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C & C LRMD Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 29, 2012
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C & C LRMD Robusto Cigar Review

This 5.50 stick features a dark chocolate wrapper with a soft satin feel, even spongy give, a couple small veins, tight seams, double cap and rich chocolate aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with a ton of rich, thick creamy chewy smoke, showing medium-full bodied flavors of a smooth chocolate and earth, and a bit of pepper on the long warm finish. The first third brings the same flavor profile, burning very quickly but perfectly even, dripping the ash at the end of the third in a solid chunk. Body is down to a medium, the finish is still long and smooth. Hitting the last third at 35 minutes in, the chocolate drops replaced by a smooth dark coffee which carries through the finish. Ending at 50 minutes the last bit showed no further changes before it got too hot for my taste. Thank you to C&C Cigars for providing this for review!

  • Christopher

    Sounds like a great smoke…the chocolate and coffee combo is just what I like.
    I was wondering if you would ever add the ballpark prices of the cigars you review, Bryan. It would be good to have that info on the page just to know what sort of hit to the wallet the smokes are.
    Keep up the great work and welcome back from your vacation.

  • alexdelarge941

    I think that their office is here in Florida (Bradenton). The cigar itself is Dominican, I think. Just had one recently, not bad for the price.

  • juf100

    I love this cigar right now. I had 1 of these and a Brickhouse robusto to help pass the time in my treestand on Monday. This stick and a thermos of hot coffee is an outstanding combination. Great $4 cigar!!

  • JJO

    I’ll be looking for this for a nice inexpensive smoke. Thanks for the review!

  • TacticalStogie

    This a major go to for me when I am working around the home and may or may not finish it. What I mean by that is that dont feel bad if it gets wasted due the low price point (currently a Spec’s special (Houston area store) on sale for $3.29 a stick). This is not a knock on the quality or taste of this cigar. I am just not a rich man, so if I going to light up a $10+ cigar I will be damn sure I am going to smoke it all proper like..

    Something else nice about these is to have a few of these hanging out in the humidor for when your buddies who dont actually smoke cigars come over and decide since you are smoking they want one too. This way you can give them a nice tasting smoke without breaking the bank. To many times I have looked down in the ashtray to see a quality cigar crushed out before the half way mark. Breaks my heart!!

    Anyway, pick some up..

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