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Tatuaje Anarchy Apocalypse Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 21, 2012
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Tatuaje Anarchy Apocalypse Cigar Review

This 5.25×48-52 perfecto stick features a dark chocolate mottled wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a few small imperfections, a snake coil or cinnamon bun pigtail, light pack, slight oil sheen, firm even feel and rich musty damp barnyard aroma. This is the 5th microblend exclusively for Smoke Inn. First light reveals a slightly snug draw, to be expected with the tapered tip, giving medium-full bodied flavors of a deep musty earth, chocolate and slight peppery coffee on the long finish. The first third quickly opens up to a perfect draw with copious amounts of smoke showing much the same flavors but adding a sweetness and thick chewy bread quality to the body. At the 1/2 way point flavors have come up to medium-full again but have lost much of the complexity, staying with just a creamy textured smooth damp earth through the long finish. I had to give it a touchup but that may be attributed to this being a pre-release, very young cigar. Strength is starting to ramp up slightly, giving a bit of a buzz. Ending at 55 minutes the last half brought back some of the coffee, mixing well with the smooth earth. These are exclusive to SmokeInn and will be released mid-December 2012 in very limited quantities.

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