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La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial No 2 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 20, 2012
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La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial No 2 Cigar Review

This 4.8×48 stick features a dark brown smooth rustic wrapper with small and medium veins, tight seams, rock hard but light pack, triple cap and mild tobacco aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful thick rich medium-full smoke production, giving flavors of a deep creamy and smooth earth, tobacco and leather with along full finish. The first third produces much the same, just swapping the bit of creamy leather for a deep black pepper flavor, with no zing or spice. The 2nd and last thirds progress with zero change in flavors, just perfect performance, dropping the ash at the 1/2 way point. Strength picks up at the band point, getting to a mat with the body at medium-full by the nub, ending at the 1 hour mark. Thank you very much to viewer Tan for sending me this for review!

  • Marc

    Wow it’s really humid …I can’t see you.

    • Marc

      That was weird…It goes away at 1:30

  • Bill O

    Nice quick review, thanks Bryan!

  • walshy

    Nice review. I love those sticks. Any time I can pick a few up I do. I. Think I have 2 or 3 in my humi right now. May have to smoke one tonight. Thanks Bryan

  • danlarsen7

    My personal thoughts of La Aroma de Cuba is that they are very over-rated. The Mi-Amor is a good cigar but is certainly not the 2nd best cigar of 2011 by any means. I actually have a higher opinion oF the EE. They are decent cigars but CA goes a little overboard at times. It’s all about how much ads you purchase in their publication. And we all know Ashton is a front-runner in the major cigar manufacturers.

    • jpculp57

      I have to disagree with you Dan. The Mi Amor Belicoso that I had was an incredible smoke. Exactly the way I want a cigar to taste. I would actually have to say the Alec Badley Prensado was rated too high. I know, different tastes for different smokers, but it’s nice to be able to discuss cigars with knowledgable smokers.

      • danlarsen7

        I had the Mi Amor in Churchill. Like I said, it was a good cigar, but I was expecting a little more character. I should grab a belicoso. Like the Opus X line, size may make a vast difference. Which might be the case. I love the Padron Anniversaries, but who doesn’t? I think the 1964 is my favorite cigar. But i’ve had a couple Opus X’s that have been aged properly and are hard to compete with.

  • eric.hanson

    Bryan have you ever thought of reviewing the orginal La Aroma de Cuba? I’ve been wantin to try it for a while but would love to see a review.

    • viewer_tan

      eric…if you ever get a chance. send one to Bryan for him to review.

    • HerbalJedi

      Its such an awesome smoke I would definitely try one if I was you. I still have three on deck and a reserva as well.

  • pinot45

    La Aroma E.E. is an all time favorite of mine. I’ve had it in three different vitolas, including this one. In my humble opinion, the #5 (belicoso) showcases this outstanding blend the best.

  • HerbalJedi

    Have not had a chance to try the E.E. but sounds awesome I will keep an eye out.

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