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Cremo Classic Maduro Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 1, 2012
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EDIT: The contest is closed – Congratulations ‘bluebell’!

Cremo Classic Maduro Toro Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick features a dark chocolate wrapper with a couple small veins, a few stretch marks, tight seams, an even slightly spongy pack, triple cap and rich chocolate and hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with good smoke output showing a mild-medium body with flavors of a zingy chocolate and earth with a short finish. The first third quickly morphs to a more complex smoke showing medium bodied flavors of a spicy sweet leather that turns to a pepper and earth through the now long finish. The 2nd third changes up yet again, going to a very creamy texture and flavor showing a chocolate on the draw and a bit through the finish which has dropped the pepper and spice trading for an oily feel on the lips. Ending at the hour mark, the last third goes back to a medium body, taking a deep earth shift, dropping the chocolate. The finish is still long and just pulls in the creamy smooth earth with a dry parched mouth feel. Thank you very much to Cremo Cigars for providing this for review!

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  • eric.hanson

    Liked it on facebook, thanks for doing another contest Bryan. My favorite size is Churchill.

  • JJO

    LOL, once again, I guess I’m eliminated from the contest, since I don’t tweet and am not on Facebook. Ah well, nice review anyway. I really enjoyed the Cremo natural that I had, and this one sounds great as well. BTW, my favorite size is corona gorda.

    • Sorry man, gotta keep up with the time at least a little bit πŸ˜‰

      • JJO

        Haha! It’ll take a lot of arm twisting for me to subject myself to that. It’s cool… to each his own.

        • Justin

          I’m w/ you JJO, none of the above either. In fact, these “tweet it or like it” contests are the only times I feel like I’m missing something. Still not enough incentive to “keep up with the times”, keeping up is just too much effort for so little in return!

          • JJO

            Although I won’t be joining Facebook or Twitter just to enter the contest, I am grateful to Bryan for keeping the majority of his contests open to all. I have been faithfully following the site for about 2-1/2 years and have even been fortunate to have won a couple of giveaways, so all is good. It’s just the icing to top off the great info available here.

    • FineCigars

      I actually have my twitter account solely for the use of contests and whatnot. My “friends” on there probably removed me or hate my tweets. πŸ˜›

  • a3k3

    hello thanks for the video. I’m new to cigar world. your videos have helped me a lot in finding the right cigars for my taste.
    i liked it on Facebook and my favorite size is churchill. i enjoy the long smokes

  • AuD2be

    Liked on Facebook. I’m glad I stayed to the end of that vid! My favorite size is Toro. Love the 6×50. Here’s hoping for better luck than with the Powerball! πŸ™‚ Cheers

  • ghoudy

    Tweeted….My favorite size is toro.

  • sdh3237

    I tweeted. I prefer Toro.

  • Joseph

    liked on facebook, i prefer the churchill, great video glad you enjoyed the cigar and have many more great cigars to try out! πŸ™‚

  • Bruiser

    Liked on the Facebook. Favorite cigar size is Toro.

  • Jkoz07

    I liked it on Facebook and my favorite size is a Churchill

  • Wildebeast331

    I tweeted it; and my favorite size is Churchill.

  • BigNate

    great videos and great reviews sir! i have learned a lot. liked on facebook. my favorite size is presidente

  • dvillan87

    I liked on Facebook, my favorite size is robusto. The smoke is not too long but not short either. Perfect in my eyes.

  • Marc

    That’s kool. …. You know, the dead give away is that normally your last puff always includes ending credits.

  • KrislovelaceNM

    Facebook like and twitter. I favorite size is Rothschild, but I like a Toro too!

  • david

    Hey Brian big fan of the site really appreciate you email at the best thing about the site real guy alway looking to helping users out thanks for everything buddy

  • sixstring

    Liked it and I , like many , enjoy a long Churchill!

  • 1kappasig

    I tweeted. My favorite Cremo size is Intrepidus (6 x 52). Thanks for all you do! I have found my palette is consistantly growing. I have been giving away some of my old locally rolled cigars I used to enjoy that now taste so bad I can’t smoke them.

  • Retweeted it, and my favorite is a toro

  • Jbenoit9

    FB Churchill ring gauge under 50

  • mikegeneva

    Facebook like. Robusto or Toro size. I have a US address if I win.

  • chief791

    Facebook for me. Toro is my fav but now that the cold weather is here i usually go with Robusto to prevent frost bite.

  • Philip

    Liked it on Facebook. I think I’d have to go Toro as my favorite size.

  • Christopher

    Facebook…I like-a da robusto

  • kurngar

    Liked it on facebook, also like it on youtube. Favorite cigar size is toro

  • Zack88

    Tweeeeet! I love robusto’s!

  • Chaz

    Hey Bryan- great review… loved the naturals and would love to try the maduros. Liked on facebook. My favorite size would be the good old robusto. No more than a 54 ring…

  • James

    Liked on FB Bryan, I really enjoy the Cremo sticks. Haven’t had the Maduro all finished up and pretty but was in the shop back in Sept. and got a box of the classic from Lilo and tried several blends for the Maduro line. Good times!

    • antomos

      5.5 by 52 is my new favorite size

      • James

        Missed the fav size part, my favorite is toro as well. That’s what my box of the reg Cremo’s is too!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I liked via the facebook button. I usually like Robusto or Toro sizes the best!

  • phaedron

    I “liked” it, and I prefer toros.

  • Griff

    Liked on fb. Robusto

  • Sirfubes

    I both tweeted and liked on Facebook! My favorite size is robusto because I usually don’t have more than a hour to smoke with a 5 month old at home.

  • kprichardson7

    I liked it on facebook, and my preferred size would be a toro.

  • Cigaruss

    Liked on Facebook. preferred sized definitely is robusto.

  • superdutyal

    I liked ya on Facebook and my fav size is Lancero

  • R.Carrico21

    Liked ya on Facebook. Love what you are doing on your site! My favorite size is robusto. Thanks again, keep up the great work.

  • trekyncc1701

    I liked you on facebook. I am new to cigars and your website has been enormously helpful for me during the whole learning process. My favorite cigar size is Robusto. It has a great burn time and wonderful size. Throw on a Connecticut wrapper and you’ve got money

  • randy1315

    I tweeted it … and I like Robusto thanks for all of the contests!

  • Tweeted it to 91 followers. I like ’em short and/or thin. Corona is my favorite size but my ‘dor is full of Lanceros as well. Thanks Bryan!

  • Daniel

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite size is toro. I like the smoke time they offer and I think they look good too (from the standpoint of their length/width ratio).

  • hari

    i tweeted it…. Toro is my favorite size but i also like robusto size πŸ™‚

  • FakeJaco

    Liked on facebook, preferred size is robusto.
    Thanks Bryan, great work

  • FineCigars

    Liked on Facebook and went ahead and Tweeted. I love me a robusto sized cigar. It’s the perfect size for the amount of time I get to sit back and enjoy one.

  • Gaminghalb

    I liked and tweeted. Keep up the great work buddy. I prefer a Churchill or robusto


    I tweeted and said you were beautiful bryan haha. Great review as always and I like toro and lancero sized cigars best.

  • kb9311

    liked on facebook and shared!! i prefer toro or churchill in summer, but 5X50 or smaller during the winter months.

  • mbuckwash

    Facebook liked it! My favorite size is a Churchill, a nice long smoke.

  • chefrich

    -Facebook- Churchill has to be my favorite size and length

  • alexdelarge941

    Tweeted. Toro is my fav size. This one sounds nice! My fingers are crossed.

  • pittjitsu

    Liked on Facebook. I Like lots of flavor coming from the wrapper so a Carina or anything in the 40’s Gage is what I prefer.
    Thank you

  • smokethis

    Liked it on FB. Robusto is my fav size.

  • bknaka

    Hey Bryan. I liked it on facebook. Even though there is a good chance that I wont win, I just wanted to say that you have the most accurate reviews. Your reviews have helped me select a bunch of cigars that I absolutely love. Thanks! Sincerely, Brian.

    • bknaka

      BTW my fav size is Toro and Churchill

  • cigarhobby85

    I tweeted it and I prefer robustos.

  • KrazyKajun

    “Liked” on Facebook. I love lanceros, but toros and coronas are great too! I don’t normally buy anything shorter than 6″ or bigger than 52 ring gauge…

  • DavidKIT

    I just created a Facebook acct and “liked” you so I could finally participate in these contests. My favorite cigar size right now is a robusto.

  • Romel

    Hi bryan, Liked on FB. My favorite cigar size is Robusto.

  • CigarStrawn

    I thought you said what cigar site we like best. I was going to say cigarobsession of course! :-p

    Liked on facebook. My favorite cigar size is robusto.

  • tom0557

    I liked on FB and Tweet your review. My favorite size is the toro.

  • gussys

    Ya got a FB like from me and thanks for the videos… Im fond of a Toro

  • bluebell

    Love your reviews. I’m new to cigars and love trying new ones. My favorite size so far is the Churchill. Keep up the good work.

    • bluebell

      I also liked you on Facebook!

  • PsycotikMind

    I tweeted it. My fave cigar size is a robusto.

  • haneyte2000

    I liked it on face book……my favorite size of cigar is a big old 6×60. I know they burn wonky but just love them.

  • liljokr8

    I like the torpedo and toro (:

  • Pokesfan

    I tweeted and I like robustos. Great reviews!

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    Liked on FB and Tweeted…like the Lonsdales.

  • MaxDuo

    Facebook and twitter, as usual. I don’t really have a favorite size, exactly… I just prefer cigars that are able to last close to an hour at least, and don’t really like the mega thick ones.

  • jstella

    I liked it on Facebook and I really enjoy a robusto. Thanks again for another great review.

  • 78broncobear

    I liked it on facebook and my favorite size is 5.5 by 50

  • jon.crappel

    I did (liked and tweeted) both. I’m still figuring out what I like, but I’ve smoked a few 48’s and 52’s and like them so far. Lengthwise, I typically have about an hour or so to smoke (due to the Minnesota cold, and kids), so anything between 5–6″ is good.

    I found this site and Youtube channel a couple weeks ago, and have found it very helpful as I explore the world of cigars. Thanks!

  • bryan122

    I tweeted out this review. Keep up the great work bryan. I prefer robusto or toro

  • knotthome

    I gave a little cigar toot. I mean Tweet. Lol πŸ™‚

    • knotthome

      Oh yeah I like Toro!

  • William G.

    I liked on Facebook,my favorite size is Churchill.

  • jw1983

    Liked on Facebook. My favorite size is lonsdale

  • eric.hanson

    Got one of these sitting in my humidor, this reviw makes me want to pull it out and try it tonight.

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