help someone new. This year I want to do a charity donation in the name of one of you! The rules are simple, I will match the number of entries by the end of the year on this post with a 1:1 dollar match. So if we get 100 entries I give $100, 250 entries $250 and so on. It will be in the winner’s name to the charity of their choice. I will draw a random winner on Jan 1st, to give everyone a chance. To enter you just need to comment below with what charity you would like to contribute to if you win. And please, SPEND MY MONEY. Hit the share buttons below and spread the word, I would love to write the biggest check possible! And hey – if any manufacturers/retailers want to go in on this with me, please click contact above. I would love to do multiple winners!

  • Brian

    sign me up

    • Bryan Glynn

      Gotta leave a Charity name man – thanks!

      • Brian

        oops haha. How about tenth life. Tenth Life focuses its attention on the felines with severe medical conditions, conditions that would normally make it impossible for other shelters or rescues to afford the cats’ care.

        Instead of being euthanized, these ill and injured cats are saved and placed in foster homes until they can be adopted. Eventually, the organization wishes to build a shelter for all of their rescued felines that’s cage-free where they can lay around under like the pampered pets they deserve to be.

  • JJO

    I would like to contribute to Northwest Harvest which distributes food to food banks, meal programs, and in-need schools in Washington state. Thanks for your generosity, Bryan, and for thinking beyond the scope of the cigar community. Whoever wins, we can all be thankful to have someone like you out there.

  • JoeMeatJr

    My charity is the Cooper Foundation of Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. Donations help keep Cooper Hospital on the cutting edge of technology. They took great and compassionate care of my brother before he passed away.

  • Sir_Snoopy


    • Sir_Snoopy

      Can I change my charity? Also I’m guessing that multiple people can duplicate theirs, correct?

      • Bryan Glynn

        Of course!

  • goldendd

    Tweeted it…How about the Salvation Army. Thanks Bryan!

  • ARM

    The charity I would love to see the money go to is The Wounded Warrior Project. This organization works to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women.

  • Anthony Krese

    Guide Dogs of America

  • new2sticks

    National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Thank you for this great idea Bryan.

  • TimFusco

    Great idea! Mine is the Nashville Rescue Mission.

  • j37silva

    What a great and generous idea. I would donate to the Connecticut school shooting victims charity. Have a merry xmas Bryan

  • Griff

    Thanks for your generosity Bryan. I think my choice would have to be the Make-A-Wish foundation. Have a great Christmas and new year.

  • Rick

    This is very generous of you Bryan. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. These young innocent children deserve the best care and all the help we can give them. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  • Polish_Infidel

    I nominate Ronald McDonald House…very nice idea. Happy Holidays all!

  • Jakob

    The American Diabetes Association.

    Thanks for having such a big heart, Bryan.

  • ghoudy

    Great idea Bryan and thanks for the thought! My charity is The Backstoppers.

  • geekfish

    Autism society of america

  • Jerry Haltzer

    Awesome idea, great work! My charity is the Red Cross.

  • sdh3237

    Great contest.Thanks Bryan. I choose the American Red Cross.

  • walshy

    Hey Bryan, Great idea. I would like to donate to the Alzheimers assoc of the Delaware Valley chapter. My father is currently suffering through this horrible disease. I liked it on Facebook.

  • Christopher

    The food bank in your community, Bryan.

    Merry Christmas!

  • shonky2112

    Great idea. Stanford Youth Solutions –

  • AngSolo

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Great Idea Happy Holidays To All

  • eric.hanson

    Bryan thanks for doing this. The charity I would like to have the money donated to is ELCA world hunger. Sadly 30,000 people around the world die from hunger every single day. The ELCA world hunger is one of the best charities at helping to end this because nearly every single cent donated goes directly to getting food and water to those in need, and hardly any of it goes to make the CEOs and CFOs of the organization richer. I highly recommend everyone consider donating to this charity even if you’re not a Christian because of the wonderful work they do. Happy Holidays every one.

  • topmstr


  • mbuckwash

    St. Jude’s Children’s hospital!