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Cigar Band Giveaway Contest

by Bryan Glynn, December 8, 2012
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Cigar Band Giveaway Contest

In this special contest whoever is interested, has the chance to snag a few hundred cigar bands! I have all kinds in here, from buck bargain brands to super premiums. It’s a grab bag, left over form my collecting over the years. I’ve had my fun with them doing projects and now I’ll pass on this stash to someone else!

This is open to everyone, since it’s not tobacco. To enter you need to comment below with exactly what project you most want to use them for. In a week I’ll collect the entries and the viewers will vote to pick the best one!

Good luck!

  • steve c

    I’ve got a humidor that I’d like to cover with cigar bands.

  • Anarky

    As they truly are works of art in some cases, I’d love to make a scrap book with cigar bands, and any bits of information I can gather regarding the cigar it came from.

  • 007MI6

    Honestly, my need for them is quite simple, at least my first idea is. I want to use them to create art and furniture items for my man cave/smoke room. My wife and I are looking for a new house and she has already green lit my smoking room. I want to make some pictures with the bands on a velvet board under a glass from for the walls. Maybe mix them in with my beer caps for a bar or table top. I also think they would make a great ‘wallpaper’ or covering for smaller objects that I could adhere them too and varnish over. Cigar bands have a plethora of uses once off the cigar. THanks for your consideration. 🙂

  • ARM

    In August, my wife and I bought our first house. My first project was building a work bench / smoking area in my garage – complete with a built in ash tray, lighting, and music wired in. My plan is to save as many bands as I can to cover the bench, then apply the varnish over the top. I have about 75 bands saved, but at the rate I smoke, I won’t have enough to cover the bench until about 2025. This bundle would be a huge help for my project!

    As a side note, it sounds like you have some pretty cool things that you’ve covered with your own bands. I’m sure a lot of people would love some of those items for their own man cave. Ever consider auctioning off some items and donating the proceeds to a worthy charity? (Wounded Warrior Project, perhaps?)

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Cool contest! My wife and I have an old metal end table with no top (the top broke). So I have been saying for a couple of years that I want to get a new wood top, cover it with cigar bands, and the laquer over it so it looks real nice and shiny! I have only have about 20 cigar bands right now though. Ultimately, this would go in my cigar lounge in the basement, but since that is not built yet, it will have to stay upstairs for some cool decoration.
    I’m sure there will be left over bands with all of those in that bag, so the rest might be used to decorate another piece of furniture or maybee my humidor!

  • smoking bear

    i have many projects that i have planed. i have a small collection already but it wont be enough. i want to make about 4 to 5 collages for family members plus my self. i have a good eye for this kinda art and would love to the project hope i can win and get this going sometime around xmas

  • Ckern

    My goal is very simple; however it will take a lot of time. My wife originally gave me this idea. I have a big 10 by 7 felt board hanging in my basement. Since my wife passed away, I have been adding bands to it for the last two years, but I am only about 1 square foot done. My goal is to be done with the project by retirement. Adding these bands to my collection would move the project faster, and I would deeply appreciate it.

  • kevinroberts148

    well as a college student, i am always looking for something to put on my wall in order to spruce up a relatively drab college dorm room. So my idea is to take the bands, and make a collage out of them, and then hang it on my wall as a decoration.

  • cutlerylover

    I’d love to win the cigar bands for a project…I would use them as “filler” Or “bedding” to house some sticks in my display humidor coffee table Im working on…Id love to make a video about it as well on my youtube channel cutlerylover for my 103,000+ subscribers to see and help get the word out how Awesome Brain is to get him some more subs 😉

    -Col. Jeff Smith

    • Emerald Irish

      I watch your channel daily, so even though i am trying to win this myself and you are essentially competition, you absolutely still have my vote.

      • cutlerylover

        lol thanks man, I give Bryan a well deserved shout out in my next video on humidor beads since he turned me on to them!

        • Emerald Irish

          Yeah i use something similar, the old fashioned distilled water in the humidifier while being effective, can be in issue if you don’t have the time for the maintenance and refills.

  • Emerald Irish

    So my wife had an idea and since this idea struck her she has been basically shoving cigars down my throat in order to speed up the execution of her idea, now while i have to admit it is a great idea and i frankly wish i would have come up with it and while i am temped to take credit for this idea, my wife is sitting behind me and giving me a very stern look while writing this. Now in order for this to actually work it’s going to take at least a few thousand bands, maybe more. So here is the story, i went to my local shop and picked up a box of “My Father Le Bijou 1922” she saw the beautiful construction of the box and then the intricate detailed artwork on the actual bands and basically a monster was formed that day. She measured the dimensions of those band as well as the 200 or so other ones i have collected over the last few years and got a general idea of the size. She then custom ordered some very high quality, hand made wooden slat curtains with the intention of attaching the bands to them, it toke a few tries and about 20 or so bands were completely destroyed, but we worked out a way for them to stay attached even threw the constant use that curtains tend to endure. At first it was enjoyable to sit back and relax with a good cigar, take off the band and then she adds it to her “work of art”, However currently i am smoking seven to ten cigars a day, when normally i smoke two or three a week and she is constantly demanding that i smoke more. Now The obvious solution would be to simply buy a box, take off the bands all at once and then allow them to sit and slowly smoke them like normal, however she considers this wasteful and a direct “contradiction to the artist’s vision”, whatever that means. So in a nut shell, wining these would be a truly massive step in the right direction and may possibly save my life and/or my marriage, because i simply cannot keep up this pace, i cannot afford it and it is frankly starting to make me loss the feeling of pure bliss i normally find from enjoying a good smoke.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading this and i sincerely hope you vote for me and even if you don’t i still sincerely hope you all have a wonderful day.


    Your everyday working man.

    • JJO

      Has she volunteered to start smoking like a madwoman. as well? 😉

      • Emerald Irish

        No sadly, she actually hates the smell of cigar smoke and has ragged on me for years because i smoke them, then that one day when she saw that band and somehow it was okay that i smoked. I have a man cave/garage and i go in there and smoke, the smell actually really bothers her. She is a good woman and i love her to death, but some things about her are direct contradictions of one another.

  • CigarStrawn

    I collect bands and boxes and it drives my wife nuts so I know where your coming from, Emerald. :-p

    I’d like to make coasters for my future man cave. Not sure how to go about making them yet though…

  • arkfiremedic

    Perfect timing for this contest….for me anyway! I am right in the middle of having a bar built for my man cave! I plan to cover the top of the bar with cigar bands…I only have about 50 bands saved so far, so I’m a long way away from being able to fully complete this project!

  • MJHelmintoller

    I’m 18 and have begun my journey in the cigar world. With this band collection, I would definitely like to start making clocks, calendars, collages and certain types of crafts as such. The thing is that it’s always been my dream since I was a kid, watching mafia movies with my dad and playing chess outside with my grandfather. He’d be smoking Padrons and he’d give me little tokes of it. I’ve done my homework on cigars and my favourite ones! This collection of bands would certainly bring out the memories of my young, adventurous life and the spark to pass on a collection and passion of cigar smoking/cigar-band collecting to my kids when they’re of age, of course.

  • iggznutz

    I plan to Lacquer them to the hood of my S.U.V.

  • djwilmot

    I have a guitar that had the finish ruined by my brother when he was like 3. I would love to use the bands to cover the body of the guitar completely and finish with a thin clear coat. It would definitely be one of a kind.

  • kb9311

    absolutely for somekind of art work for my smokers cove/man cave!

  • My wife and I purchased our new home a couple years ago. The game room upstairs has a small wall with a counter, sink, dorm fridge set-up. The wall above is 6*4…we are going to paint it gloss black, mount cigar boxes on the wall as well as glue up cigar bands. I had been saving my bands, and now my wife has started smoking cigars as well and we have about 100 bands, but this would be great!

  • smokethis

    I like to take informative books about cigars (cigar encyclopedia from seed to smoke. e.tc ) and stick the labels in them . Also if its a really nice edition of Cigar Aficianado or cigar journal.. i do the same.

  • smokethis

    If its a really nice edition of Cigar Aficianado or cigar journal or a informative book about cigars (cigar encyclopedia or a from seed to smoke. type book ) I stick the labels in them .

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I can’t wait until I have that many Cigar bands, I have some pretty cool ideas for some projects.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    Bryan do you have any pictures of the projects you’ve done with the Cigar Bands?

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