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Nov 20

Guy Stuff – DIY Camera L Bracket & Nodal Point Focus Rail Use

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 in Guy Stuff

Guy Stuff – DIY Camera L Bracket & Nodal Point Focus Rail Use

Continuing the Guy Stuff series, here’s a peek in to my pro photography world! This video will cover making your own L bracket for use on a tripod. I cover it’s complete construction and alternate setups and uses. I also show you how to find the No Parallax Point, also called Nodal Point, of a lens specifically for shooting multi shot stitched panoramic photographs. I also show you the benefits and working of a focus rail, level devices and give lots of tips along the way!



Two places you can easily purchase the metal are:

The drill & tap set size is 1/4″x20
The bolt if you need it is 1/4″x20x whatever length you need for your setup

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  1. Bill says:

    Thanks Bryan I liked the video. Looks like its time to get a focus rail; yet another attachment for my EM5.

  2. JohnBarleyCorn says:


  3. Orrza says:

    As a proffessional photographer, I really enjoy DIY photography stuff.
    great idea and video! :-)

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