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Nov 10

Cigar Obsession Cigar Lottery #7 Winner!

Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2012 in World of CO

Cigar Obsession Cigar Lottery #7 Winner!

EDIT: A mindful viewer alerted me that I had a miscount at 3:40, the first time I’m aware of making such an error. I was thrown off for a moment when a sheet fell on the floor and I counted a single entry as a double. I feel really bad and embarrassed, but the winner would have been the same, as he had a double entry covering both options. I apologize and will certainly never make that mistake again!

We have the winner for the 7th CO Lottery! This time it includes a whopping 150 cigars plus a beautiful new humidor from our wonderful sponsor! Thank you so much again guys for being part of this fun project! The lottery is rolling at a 150 cigar stop, so whenever the stash hits 150 I will draw a winner and the next round starts! As always I’ll have regular updates as things come in so you can drool over the growing prize pool :)

If you are new, watch the video to see what you could win, and keep reading to see the rules and tips!


This is going to be completely user driven kind of like the Lotto. However it doesn’t involve money or purchasing tickets with money, instead you are donating to the collective prize pool to enter!

Each time I will accept incoming packages with your cigars to add to the pool, and will update you with videos as entries come in. To add your entry you need to send in a minimum of 2 cigars, and can enter a maximum of 4 cigars, for a total of two entries per person/mailing address. Yes you can put all 4 cigars in one package. Damaged sticks will not be entered.


When shipping cigars, it’s ok to use baggies as long as they are packed tight enough so they don’t roll around enough to be damaged. If however you have had any stored too dry, do not include any humification, just ship them as-is. Use a small box. If you already have a box you can ship them 1st class for under $3 just about anywhere. I also like the flat rate priority mail boxes, they are about $5 good to go. Stuff the box enough so nothing moves around and has some cushion if need be. Protect the cigars from moving around in short. Use delivery confirmation, I am not responsible for lost shipments, do not ask me about them. All entries will be shown in update videos.


NO CUBANS! I’m semi-ok with reviewing them on rare occasion but I will not be involved in any way distributing them.
All participants must be 18+ years of age and reside in the US.
At the end of each lottery I will produce a video showing the random winner being drawn using and the winner will receive the whole prize shipment from me!
Cigars, ONLY, no cigarillos.
Name brand, banded cigars only – no no-name or house blends.
No intentional crap cigars like Ron Mexico or other similar ultra cheap POS smokes. Use common sense, if it’s not a major brand, don’t send it.

Include the following information in your package:

Cigars you are entering
Full return address for prize delivery

Send entries and info here:
Bryan Glynn
5318 Bob White Dr.
Holiday, FL 34690

Good luck and SPREAD THE WORD! The more people are in it the bigger the prize!! Click the buttons below here and tell everyone, get them to enter! The bigger the pool the cooler extra stuff I can get you like the free humidors as well, this one sponsored by!

  • yankeeman

    Are CAO Flavours even considered premium cigars?

    • Bryan Glynn

      Just as much as Drew Estate Acid. Not for my taste but plenty of people love um. Note, these are not the cigarillos you may be thinking of.

      • yankeeman

        My bad, I was assuming that. Congrats to the winner. On to the next one!

  • TheSmokingGunman

    Son. Of. A. BITCH!! I wanted in on this one.

    • TheSmokingGunman

      Congrats Chris!

  • Chris

    Wow, I have never won anything before!

    Thanks for the well wishes, and thank you Brian for hosting!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Chris

      Sorry Bryan…I am sure it must be annoying to have people misspell your name so often.

  • kprichardson7

    good win!

  • embussey

    Great lottery! love your technique. Will be entering these regularly from here on out.

    -Take this with a grain of salt, but excel spreadsheets make a great way to keep track of giveaway entries :)

    • Bryan Glynn

      And just following the rules is a great way of not needing to keep a spreadsheet :)

  • chief791

    How are we doing with Cigar lottery #8. Any updates coming?

    • Bryan Glynn

      Only a few entries came in during the holiday, I’ll do the first update after a couple more come in and we get near 40 sticks

      • chief791

        Thanks Bryan. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.