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Cigar Obsession Charity Contest (Sticky Post)

by Bryan Glynn, December 22, 2012
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ipw0124I wanted to do something cool for the holidays this year but not the usual. I already give out more cigars than probably every other site combined, so I wanted to help someone new. This year I want to do a charity donation in the name of one of you! The rules are simple, I will match the number of entries by the end of the year on this post with a 1:1 dollar match. So if we get 100 entries I give $100, 250 entries $250 and so on. It will be in the winner’s name to the charity of their choice. I will draw a random winner on Jan 1st, to give everyone a chance. To enter you just need to comment below with what charity you would like to contribute to if you win. And please, SPEND MY MONEY. Hit the share buttons below and spread the word, I would love to write the biggest check possible! And hey – if any manufacturers/retailers want to go in on this with me, please click contact above. I would love to do multiple winners!

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