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Tabak Especial Belicoso Dulce Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 11, 2012
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Tabak Especial Belicoso Dulce Cigar Review

This 5×52 stick features a medium tan wrapper with a very light but firm pack, minimal veins, tight seams, smooth feel and pungent artificially sweet aroma like a mix of cocoa mix and jolly rancher. First light reveals a perfect draw with tons of rich smoke output however flavors are completely masked by the super sugary sweet tip. The first third burns perfectly with the same sweetness on the draw, bringing a bit of a wood to the finish but still quite masked by the sweetened tip. The ash falls cleanly at the 1/2 way point 30 minutes in, where flavors have changed slightly. The draw sweetness is winding down to a normal level with the finish bringing a slight coffee and pepper leaving a parched mouthfeel. Ending at 1 hour where the nub hot hot and mushy the last third showed no further changes.

  • dgrambo

    The first time i unknowingly brought home a sweet tipped, I was furious. That was years ago and now Im open to trying anything new. Ive come to really love the Tabak Dulce in toro. Great on a Saturday morning with a black coffee, after a chocolate cherry scone. Thats the good life. If you would have told me twenty years ago that a sweet tip would be a permanent in my rotation, Id have lol’d. Speaking of lol.. that ash got ya there… hah! Hey, at least you had the mic on.. -grin-

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    Love this stick…this was my very welcome introduction to Drew Estate…I have since tried the negro and the Liga line…all great.

  • bluebell

    I think the best part of that video was the very end when the ash got you. But all kidding aside, I have only tried the Drew Estate Java and it was very different. I think I could smoke one on occasion. I personally like the Drew Estate Under Crown.

    • RyanG

      I agree, the Undercrown is excellent!

    • MaxDuo

      I tried the Java, reading that it was a good inbetween for those who liked traditional cigars and those who liked flavored ones.

      I… wasn’t too impressed. It was ok but it definitely left me with a feeling of: “If this is a good in between, I don’t really want to try one that is described as just flavored only!”

      Oddly enough I read mixed reviews of negativity and “OK” from those who actually likd the Java Mint… whereas I actually liked that one. The sweetened tip seemed to last less long.

  • smokethis

    I like the Red Eye in this line. Not as sweet.

  • PAG

    I’ve yet to try this one, but I enjoyed the Negra with black coffee very much. I don’t like sweetened caps but the sweetness pretty much “dissolved” in about 10-15 minutes.

    That’s a very different experience than I had with Drew Estate’s Java which stayed sweet from end to end. As a result I didn’t really care for that cigar at all.

  • omies

    Tabak Especial Belicoso Dulce… not a big fan of this line, thought it was just another cigar!

  • playersrun1

    Here’s my take on this one: light wrappered half of the Café con Leche together (with the Negra), rough foot (by design). Slightly sweetened tip that noticeably wears down within ½ hr. Slight sweetness on lips. Nice medium draw, tightly packed. Mild sweet taste on tongue, little smoke mouth feel if any. Quick finish. Good (medium) smoke output and razor sharp, slow burn. No chocolate notes (don’t think there is supposed to be), slight amaretto and coffee taste. Mild strength, medium body flavor. IIRC, the Café con Leche tip (dark Negra wrapper), was a stronger, maybe sweeter, longer lasting taste, but have to confirm with another Café con Leche or Negra. Smoked for about 50min and still have ~3.5 inches left. Smoked another ~2” at another sitting, taking another 30min.

  • Kace

    I wonder if one was to get a damp paper towel and gently rubbed off some of that sweetness on the tip, would that damage the cigar any?

  • MaxDuo

    I tried this the other night. I’m not a big fan of flavored cigars so far, but I’m still going to try several. How can I honestly say I dislike them based off of 1 or 2?

    I thought this would be nice since it said coffee infused…. I was a bit disappointed. The insanely artificially sweetened taste from the top lasted until the last 3rd for me (as in it was incredibly strong til then) and then I could only taste a little wood and a VERY LIGHT coffee taste. I honestly probably wouldn’t have identificed the coffee if not for reading the “coffee infused,” part.

    What a shame, I love coffee so any coffee infusion SHOULD be amazing for me.

    Oh well, at least it smoked incredibly well as you reported. I had no clue it was by Drew Estate, but was thinking: “Wow, this burns perfeclty, just like Drew Estate’s stuff!”

  • MaxDuo

    Also wow!! I’m TERRIBLE at noticing differences in people. Or even myself especially. I once went from ~195lbs to ~162lbs and had no clue, assumed I was still the same. People told me I had lost weight and I just assumed it was some random compliment for no reason whatsoever.

    But looking back at this old video I can tell VERY well that you’ve slimmed down. Looking good, keep up the great HLO work! I just wish I could follow CO and HLO better…. right now work has mee going 50-60+ hours every week and I’m usually tired and lazy when I get home.

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