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Guy Stuff – Crawfish Boil

by Bryan Glynn, November 14, 2012
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OK, so interest was expressed in some non-cigar vids in between the normal stuff, so I’ll start with one of my favorite meals! I love food and I love cooking, so I predict quite a few of these type things lol! One of my favorite types of food is seafood, I love pretty much everything I’ve ever tried. Crawfish is near the top of my list so I always get it when I can. The Chinese buffets HATE me because I will actually eat the WHOLE steam tray in a buffet 🙂 Nothing beats getting it live, but that’s very expensive and not always possible, plus when it’s just for 1 or 2 people a big full live boil isn’t an option. What I use here is a bunch of great stuff, it’s all under $25 for 2-3 good meals. You can easily double it if you have two or just a bigger pot and save even more, check for sales. Of course there are other things you can use just as easily like spicy sausage, muscles, clams, scallops, etc. Whatever you like, throw it in! For this I used 4 ears of sweet corn, 3 lbs of crawfish, 1 lbs of medium raw shrimp, a handful of baby red potatoes and some Cajun boil spices.

Boil the water and add the spice, then let the potatoes cook for 20 minutes. Toss in the corn for 10, then the shrimp for 10, the crawfish for 7 and let it all sit off the heat for another 10. Mmmmmm mmmm good!

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