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Maldonado Mogul Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 13, 2012
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Maldonado Mogul Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick features a dark brown slightly oily and toothy wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a slightly spongy even give, very light pack and rich sweet hay aroma. First light reveals slightly snug draw with good smoke output showing medium-full body flavors of an oily, slightly peppery leather with a smooth creamy short finish. The first third stays near full body with an excellent draw and smoke output transitioning to a smooth, slightly sweet and earthy wood, with a bit of pepper that only comes through on the finish. Hitting the 1/2 way point 30 minutes in, the ash falls off in a very solid chunk and the flavor profile is the same. Ending at 1:10 the last third picked the creamy leather back up and added a nice sweetness on the draw. Thank you to The Maldonado Dynasty for sending this in for review!


  • JJO

    LOL on your rant. I agree, but even worse are the sites that are “under construction” for months or even years at a time.

    I have had several of the Mogul toros, and have enjoyed the heck out of them. I also pick up some dried fruit flavors and a little coffee in them. I think the best way to find out about obtaining them is to email Paul Maldonado directly (email address is on the website: http://www.maldonadodynasty.com). He’s a very friendly guy with great enthusiasm for what he’s doing.

    • See that’s a great example – I didn’t even know they had more than one size – NO info on the site! lol

      • kprichardson7

        ha your totally right on the music, that website is great if you want to listen to some jazz, but thats about all it’s good for

      • phaedron

        Well, there is a link on the front page for “ultra luxury cigars” that takes you to http://www.maldonadodynasty.com/The-Mogul.html where you learn: Our complex cigar boasts a robust combination of sweet chocolate, cedar, vanilla, espresso, nutmeg spice, and dried fruit. We truly captured the spirit of The Mogul with this sophisticated blend of strength and smooth finish: sweet Brazilian wrapper, strong Dominican binder and filler and exotic Peruvian leaf.*Available in Toro (6X50), Robusto (4.5X50)*Torpedo (6X52) So at least there’s that much info available… Men, do not let your wives hear the song this page plays, though!!!

        • LOL That is all new since this review went up (and probably because of it) 😉

    • Paul Maldonado


      Appreciate you, chap. You are always on our corner in every cigar review-don’t think we don’t see you. Always a great pleasure to have such strong support. Thank you.

  • Christopher

    “you know, before I get into the first third, I wanna take this opportunity to go on a small rant…”

    You’re awesome Bryan, telling it the way you see it in a direct and helpful manner.

    I’ve only gone to less then ten cigar websites, but boy, do they vary with how well done they are and the applicable content.

  • Paul Maldonado


    Thank you for taking the time to review our cigar “The Mogul.” I’m afraid the Cubans took attention away from your Excellent cigar review with their websites but we very much appreciate the tips (so glad the Jazz music was enjoyed profusely). If you visit our website, you will find much updating, including more information that we should have provided for you to begin with-many apologies. I hope in the end, cigar aficionados take with them the sense that our cigar stands its ground with the rest of the finer cigars out there.

    Loved that you honored our request to have the tiki torches light during our review!

    • Thanks again for sending it! It was a great smoke, I just hate to see companies especially those with great product, shooting themselves in the foot 😉

      • Paul Maldonado

        You are absolutely right, Bryan. We appreciate the feedback, that is how one grows to treat customers superbly. We are now on the map in the cigar industry and attribute that to the support of the online reviewers. After watching your review, I was compelled to light a Mogul this morning with my coffee…

  • Pokesfan

    I agree about the websites. Rocky’s is ok, but has a lot of videos that are unavailable.

  • Limwell

    Is there a place online where I can buy these? Flavor profile sounds great 🙂

    • Paul Maldonado


      We have a buy 2 Sample packs of (5 Moguls [Torpedos]) and get 1 Free. Feel free to reach out to me at p.maldonado@MaldonadoDynasty.com for more info. It’s our last 3 of our Holiday sale; we are fortunate enough to sell out fast. Thank you and we promise we are growing and reaching more shops and online stores soon.

  • Dale

    I just ordered some from Paul. Can’t wait to try them.

  • Fuzzy

    The Maldonado website is not working and I do not do facecrook.

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