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Conuco Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 25, 2012
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Conuco Corona Cigar Review

This 5.5×46 stick features a dark chocolate, oily wrapper with a couple medium veings, tight invisible seams, even firm pack, double cap, soft slightly toothy texture and a rich oily sweet tobacco aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with mild-medium flavors of just a slightly bitter dry tobacco and a vegetable like short finish. The first third produces a great candy-sweet earth and leather, but it’s fleeting, fading very quickly to the short finish. Draw is great, smoke production is minimal and body is barely mild-medium. The 2nd third luckily amps up flavors to a medium body also adding a touch of strength, keeping the same draw profile and adding a slight zing through the lengthening finish. Ending at 1 hour 15 minutes the last third transitions away from the candy and earth to a sweet fruit and wood combo, with perfect construction. Strength from the band down ramps way up so be warned! Thank you very much to James Glenn for sensing this in for review!

  • rynie27

    hey Brian,
    Just wanted to say your photographs are fabulous! Really sets you apart from other reviwers, among other things. Thanks for your work bud, really enjoy the lack of ‘snobbery’ your site brings. take care

  • sixstring

    Nice review Bryan ! Interesting ramp up of flavor and strength from start to end. Was the car alarm at the end your infamous neighbors!? Lol! Long ashes brother!

  • M C

    Hi Brian,
    Your reviews are by far the best, keep on the good work.
    Best wishes from the rainy Switzerland.

  • ditty

    I enjoy watching your reviews as I enjoy my cigars. Can you tell us once again the cutter you use? I have searched all over and looked through your videos and can’t find the brand or name of the one you use. I like the fact it cut a perfect portion of the cigar each time.

  • chief791

    This is another good cigar you can get on the cheap.

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