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Iconic Leaf Recluse Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 1, 2012
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Iconic Leaf Recluse Toro Cigar Review

This 6.25×50 box pressed stick features a dark chocolate mottled wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, rounded corners, an even slightly spongy pack, double cap and rich musty chocolate aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium bodied smoke output giving thick, oily creamy textured deep earthy flavors with a long thick syrupy finish. The first third brings out the earthiness a bit more adding a bit of sweetness to the mix and ramping up body to medium-full, keeping the long smooth finish. The 2nd third hits the 1/2 way point at 35 minutes, keeping the exact same performance and flavor profile. Ending at 1:20 the last third showed no flavor changes, but ramped up the strength a bit just enough to notice it’s there. Thank you very much to Iconic Leaf Cigar Co. for sending this in for review!

  • EricInOhio

    a handful of my cigars have the little spots you can see on the photos of this cigar at 24-25 seconds. what are these?

    • Just oil deposits, water or sun marks, etc. – purely cosmetic and natural.

  • Eyeluvwied

    This is the second time I’ve seen this cigar with a reviewer, but I cannot find it to buy, lol. I could probably get some from the manufacturer, but at msrp………. Long asyou’re trying out new cigars, give the black crown a try.

    • Often times with new brands direct is the only or best way until they setup distribution. It’s a brand new company.

  • Justin

    Looks and sounds like a winner, will have to put this on the list…. Bryan, I’m just curious about the “minimal veins”. I haven’t heard you mention any of the sticks being “veiny” or having numerous veins, but there have been some with fairly prominent veins (like this one the length of the front). What would a cigar look like for you to consider it veiny? Do you have any pics? I don’t disagree or really have an opinion one way or the other, it’s just that the vein on this stood out to me and I wondered about it. Thanks.

    • You haven’t watched enough then 😉 Yes I certainly do say small or medium veins when appropriate. I go by what is felt, not just lines you can see. These were very smooth.

  • Bill O

    Great review once again Bryan, thank you!
    Question: I’ve been smoking cigars for about 30 years now (wow I’m getting old) and it struck me that I don’t know what the evolution of the “box pressed” cigar is. The internet didn’t exist for the most part up until the last 15-20 years so my early knowlege of cigars was strickly provided my my local b&m’s, so did I just miss the box pressed cigars in my early days? or is it a contemporary cigar ‘style’?

  • endof2012

    sounds good writing it down to pick up at the next b&m visit

  • phaedron

    I finally found these for sale at http://www.2guyscigars.com/. Bought a self-selected sampler of the corona, petit corona, toro, robusto, kanu #1 , and kanu #2. Took delivery yesterday and am now letting them rest in the humidor for a couple of weeks– although I likely won’t be able to resist the temptation to try one after turney next week!

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