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Answering Viewer Questions 2

by Bryan Glynn, September 10, 2012
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Answering Viewer Questions 2

In this video I try my best to answer all the questions you all left for me over the past week both here on the site and on YouTube regarding cigars! It’s long, but it covers a lot of territory, you had some great questions for me!

  • Joseph

    How can I identify flavored cigars to non-flavored? I now know that Drew Estate are flavored, but I would like to begin smoking non-flavor cigars. Is there a list or something to identify these cigars? Thanks.

    • If you get really wacky and/or super sweet smells/flavors from it – it’s flavored.

    • JJO

      Keep in mind that not all DE’s are flavored. Liga Privada, Undercrown, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, La Vieja Habana, and Chateau Real are all non-flavored. You can usually tell from the description whether or not they are flavored or infused.

  • lbrown

    WOW, Bryan, thanks for taking so much time to deal with our questions. Great information. Cigars are all about enjoyment and sharing your knowledge certainly adds to the experience for all of us.

  • JJO

    Great work, Bryan. Bet you never wished for more lizards and frogs before. 😉

    I sometimes purge when the cigar starts getting harsh, but I do tend to lose some flavor when I do.

    An aged Blanco would be a great thing to try!

  • Bill O

    Wow gread video Bryan. It was great to hear your views on the wide range of questions! Keep up the great work, we cigar lovers appreciate it.

  • rynie27

    thanks for doing that Bryan, really enjoyed that!

  • Two suggestions:
    1) Shoot that damn chicken/rooster
    2) Get some AMDRO ant killer. I had two large colonies on my property for years. They are all dead.

    I really enjoy your videos.

  • mufdvr6976


  • JJO

    Re: “nipple-tip” – I believe the person was asking about perfectos with a bulbous, nipple-shaped foot, as in the AF Hemingway and RyJ Love Story.

  • derek_straus

    Great video! I think it is the longest one you have done! Thanks for all the great information!

  • Great answering questions video session! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and all others. Have learned many things during it.

  • ditty

    Bryan, I got to watch the last half of the video tonight, it was awesome. Thank you, I know it had to take a lot of work and you did a great job answering all the questions. You truly are the master.

  • smokethis

    Awesome job on the video. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  • Jay1986

    I agree with that you said about the range of cigars available in the US and the range available for the rest of the world. I live in England and the rage of cigars over here are mainly Cuban’s and then one or two brands from other places such as Oliva or Rocky Patel. I’ve looked into importing cigars from the US so I’d have more choice and variety but the tax for importing them is unbelievable, something like £250 per kg plus cost. Guess I’ll just have to move to America probably be cheaper lol

  • MaxDuo

    Bad description and wording on my question… I meant the burn end rather than the end that you draw from… It was like this cigar here, except it also bulged at the burning end:


    Just for clarification of what the cigar I was describing was constructed like 🙂

  • MaxDuo

    Thanks. I’ve had no idea what to call it and I was thinking the guy at the cigar shop said something about it having a nipple tip. Thanks for the answers 🙂

    Also ahahah. That picture doesn’t look nipple shaped at all! It’s something else shaped alrighty 😛

    • MaxDuo

      Reply fail.

  • Bryan,

    Great Video. I can see that you are really dedicated to the viewers by all the time you spent putting this together. Thanks.
    I thought the viewers question about different tobaccos from around the world was a good one, but I was surprised to hear that Sumatra leaf originates in Africa. I believe that the viewer, in referring to tobaccos from the “Middle East”, is actually referring to Oriental tobacco from Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia, generally referred to as Turkish. Yes tobacco originated in the Occident, specifically Spanish colonies, but I wouldn’t sell other regions short. CAO for example, has a whole line dedicated to different parts of the world. Drew Estates Natural Line has some good examples as well. Please don’t hate on Haiti. They have enough problems just from good old Mom Nature, and poverty. I don’t know how caught up you are on Central America, but the region is generally a place that’s bad for big business. Ecuador is a good example, but it’s politics that’s in the way not starvation (Haiti).

    • JJO

      Actually, Sumatra seed is from Indonesia. I have to believe that Bryan was thinking of Cameroon when referring to Africa.

      • Indeed

      • Yep thanks for cat hint that I knew it sounded funny when I said it!

    • glassken

      I did not read or hear that even mentioned Haiti. Also, Ecuador is not Central America. It’s certainly South America.

  • HappyTaro


    Learned a lot from the video. Thanks for the time.

    Question: before I used to buy a lot of singles & stored them in my humidor. In the past year or so, I started buying more & more boxes to the point where I have about a dozen or so boxes. The boxes are stored in my coolidor. I took off the cellophane wrappers & put them back in the original boxes & stuck them in my coolidor. Question is, would you treat the cigar boxes by lightly wetting them with distilled water prior to putting them in the coolidor?


  • puffrey

    Awesome video Bryan! A buddy gave me an AJ Unreleased from is MOW chest purchase and it was the perfect length to enjoy your video.

    I am very curious as to what cigar you were smoking?

    Are we getting close to 2 million views yet?

  • PeteM

    I have a mold question. I pulled out a Black Pearl Cobre this morning and noticed a spot of mold on the foot and the crown. This was from a box that I bought several months ago, and it had supposedly been aged 6 years in the box, which was still wrapped when I got it. I’ve kept these sticks in their cello wrappers in my humidor. I checked the remaining ones and found nothing visible. Since this stick was still in the wrapper, should I be overly concerned about mold? I keep my humidor at roughly 64%RH at 75 degrees or less.


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