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Congratulations To Sam Benson & Our Next Photo Contest Is…

by Bryan Glynn, November 12, 2012
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Congratulations To Sam Benson! Winner of the ‘Water’ photo contest with his CO raft!

Now, on to the next contest! This is a photography contest with a twist – it’s themed! The theme for this round is ‘Smoke’. The rules are simple – create an original photograph (only 1) involving cigars, correlating to the theme. Entries must have a HANDWRITTEN ‘cigarobsession’ somewhere in the picture. Entries will be open through Friday and voting will take place on Sat and Sun by the users as to which best fits the theme. Players must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address.

The prize for this round will be custom 5 stick sampler of premium Padron Cigars sponsored by TrueTobacco.com!

All submissions must be sent here: bryan@cigarobsession.com – include your contact information in the email.

  • NeverTwoOld

    Nice job man. I liked that you (and the cigar on the dewy grass) really showcased the cigar and the water. The others had some pretty cool ideas but It seemed like the cigar was secondary.

    • ilikepoe

      Thanks for the compliments!

  • Sam

    Sorry that I didn’t say this earlier, but a very big Thank You to all those who voted for my picture!

  • MaxDuo

    Awesome, I really liked 3 of the pictures and couldn’t pick a winner. I mean, I voted for all the ones I liked and this is one of them… so it’s good to see one I liked win.

    I almost wonder if we could have a 3 point rating system, as I would like to rate ones I like positively, and rate ones that I love even higher. This might be a bit much though.

    Either way, congrats!

    And I have an idea for an entry into the next one, hopefully I can set aside the time to start entering contests again!

    • Sam

      Yeah, I think there was one photo contest where there were four voting options. Something in between that and the up/down system, though, like what you suggest would be a good idea to implement.

      Thanks and good luck with your entry!

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