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Guy Stuff – Smoked Salmon

by Bryan Glynn, December 12, 2012
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Guy Stuff – Smoked Salmon

This time around I’m back in the kitchen showing you one of many ways to do a delicious smoked salmon! I talk about techniques, prep, grill use and more!

  • yankeeman

    Tell you what, I don’t usually eat much fish, but smoking it has changed my mind. I’m trying this recipe. Well done!

  • Limwell

    What’s the name of the store that you get your scottish fish from??

    • Trinity Seafood Market

      • Limwell

        When you refrigerate it, do you reheat it or eat it cold? I’m doing this recipe tonight!

  • jon.crappel

    I’m really enjoying your food videos, but there’s a problem. I watch them while I work, and they make me hungry! 🙂

  • puffrey

    Phenomenal Bryan!! I like to wrap my fish in a nice Connecticut Broadleaf and let it smoke on low heat for about 2 hrs. LOL

  • cigarkid

    Made the crawfish boil the other night! It was way easier than I thought It would be and so good! Thanks brian! keep it up.

  • smokethis

    Great video. We are going to start calling you Top Chef Glynn. 🙂

  • Randy

    Hi Bryan,
    I’m going to try this today, I love salmon and this looks really good. One question, Costco sells the salmon without the skin, would that work as well or would the salmon break apart without the skin?

    • You need to use whole with skin, not fillets.

  • Randy

    Thanks Bryan, it came out awesome!

  • gumby_130

    I always have trouble with salmon on the grill, had to buy a fish board.

  • EddieJH

    I eat salmon once a week and never considered trying it smoked. Will definitely have to try this, I will do it tomorrow. 🙂

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